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   Chapter 5 When you wish upon a well

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Time had gone by, the sun had risen and one man was still human. He had no purple fur, his wings were gone. He could speak and be understood. The enchanted medallion that made this possible for Lucas hung freely on his neck. Eleanor had actually done it and she wasn't lying.

"Seven days. Only seven days before the curse overpowers the medallion's magic. Use it wisely." Eleanor said.

Even though he still held a grudge he could not let go, Lucas had to thank Eleanor.

"Thank you." He respectfully appreciated.

Eleanor's face lit up with a weak smile. Lucas did have one question though. If she had abandoned him for years why did she come now?

"Eleanor..." The words could not be said, Eleanor was gone. He could not dwell much on a disappearing witch. He had to make for lost time, he had to make up for the lost family time. That was if they forgave him.

The Blackwood's estate was right on the middle of Astoria. It stood magnificent and huge as Lucas remembered. It was the same, the big garden at the right where his family threw breakfast parties and where he once spent his idle times. The rose bush was now unkept and even from afar, Lucas could see thorns poking out. The iron wreathed gates were opened and Lucas got in easy. The whole place seemed empty. It was like it was missing it's servants. Lucas drew up to the main building where his family resided. The building was built from ebony and had a rich black colour. As if that was not enough, it was delicately plated with enamel giving it a neutral look and yet keeping it classy.

Knock!! Lucas hit the barred doors as he dealt with his building anxiety. Would his family accept him? The door opened and Lucas was greeted by the delightful smile of Madame teagarden, the housekeeper. Her smile quickly turned to a disapproving frown when she saw him.

"You?" She said, looking at him in disbelief.

"Who's there?" Lucas heard his mother's voice echo from inside.

"Em-it's-Lu-uca-as." She answered.

Lucas heard the sound of ceramics breaking as his mother appeared. Her hair was dirty blonde with grey streaks, a sign of old age. Her face was round and she looked sick. She had an hanky to the nose as she reached the door.

"Lucas!" She exclaimed just as shocked and rushes to hug him before dealing him a filthy slap.

"Why did you leave us?" She wept, filled with emotions.

"I'm sorry mother." Lucas apologized, wet hot liquid pouring from his eyes.

"No!" His mother spat, pushing him back."you've done enough damage. Did you know what happened to your father?"

"Yes." Lucas sorrowfully replied.

His mother did not stop her talk, "His last dying words was Lucas. I watched him take his last breath wishing you were there but you never for once showed up."

"I hate you." She added. Lucas knew she lied. She was merely angry with him and she deserved to be. She had every right but he was here now, he would make it right. No matter the cost, he could not leave his family again.

"I'll make it right mother. Please just give me a chance." Lucas pleaded.

"I couldn't resist your pleas when you were a child so why now?" She sorely expressed looking numb to the core.

"You-you accept me back?" Lucas asked. He had anticipated he would have a difficult time thawing his mother's heart. She was still his mother but for this he saw her as something more, she was an angel.

Lucas hugged his mother tight refusing to let go as tears poured freely from both their eyes. It was such a sight to behold.


The bells rang and a maid rushed to open the door before Isabelle could. It was Frederick. He was in the stables probably making out with another servant. Isabelle was glad she did not rush to open the door. The only thing that kep

t her on edge was the letter she was expecting from Lucia. According to her almost flawless calculation, it was due to be delivered today.

"Hey Isabelle." Frederick called out to her." Little help here." He wanted her to help with the food that was to be prepared for lunch. Going closer to him, she could smell him. He was sweating and had definitely been having sex. What an animal and in the stables! She slightly wondered how he rose to the elite society despite his immoral behaviour.

"Anything will be fine." Isabelle responded refusing to even look at the menu presented.

When the maid left to prepare the food, Frederick took it on himself to talk senses to his future wife.

"Why do you keep doing that Isabelle?"

What?" She retorted.

"What? You act like you're being forced to marry me. You act like this is just a game we are playing and frankly I'm sick of it." He screamed, his voice seemed to resonate from all four corners of the room.

Isabelle was not one to back down when she was being roosted.

"Complain all you want, that won't change what this is." She returned and turned to leave.

Frederick pulled her back, holding her wrist so tight that it began to hurt.

"You're right." He said." This is only a deal but to seal the deal, you have to be mine and you already her."

Isabelle struggled to release her hand from his grip but Frederick did not let go. He wasn't some talking.

"I might not be able to have you now, "he said, stroking her cherry red hair." But I will. Soon, all of you will be mine to do as I pleased."

Those words disgusted Isabelle to her very core and she tried to envision what he had in store for her on their wedding night. The whole mental picture almost made Isabelle puke. Could she keep on doing this? Frederick let go of her hand which was now, reddish and walked to his room sending Isabelle a sinister smile. Isabelle held her dignity till he left. Her lips was quivering and she wanted to cry. She wished she had not returned. She wished Lucas did not change her mind. The doorbell rang and Isabelle opened the door. Her mail had arrived. The mailman looked at her with concern seeing her tear filled eyes and swollen eyeballs but she didn't want anyone pity. It could not save her from her present predicament so it was hopeless. She closed the doors before the mailman could ask her what was wrong. There were two letters. The first was Lucia's and the second was invitation probably to some Royal ball. She tore the envelope and read the letter. It said, "Dear Isabelle, I received your funny letter on the tale of the purple Pegasus. I know o used to believe it when we were little but don't you think it's time you grow up? My baby has been delivered and I have to tell you, she is a bundle of joy.


Isabelle tore the letter to shreds after reading it. Even her best friend had stopped believing her. Was she going mad? If the Pegasus wasn't real, was Lucas also not real? Isabelle was beginning to seriously doubt her mental health. She needed to take her mind off anything concerning that per now. She took the second letter and opened it. The paper seemed to be doused in perfume as it smelled of vanilla. Someone was throwing a comeback party for her son and Frederick had been invited as a notable guest. She knew he would drag her along. The nobles throwing the party were the "Blackwood's". She had heard of them. They were successful in mineral trading and we're apparently very rich. Their benefactor had also just recently died. It was the gossip of Astoria, being a small town for days. The comeback party was apparently thrown for Lucas Blackwood, the first son of the family.

"Another Lucas?" Isabelle muttered to herself. If only she knew.

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