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   Chapter 12 Bless the curse

Sanctum, his salvation By Harmonicquill Characters: 8835

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The witches wails and screams brought nothing but sheer joy to Isabelle. She watched them burn and she enjoyed it.

"Isn't it fun?" Her new sister whispered into her thoughts.

It was indeed fun. Isabelle walked up to a petrified Eleanor who could barely move away. Not after she had flung her in hundreds and broken every single bone in her body. All that remained of her was her almost lifeless body. She used her newfound telepathic abilities and forced Eleanor up to the skies, her legs still useless.

"This is not you." Eleanor said, looking at her with hope that the weak Isabelle was still there.

"Wrong!" Isabelle spat."you don't know me."

The words Eleanor said annoyed Isabelle and she clenched her fist in a bid to crush Eleanor's throat, Eleanor held her neck gasping for air as this ensued and losing grasp on her mortal cord.

The last words she muttered was a plea. She was begging for her life A cracking sound followed and Eleanor was dead.

Isabelle wanted to see more of them tortured but the voice in her head had a different idea.

"The others."

Yes, her parents, Frederick and of course Lucas. She threaded off to Astoria looking back to enjoy the destructive she had just caused. No longer would she be deemed weak.


The Royal court filled with fat looting miscreant who called themselves elders made?a round table to declare the fate of Lucas. Lucas watched his mother weeping and blowing her nose as William held her close, comforting her. He could tell they were disappointed in him. He just could not imagine why his family would think he actually did it.

After quiet bickering, one of the elders rose up the table and spoke, "Lucas Blackwood, how do you plea?"

"Not guilty." Lucas hastily asserted.

His response generated an uproar as shouts of kill him escaped their mouths.

Maybe this was reckoning, Lucas thought. After all he had betrayed an innocent girl only to die again in the hands of his people.

The doors of the Royal court mysteriously opened even breaking it off its hinges. The congregation turned to see what all the racket was about. The Scorpio witches came in walking in style. It was either they had a greater power or were just stupid. Astoria was known to be danger for any creature with magic.

"We wish to see the king." The witches said, more like ordered. The once vibrant crowd that wanted him dead had transferred that same hate to the witches.

"And why would we listen to nocturnal witches?" The elders spat, some already exposing crucifix like they've been expecting them. Lucas searched for Eleanor. She stood near the witch that looked lik

mph in her voice."where are your paladins? All gone. When I'm done, you'll see what I can really do."

Isabelle's feet left the ground, her eyes turned eeriely white and she began a chant. The Scorpio witches then flooded in saying a chant of their own. This somehow interferred with Isabelle's powers and she fell to the ground.

"Be strong Isabelle." The voice begged Isabelle. She was losing grasp with the power with each chants the witches said.

Isabelle turned to see Lucas doing nothing but watching. What can he do anyways, she thought. She saw the people bring ropes to bind her, to bind her sister. The ropes seemed to hold mystical effect as she only felt weaker and soon her eyes clenched shut.


Lucas watched Isabelle being bundled like she was some commodity. The people had refused to kill her right there out of fear that they might set Raul free.

"Whatever you're planning I want to help."

A voice said behind him. He would recognize that voice anywhere.

"Why would I even trust you?" Lucas retorted, a menacing tone in his voice.

Eleanor was calm.

"Because I saved your life and I know what my coven is planning."

"And why would you betray them?" He asked again, refusing to be convinced.

"Because I still love you Lucas. You might not but I don't want to see you get hurt." She revealed. Lucas didn't even need to look into her eyes to tell that she was telling the truth.

History was repeating itself. A boy and a witch but with a different twist this time, they wanted to save the witch.

Isabelle wasn't one and Lucas didn't know what to do with the entity that had taken root in Isabelle if he succeeded but he would worry about that later. All that was his goal now was to save the girl he damned.

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