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   Chapter 6 Twist in fate

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The food was ready. Isabelle watched hopelessly as the maid did all the work. She wondered what Frederick needed a wife for. He had slaves to fulfill his sexual cravings and servants to do his chores. It was indeed a wonder he wanted her as his lawfully wedded wife.

"Am I the first?" Isabelle asked the maid that never talked. It was the same girl that helped her when she first arrived. The lady stopped what she was doing but quickly continued without saying a word.

Her silence had been a constant part of Isabelle's life now. It was like they could communicate psychically or maybe she was just good in reading expression. She knew the woman would not dare say a bad word against her master. Isabelle also knew she knew very well the answer to the questions she just asked.

"Something smells good." Frederick commented as he raced down the stairs. Isabelle could see the maid blushing.

Not you too! Isabelle rolled her eyes. She wondered what made ladies not excluding men saw in Frederick beside his huge wallet and a handsome face. That was all he was and? she wanted it to stay that way.

Cofee, bacon and eggs was all that was put on the table to satisfy her hunger. The maid had to be kidding. She hadn't been dragged out of home to suffer. She would have none of it.

"You!? Ehhm..." Isabelle said clapping her fingers together.

"Aurora." The maid answered, unable to maintain eye contact.

"I need more. This can't be enough." Isabelle said whilst keeping her face glued to the plate to avoid their piercing gaze.

"Yes ma'am." The maid bowed before leaving.

When she was in the kitchen, Frederick decided to lecture her on over eating.

"You do know it's enough right. I'm eating and you don't see me complaining." He said.

Isabelle let out an innocent smile then gave him a piece of her mind.

"You know what they say, sex is food and maybe when I'm fat and a great eyesore to you perhaps you'd divorce me." She replied, a malicious grin on.

Frederick almost choked on the bacon he just swallowed. The words hit core. Isabelle could now eat in peace as she watched him drink a glass of water. She had to be doing this more often. She had never thought she could get to Frederick but everyone has a weakness. Don't they?


The door was opened to receive Lucas' brother, William. It been a long time since Lucas had seen him and he looked Hale and strong despite being a sickler. His features were just like their mother. William looked like he had just seen a ghost as he examined Lucas from head to toe refusing to believe that the sight in front of him was real.

"What are you doing here?" William finally said when he had gained composure, his voice was undisputably filled with contempt.

"William..." Lucas tried to say but William cut him off.

"You've already taken father away. Are you here for mother too?" He fumed.

"William, stop it!" Lucas heard his mother say."he's still your brother."

"The one that died." William declared and left leaving the door ajar. Lucas followed him, closing the door when he was out.

"Wait!" Lucas yelled to his little brother as he tried to catch up to him. William stopped and turned back with tear filled eyes, "Why did you go?"

Lucas could not let that piece of information out just yet.

"I'm sorry" Lucas managed to voice.

"Father had always loved you more since birth." William said, recalling old memories. Lucas knew he was right. His father had always treated him like something more. He had always got better things than William.

"Till death, all he could say was your name. Never for once did he appreciate what I did to make this family still stand." William continued, the heavy tears filled with emotions poured out more like a never ending fountain.

"You're right brother and honestly I don't deserve a family like you but I'm sincerely sorry for what I have done. Believe me?" Lucas voice trembled as he voiced out the truth, it made him uneasy revealing that he cherished his family, the once he had hated once.

"Don't leave, Ever" William begged, calming down.

"I swear." Lucas replied, his face beaming with smile as his brother had forgiven him. He reached out for a hug.

"No!" William protested. "I'm not a kid anymore."

Lucas laughed. Since childhood, William had always hated being treated like a child. Some habit never grow old.

Numerous number of people arrived at the Blackwood's residence. William went to join them as they were caterers and decorators

whom their mother had hurriedly hired for Lucas' party. Lucas could not join them just yet. He had to look for Isabelle and break his curse. Seeing his family happy, he could not bear to see them sad ever again. He sat on the garden bed wondering how he would begin his search for Isabelle. Astoria was a small kingdom but he had very limited time to find Isabelle. A slight gust blew by followed by the smell of vanilla. Eleanor sat close to him, staring at the horizon.

"Time is running out Lucas, Find her."

He would find her but he wasn't sure he could do such wickedness to her. If he was the same Lucas three years ago, he would have done it in a heartbeat. He wasn't the same, he was sure of it.


Frederick studied Isabelle finished the last contents on her plate. She was oddly fiesty. He thought she was very brave indeed. Being with him for her family. He was also getting married to her for a reason. She was not in the elite society but she was middle-class and this was enough to receive his inheritance. His father knew this and had stated that in his will? before his death that Frederick's inheritance? should be withheld until got married. Getting married to a lower class would get him what he wanted and keep him away from drama when the marriage was dissoluted, Isabelle was the perfect candidate.

"What are you staring at?" Isabelle eyed him.

"We're going to the Blackwood's for a party." Frederick said.

"Not interested." Isabelle shot back.

"Wasn't asking." Frederick said before leaving the dining table. The maid hurriedly rushed to take his plates. Frederick turned back to see the look on Isabelle's face. She looked sullen. She was definitely put bound as he had a hold over her. Frederick could see her whisper some words which was loud enough to be heard. For your family! She chanted cool-ly. Poor girl. She was doing this to her family but they did not care. He had bought her and her parents would not be a problem for about two years. He wondered if she had gotten hold off what was really happening. She seemed to be smart at times.

Isabelle finished her food but still refused to leave the table. She was deep in thought. It's been days and she hadn't received letters from her parent. She could feel something sinister going on. It was like they had abandoned her. She was alone and despite having several maids to her call, she felt utterly alone. The party was tonight and she was following a man she did not love. It was dancing in a ball with the man you despised the most. The least she could do was prepare and smile at everyone Frederick introduced her to.

The party...

Isabelle and Frederick stepped out immediately their names were called looking like the perfect couple. Isabelle wore a Striped silk taffeta with checked pattern created by extra warp float, bodice and sleeves lined with linen, skirt edges finished with pinking. She looked gorgeous as the gown glittered in the natural light. Frederick wore a simple Unlined Coat and Breeches the? Coat was made of coarse homespun cotton and wool, breeches of cotton. He looked Royal despite the simplicity of his clothing. His smile sent women into a Crushing frenzy as all eyes turned on them. The walk down the aisle felt like it took a decade as Frederick made sure he walked as slow as a snail, obviously relishing the moment. The walk eventually ended and another house was called upon. Isabelle's head still ached from having to endure hours of choosing the right dress. Frederick had hired professionals to dress her. She could only imagine the torture she would endure on her wedding.

"Want a drink?" Frederick? offered being awfully considerate.

"Yes!" Isabelle said holding her head.

Frederick called upon a waiter and Isabelle was given a glass of champagne.

A woman climbed to the stage and began to talk. Frederick briefed Isabelle who the speaker was, the widowed wife of Mr Blackwell.

"I want to thank you all for being here." She said." All this would not have been possible without the arrival of my lost son, " She continued.

"Lucas?" She called as the audience turned to see who she was calling upon.

Isabelle choked on her drink seeing "Lucas Blackwood". Same black hair, the eyes. It was Lucas, the man she loved.

What's wrong, Frederick asked but Isabelle could not answer. Lucas turned to her direction and his eyes widened in shock and just like that, it was like it was only two of them in the building, just two of them in the world.

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