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   Chapter 23 Death and rebirth 2

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Blood spilled from both sides. It was more than war, this was vengeance. Lucas took notice that most of the soldiers were avoiding Raul. Probably because the big gun wanted to savour her death in his his hands. That did not keep Raul from attacking the soldiers though. She burnt three soldiers alive and twisted one's body in positions they should never be. Lucas could not fight. He was utterly useless with his sword. Moreover, his mind was preoccupied with getting close to Raul for his third chance.

Eleanor used magic to throw soldiers far off the battlefield but made sure she didn't kill them. She didn't want to have blood on her hands. The king of Astoria seemed to take interest in her as he pointed an arrow aiming for her head. The arrow flew sending a whooshing sound as it dangerously closed in. she willed it the change direction but it didn't work. Her eyesight cleared and she saw a bright orange. The Arrowhead was made from tge cursed shard. She closed her eyes expecting her death in milliseconds. A piercing sound followed and Eleanor held her head to feel the what wicked things the instrument if annihilation had done to her. She opened her eyes feeling nothing only to see her mother on the floor bleeding seriously. She went to the floor to meet her mother's pained gaze.

"I love you." Her mother said coughing out some blood.

Eleanor removed the arrow trying to help he mother but the arrowhead had dissolved into her bloodstream. Hot tears slid down her eyes as she watched a dreadful fate await her. Her mother put her bloodied hand on her face trying to smile despite the pain and mouthed a few words.

"Make good choices for your coven high witch."

Her eyes glazed and Eleanor could tell she was gone. She could already feel the ancestors power overwhelm her. She was high witch. She shrieked sending soldiers approaching her flying. Astoria had taken the one thing dear to her and now it was surely going to pay. She levitatated a spear lying on the floor an

and two individuals looking at themselves wondering how they survived.

"What happened?" Lucas inquired.

A dark haired woman who he guessed to be Raul bluntly answered his question


"We are dead?!"

"Not yet."

An awkward pause followed before Raul broke the silence.

"Why did you come back?"

Lucas turned to the century old witch.

"I was sorry, I guess."

The witch's expression turned lighter and she walked towards him.

"I still have a life left and you have a better surviving chance." She said, putting his hands to her chest and chanting a spell.

"You thought me something Lucas." Raul said after chanting the spell.

"What?" Lucas asked genuinely interested.

"Everyone deserves a second chance. Take care of my Grandchild."

Immediately Raul said the words, her body disintegrated to a bright light.


Lucas coughed feeling a burning sensation in his throat.

"What happened?" Lucas said, yawning like he had just woken up from deep slumber.

Isabelle rushed in to hug him.

"You bastard, you scared me." She cursed.

"Am I forgiven now?" Lucas joked.

"Yes." Isabelle replied refusing to break her hug. They had lost a lot today but it was responsible for tge peace and tranquility that the world brought them now. Peace was her and it was here to stay.

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