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   Chapter 21 I Am What

For His Sake By lily97000 Characters: 9399

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Emily's Pov:

What the hell?!

I stumbled across the grass, my toes curled up, burning with fire due to long and sharp pencil heels I was wearing digging into the soft grass.

I groaned in pain, my chin erect with the pride and honour, not willing to show any sign of discomfort on my first real date!

I glared at the spot in the corner of the greenhouse, a growing mould and horsetail above it, trying to distract myself from the fact that I was practically walking half naked in some attire that women dared to call a 'dress'.

While Edward's arms were draped so casually over my shoulders, I had the urge to shake some sense into him that I wasn't habitual to his lingering touches no matter how much I was a villain thinking this as his wife.

Oh, my, my. I was his fucking fake female wife. I totally forgot that. Bam!

"Lily, are you okay? You seem to be a bit tired. I told you, taking a walk in a park in the middle of an evening was not some idea a man would prefer if he was to have a dinner date with his wife the very same day! Man, I have some of my own desires as well but wives these days are no better than nursing cats, always ready to scratch the innocent faces around and creating a nuisance!"

"Excuse me. Did you just call me an animal? A fierce and servant one at that?" I glared at him, my nose scrunched up in an attempt to scare away the men who were glaring holes into my skin right now.

These fucking animalist caterpillars! Hadn't they ever seen a female in a female attire before?

As if judging my discomfort, Edward scooped me even closer, adjusting his coat around me firmly.

"No, I called you a cat, to be precise!"

"A cat is an animal. Pet one at that! How can you call me that! Don't you-"

"Well, most girls like to be called 'cat'!"

"If you hadn't dropped your brain while walking and wagging your tail, you would've known that I don't come in the category of 'most' girls!"

"Good, good. Now we're going somewhere. I thought you were going to be depressed the whole evening for the fact that your feet are bruised and your toes are swelled up. At least we're having a conversion here!" He walked ahead of me, only to turn back to look at me, this time walking with his face directed towards me, his fingers swaying to the words while he talked things about his office. I hoped he wouldn't stumble into someone.

He told me about anything and everything and how he signed another deal with the company, and how he had a fight with Lara. Wait, what?

"You had a fight with Lara? How? When? Is it about that ring you gifted her on her birthday? Didn't she like it? Oh dear, it was the best ring I had seen-"

"No, it isn't that!" He stopped walking, momentarily stumbling on a stone or pebble lying casually on the green moss. His eyes held min

aring lovely music to my sadness laden desert.

He grabbed my hands, his thumb caressing small circles on my palm before intertwining our fingers firmly.

I stared at him.

"She said you always take care of me, pining after me, cook for me, laugh with me, touch me, hug me, look at me, smile at me, cry at me, hold hands with me." He was staring at the space again, his gaze fixed on little children playing with their parents.

I looked at him in bewilderment.

"So? It's nothing you don't know! You know I do it all for our friendship. For your plan to keep your relationship going with Lara since you love her."

"Yeah. I do. But she thinks you do it thinking of me as more than a friend."

My eyes met his in a bold fashion, his fingers tightening around my own.

"What do you mean, Eddie?" I asked softly, my voice coming more like a whisper.

"She thinks you adore me"

I tightened my grip on his hands, our eyes staring at each other, searching for the truth. I found he was speaking the truth while I could only crawl away in fear if he ever found my own.

"She thinks you fancy me, more than a friend."

I averted my gaze, looking somewhere else other than him. If I looked into his eyes right now, it would be a clean fall of me. I would fall right away and give in to everything.

Everything he would say, be it a truth or a lie.

And he would see right through me then.

Taking a sharp intake of breath, I closed my eyes to calm my rapidly beating heart. My nostrils flared, tears prickling my eyes. A cool breeze washed my face, leaving the corner of my eyes tickling. I felt tears welled up, pooling across the corner, itching to fall right into doom.

"Emi, Lara thinks you're in love with me."

I abruptly let go of his hand, stumbling across the rough grass recovering immediately to take one or two steps back away from him.

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