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   Chapter 17 His Feelings Are So Confusing

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Emily's Pov:

I was baking a chocolate cake, frosting it with cream before sprinkling chocolate chips over it. No, it wasn't for Lara's birthday. It was for me.

Surprise, surprise, it was my birthday too!

And I was not sad because he had a gift already planned out for her. It was because he forgot my birthday over hers. I sighed.

It wasn't the first time when he did that actually. When I first discovered that Lara and I share the same birthdate, I didn't really have any major problem with it, In fact, I was cool about it.

As for Edward, his happiness was evident from his words "Now I have my two beautiful girls booked over on one date called a birthday."

I poured wine in the glass, placing cake and other vegetables and fruits over the table. As it was only me, I prepared myself veggies to eat, because Edward called hours ago telling me not to wait for him and go to bed already. I was disappointed in him but said nothing.

I poked a fork in the salad before stuffing it in my mouth. My mouth was suddenly dry. I was craving for some freshness, something which would give me back my old self again, the one which didn't know to be an adult was so not easy.

I excused Miranda to go home for today as I wanted to be alone to sort out my thoughts which were in crazy havoc. About twenty minutes later, Mia came to wish me, giving me a birthday gift and a minute later Jake joined us, hugging me birthday, completely ignoring Mia.

Wait a minute. Did they have a fight again? Like, again?

I sighed. They are never gonna grow up, not even when they would have kids to pet! I kicked myself mentally before looking back at them again. Hell, at least look at each other!

It was almost fifteen minutes of awkward silence when I decided to step in.

"So ladies and gentlemen here, how is everything going on?" I shouted cheerfully at them, picking up my glass of wine as a toast.

No response.

I looked at Mia, quirking my eyebrows asking for an explanation before turning towards Jake who was staring at his wine glass so interestingly that for a minute I thought he would end up kissing it!

"I think we better cut the cake, " I yelled, my excitement making them look up at me.

At least they have eyes left with them! I thought they had lost much more along with their fucking brains!

We cut the cake, Mia and Jake hugging me together, only to step back immediately, turning their heads away! I merely stared at them, my mind killing both off each time with different methods.

"Hey guys, are you still at it, now? Like seriously, we are all in our twenties for God's sake! Grow some balls already, " I said raising my palm up at them, earning glares from both of them.

Mia frowned. "We're all grown-"

"Yes, she is al

urring due to my low tolerance to alcohol treatment. I scooted closer to the piece of cake, my hands on the table before puckering my lips.

"Promise me one thing to always keep Edward happy. His happiness is the reason I am doing all the stupid things in my life. I will try to attend your wedding if I had my feelings collected till then so just wish me luck for that."

I scooted even more close to the cake. "And I will tell you a secret as your birthday gift. You wanna listen?" I sniffed again.

I placed my hands on the imaginary ear of the cake, before forcing myself in it, my fingers pressing over my wound hand which must be bleeding by now.

"I love Edward so much. And I have been in love with him for more than twenty years but you don't have to worry, I assure you he loves you very much, even more than himself I guess. And I am so happy for both of you, " I sniffed.

Then I continued, "I'll be honest when I tell you that I was jealous of you at first, even trying to be like you but I guess we can't change actually who we are! And shuuu!" I said, placing my hands on my lips, "Don't be worried even a bit because after these two years, I'll be gone from both of your lives like a wind: you never see it ever again once it's gone", I said yelling "Pheww" in the air with my fingers before laughing to myself.

"Here. That's my secret! But I have to admit you're one hell of a lucky cake to-"


I stopped talking to the cake, immediately recognizing the owner of the voice.

No way! That can't be!

My head snapped in the direction of the owner of the voice, regretting my decision to talk to some cake about my precious secret!

Whooo talks to a fucking cake?!

Me, that's who.

Edward was standing there, wide-eyed, his hands on his side, a bouquet of roses and lilies scattered on the floor.

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