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   Chapter 24 Compromising Situations

For His Sake By lily97000 Characters: 9993

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Emily's Pov:

Um, what?

Did I hear him right? No. Wait! Maybe I was hallucinating!

"What do you mean?"

He looked at me, maybe contemplating his own words, or maybe preparing to rephrase his sentence.

I expected him to explain. Or elaborate on it. Instead, he left my hands to pay for the dinner leaving me to dig holes into my ear to assure myself if I heard him right.

We were walking silently on the road and Edward was keeping a slow pace behind me, talking something with Michael. I had this sudden enlightenment that maybe I had been walking too much for my first date when we could always travel by car.

I heard some shouting followed by rustling and dangling of keys and I found myself, in a minute, leaning behind some car, peeking to see the cause of the commotion.

A burly looking man dressed in brown and black was harassing a young man, probably in his twenties who was holding his hands up probably to show him that he was disarmed. A small group of that old man, which consisted of five to six men surrounded the poor man who cowered away in fear, though the struggle against his man pride was quite visible on his face.

"What are you doing?" I jumped in surprise at the sudden interruption and was about to scream when someone clamped my mouth shut with their hands.

"Shh. It's me. Edward!"

I relaxed but he was pressed against my back so firmly, I found myself revelling to that delicious feeling of pressing myself back against him, maybe pinning him to the car and then we could continue what he started.


"See, I think they are harassing that man. It's so not good Edward. We have an independent country and a developed police department and still people like that old dog always bark at the weak ones! It's wrong-"

He covered my mouth so fast and tackled me down to the ground, I had no time to realise he was lying above me, his fingers pressing deliciously against my lips. I wanted to lick his hands but restrained myself anyway.

Gross, Emily!

My heart quickened its pace and it could be dancing the galop at that moment. I could feel his cinnamon breath tingling my neck as he shifted his position and now his left leg was resting between my slightly parted thighs. Slight sharpness of pebbles on the ground hurt my back and I squirmed a little to adjust my discomfort when I heard him take a sharp intake of breath.

I froze in place. I didn't dare to look at him.

Maybe touching him there was not such a good idea.

"Lie steady, will you? You'll get both of us dead in the middle of this street!"


"What? Why would I let you get killed? And why are we even hiding? It's not that we can't fight! Well, I can do more than that! I learned a trained martial!"

He sighed with frustration.

"Emi, it's not always about fighting and swinging your legs around. It's diplomacy and we have to keep things calm and composed. One wrong move and everything we love and care will be snatched away from us in a


As if I would reach to the moon, proving this title to anyone!

We were just walking across the street again when I heard a man call to us.

"Mister! Miss!"

Turning around, I saw the same man we rescued running to us like a sad heroine of those romance movies who was running to greet her husband after he returned alive from a country battle!

He stopped and took Edward's hands in his in a forced handshake. His eyes were full of appreciation, nobleness and humanity.

"You saved my life, sir! I am extremely grateful to you, sir! Let me offer you my courtesy to you!"

Courtesy? What was he? A girl of the Victorian era?

"No. No. We just performed our duty of humanity! I am glad you're all okay, sir!" I sang along him.

He turned to look at me. Raising his eyebrows, he took the liberty to trace every line of my body and that was when I realised it did no good to talk to a stranger wearing a low cut dress. I felt coat slide up my shoulders and a pair of hands were around me in an instant.

"If you must know, we are on a date. So we really don't have any time to receive any courtesies from a stranger. But if you want, take this and visit my office at my leisure!"

I was surprised by Edward's authoritative voice. He gave the man his business card or more like shoved it roughly in his hand. The man complied but not before he took my hand and kissed my knuckles, his wet kiss grossing out all my horrors. I retracted my hand quickly to wipe it on my dress.

"What's the name of this pretty lady here?"

"Emily Will-"

"Mrs Emily Jones." Edward offered my name with an urgent gesture.

"My wife, " he added immediately and gripped my shoulders to turn me around.

"Now let's go, my dear. It's time to spend some little time in our raw bedroom. We didn't get to have our little hot moment there under the car completed, now did we?"


Was it my horribly delicious imagination or did he just shout it out for the whole world to hear?

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