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   Chapter 11 Behold the destructor

Sanctum, his salvation By Harmonicquill Characters: 10070

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Isabelle woke up with a splitting headache. When her eyesight cleared, she could see she was in a white room. It was like she was locked in a pure white box. She looked around for a door but there was none

How did she get here if there was no door. She slightly remembered the ordeal she faced in the hands of the witches. She let out a muffled gasp. She must have been trapped in her mind by the witches. Glancing around the room, she wondered why her mind was empty. No object to embody her memories or personality. A small mirror suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was a small mirror that was elaborately designed to look like a flower. She instantly remembered it. It was the mirror she had disposed when she was much younger out of a frightful story that Lucia told her.

"They live in the mirror and when you see them through your blindspot, They want you."

It was dumb but she had actually believed it when she was younger. She walked up to the mirror and took a look at her reflection. The image was definitely not her. The figure in the mirror had white hair that was straight and her eye was blood red actually demonic. Isabelle was taken aback by the image that smiled at her hauntingly.

The image started to pull out of the mirror in the most frightening manner, hands first.

"Isabelle." It said in a soft whisper and Isabelle could hear echoes of the words the woman just spoke.

"He betrayed you." The creepy woman continued. Isabelle clenched her eyes shut and began to sing into her head, "She's not real."

With her eyes closed, she could feel the entity close in on her and she felt moist hot air on her earlobes. The woman was breathing on her ear.

"No, we are real." She said dragging the words to make it more intense.

"Let us help you. You know you want them to pay, All of them."

Isabelle opened her eyes to meet the demonic eyes of her alter ego.

"What do you want?" Isabelle asked shivering at the gory sight of the penetrating eyes of her evil lookalike.

"We only want to help you?"

Isabelle screamed in response holding her ears tight. She didn't want to hear it. Memories of her troubled childhood, her selfish parent and Lucas' last words hit her mind on replay. He mentioned something on betraying her. Could he somehow be the cause of it all?

The woman smiled like she had gotten what she wanted. She turned Isabelle's face to meet her and with a devilish grin confirmed her suspicion.

"Indeed he is."

Isabelle opened her eyes to see some women, witches discussing her fate.

" She's awake." One of them disclosed, giving her an unsightly sneer. One of them who looked like their queen because she had a thorny crown to he head and a wooden staff to adorn her already ragged appearance. Isabelle tried to escape but a forcefield stood in her way of freedom and perhaps imminent death.

"What are you?" The lady questioned, a putrid odour escaping her mouth. Isabelle's stomach recoiled as she inhaled the unpleasant odour. Had these women

yes spun, she saw the elder witch approach her and say something she could not quite place. Her ears were ringing and the last thing she remembered before going black was the cackle of the witch.

Isabelle met herself back in the white room with no doors. It had a chair now that The lookalike was sitting on and reading.

"Let us in Isabelle." The entity said not even looking up.

"You must be the power-house. The reason those witches want be dead." Isabelle said.

The woman looked up, her eyes still frightening.

"Yes, but we can help you."

"Why is this happening?" Isabelle questioned holding her head tight as her eyes threatened to rain.

"It's because of your family, Frederick and of course Lucas."

"Why do you keep mentioning him? He knows nothing on what is going on!!" Isabelle screamed to the entity not minding her former fears.

"Because he caused it all. He gave you his curse, us."

The Revealation made Isabelle's heart pause. Was this true? He did mention something a out betrayal. Was that why he? always backed down each time they wanted to kiss.

"You know we're right." The entity added to add salt to her wounds. It was true. The whole world had let her down. Her family, everyone. Isabelle? cried on the floor not minding the entity approach her or its cold touch.

"We can make it all go away. Just let us in" the lookalike assured.

Isabelle wanted that. Freedom and life. She had to replace her fragile self and be born anew. Good people got nothing but bad things.

"Come in."

The words elated the demon who whispered into her ear, "You made the right choice."

High mother held the knife for the fatal blow on Isabelle's lifeless body when an unearthly force rose her midair and fling her to a tree, impaling her. Isabelle rose with glowing blood red eyes and her hair Raven black. She could feel the power, she could feel the darkness killing every weakness in her and feeling it with strength. She no longer felt weak, she never would again.

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