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   Chapter 20 I Can Never Dress Like A Girl

For His Sake By lily97000 Characters: 8678

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Emily's Pov:

I was preparing myself lunch, with Miranda helping me to do it since Edward didn't want me to get into another trouble again. I switched on the TV, changed the channels and settled on watching 'Big Bang Theory', my favourite show from my college days.

I was devouring my food which mainly consisted of carbs when my phone vibrated. I swiped it on call, not seeing the caller ID while still chewing my lunch.

"Where is Edward, dear?"

The voice was so slow and intimidating that I was about to scream when I took hold of my phone after wiping my hands and putting it over my ear. It was Mom. Edward's Mom.

Oh hell!

"Good afternoon mom. How are you? I heard you went to India for relaxing. You were always a fan of yoga! So how was your journey there? Did you make some new friends? How is dad? Is his diabetes still over control?" I blabbered, as usual, trying to hide my surprise.

"Honey, everything is fine. Yes my journey was great and I did make friends there and your dad is as fine as a flower. Now back to my question, where is Edward?"

"Mom, he went just hours ago to his meeting saying he wouldn't be free till evening."

"Oh yes? I am sure my eyes were working properly when I saw him in the mall, shopping with Lara!"

Say what?

That idiot! I told him not to wander around with her in public places!

"Oh mom, Edward must be with his secretary now! I am sure you have misunderstood. We are in good terms and he broke up with Lara a long time ago-"

"But dear, I am sure he was with her-"

"No way, Mom! In fact, today he is going to take me on a date to celebrate the success of that international deal which he had been wanting for so long. Mom, he loves me all day and night that even I am not able to keep track of time. I am very much happy so don't doubt his love again!"

That was not too much, right?

"Yes dear, if you say so but still-"

"No buts, Mom. I don't have much time to get ready for this special occasion. So bye and take care, " I hung up quickly only to dial again, this time another number.

"What the hell, Edward?! I told you not to go anywhere in public with Lara!" I barked at him.

Seriously, I was working too hard to keep this fake marriage thing and here he was busy doing things his way!

"Whoa! Wait, what? Are you stalking me now? Like seriously-"

"Oh shut the fucking hell up and evacuate immediately with Lara from that freakish mall and go somewhere safe-"

"Wait, why-"

"Your Mom! She saw you shopping with Lara. Seriously, Edward once you get home, I'll make sure you'll be eating food

y purse. I ran towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck, hearing his breath get hitched.

I was wearing a blue mini dress, zipped from my back, my brown hair curled at the bottom with a slight tinge of sparkles. I didn't know much about makeup except for they had applied some rosy blush over my already flushed cheeks, eyeliner and mascara were mandatory, according to them, and they had gone with a peach coloured lipstick. I had matching bangle bracelet for my dress, which complimented my purse.


"Don't speak a word. Our moms are here to watch us, " I whispered in Edward's ear.


"I don't know but when your mom called me about you being with Lara, I told her that you were going to take me on a date tonight to celebrate your deal!" I blurted out and his grip tightened on my waist.

"So what am I supposed to do now?"

"I don't know! You take the lead from here. I have had enough with your plans! And please let me kill you once we get this over with!"

"Don't worry. Here, " he extended his arm in a gentleman-ly way.

"Shall we?"

"Oh, we shall."

I smiled taking his arm, resting my head on his shoulder while walking over to his car. He draped his coat over my shoulders, his arms wrapped protectively around me once we were in the car.

"Don't want anyone looking at you like a hawk! But did I tell you that you look unbelievably beautiful and hot today? Man, I thought once for a moment that you were someone else!"

I blushed at his compliment. I didn't know what else had to come to confront our unwavering friendship but for once, I was happy because I had this beautiful moment of my evening to spend with Edward, my unrequited love while enjoying my first date with him!

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