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   Chapter 4 First impressions

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He's a cassanova. Isabelle declared in her heart. The way he stole looks at every given opportunity, the way he smiled each time she caught him staring. There was this feeling of deja Vu though. She had only met the man today but felt as if they had known each other for a long time.

Lucas' mind pondered over the witch's last word before he had killed her. He had always wanted to get rid of the curse. Although selfishly before but now, he had a purpose. He wanted to see his family. He wanted to help them get over their loss. The way she smiled when she caught him staring informed him of her naivety. It really pained him that a young and pleasant lady like Isabelle would have to take the fall though. He had a target but he could not just shoot. He had to play it cool and snow.

The November wind got chilly and despite the little bonfire Lucas had made, he could tell that the winds would soon burn it out. There was no food to eat and the only liquid available was some Ale. Soon the two were downtrodden with it's influence.

"Tell me something." Isabelle asked sloshed." Am I the first woman you have taken in?"

Despite being wasted, Lucas knew what she meant.

"I do have cravings but I don't do attachments." He sincerely replied.

The response made Isabelle slightly disappointed. She had to admit she had an attraction to Lucas.

"So now that you're drunk, what's your backstory?" She continued.

Lucas chuckled at her question. She was a smart woman asking him questions when he could not resist. The least he could so was humour her.

" Let see..." He said caressing his chin as he tried to picture his life before and after the curse.

"I'm from the Blackwood's family. The first son actually. I grew up hating my controlling father, my overbearing mother and always sick brother. To sum it up, I thought my life sucked. I met with a woman, Eleanor who ruined my life and here I am, drunk as hell."

There was a slight pause between them and all that could be heard was the crickets and other nocturnal animals. Isabelle broke the silence saying, " I think all mothers are overbearing. My mother is the worst in the game. She annoys me all the time."

The duo both giggled their hearts out with merry mockery of their fu*ked up life and weird parents. At that time, Lucas had become a bit sober and could think clearly. He watched Isabelle take her fill of the ale to drown what she really felt. Deep down, he knew she felt sorrow and would regret it if he didn't tell her the bitter truth. He once had been in such state. A state where thought rebellion was his way to escape his predicament. The almighty punished him greatly by allowing meet that deceitful witch. He feared the same fate awaited Isabelle if he did not help her.

"Do you think running away from your whole life would be the best thing to do?"

"No." She admitted."but I'm willing to take my chances. I will not be sold like a commodity for money."

She was stubborn, no doubt but Lucas had a remedy for that.

"What would you do if your mother died from a heart attack when she finds out you ran away? Have you thought of your father?" Lucas queried, looking deep into her emerald eyes for answers.

The question hit Isabelle like a bombshell. She hadn't really thought about her plan through. She would hate herself if any harm came to her parents because of her. Tears poured freely from her eyes as she imagined such a scenario. Lucas came closer to comfort her. Holding her in a warm embrace, Isabelle could smell Ginger and sweat. The overwhelming smell drowned her reasoning for some time.

"Lucas, do you think I should return?" She asked, looking into his steel irises. The moon returned and Lucas found out that the eclipse was over. He couldn't make how much time he had before he transformed back. Despite the mounting pressure he felt, he cool-ly replied Isabelle, " I think the choice is yours."

He was perfect. Just words, the way he looked. Isabelle knew this was wrong but it was like greater force was at work. Cupid had shot an arrow, Isabelle leaned forward to kiss him only to be disappointed when he retreated.

"I'm sorry. I didn't just do that." Isabelle blushed out of sheer embarrassment.

"It's okay. I just need some air." Lucas said and pleasantly took his leave.

Fool! Lucas cursed himself outside when he was sure he was far from where he could be heard. The girl? had offered him his freedom and yet he hesitated. What was happening to him? Was it those devastating green eyes or was it something else? His heart beat faster when he was with her and it was obvious what was happening. It was what Lucas feared more than death, he was in love.


Frederick read through Isabelle's letter again. Her letter revealed that she had run off and was never coming back. Frederick angrily threw a vase to the wall shattering it to smithereens. The girl seemed not to care what state her family was in. Frederick swore to find

her and make her suffer. He could not be rejected. He had never been rejected and he was used to having his way. Isabelle would be his, even if she didn't want to.

Frederick took with him a few of his guards. It was a woman they wanted to bring in so there was no need for a horde. He knew where she would pass to avoid palace guards at the various checkpoints in Astoria. The forest was the only way out of Astoria and perhaps the most dangerous place to pass as it was lurking with beast of all kinds. With a smile on his lips, Frederick compelled his horse to go to the river where he knew the girl would probably seek solace. She was absolutely there. The mud imprinted with her foot told it all but there was another. It was bigger and Frederick could tell it was a man. This made his blood boil more. He had suspected she was always going to see a man each time she was out but now, now he was sure.

"Follow the prints." He bellowed to his men.


Lucas returned to his Shack. Isabelle was still recovering from her embarrassment. She tried to hide it but her flushed cheeks could not.

"Have you made up your mind?" Lucas asked almost biting himself as the words escaped his mouth. He was trying to get a kiss not send her off.

"Yes." Isabelle replied dryly."I won't want my family hating me for the rest of their lives." She said as she carried her belongings. She walked up to Lucas and offered him a pouch of gold.

"Take it." She smiled and Lucas could not resist. He stretched his hands forward and took the? pouch like a dummy. Isabelle had a quite devastating effect on him when they talked. He wondered if he could be so cruel to pass upon the curse to her.

"And thank you Lucas. I hope that one day, you'll be brave enough to see your family again."

That said, Isabelle left Lucas. It was only minutes that she had gone and he could already feel loneliness, true loneliness. He sat on the dirty ground and watched his only companions. They hadn't left him since his curse and they wouldn't till he died. The stars seemed to be smiling at him and he smiled back.

"You still do that?"

A farmiliar voice said unexpectedly. Lucas quickly sat up to see the speaker.

"What! You should be dead." Lucas exclaimed.

Eleanor returned his shocked expression with an innocent smile.

"Witches don't just die?" She returned, answering him.

"What do you want?" He asked the Raven haired girl, the girl that ruined his life.

"To help you."

Once bitten...kissed, twice shy. Lucas could not make up a valid reason why Eleanor would want to help him. She had rid herself of her curse. Why did she care?

"Why?" He queried.

Eleanor brushed back her long rich black hair. She looked as beautiful as ever, Her small eyes fitting her small frame. She seemed hurt by his question.

"Luca-s" she stammered." I know you hate me so much but I had no choice. The curse was ruining my life and..."

"And you thought you should give it to me?" Lucas cut in.

Eleanor stopped talking and wiped her tears.

" I didn't choose you, the universe did. Just as it has chosen that girl."

"Isabelle?" Lucas asked.


Lucas knew that part already but there had to be more.

"Well, it's too late now. She's gone and she might never come back." Lucas said, pointing at the direction Isabelle had just passed.

"What if I can help you? What if you don't have to transform for seven days." Eleanor stated, her eyes glazed.

He shouldn't listen. Lucas knew he should not dwell or trust what Eleanor said but he was desperate. He wanted to see his family again. He wanted to see the human world and have real human contact again and if he had to make a deal with the devil then so be it.


Isabelle could see Frederick and his troops from afar off. Frederick had a scowl on his face and she could tell he was not pleased. Not that she cared but she was forced to notice. Isabelle was greatful she had left Lucas' shack. She pondered on what Frederick would have done if he found her there. He would have probably harmed the poor soul.

"Hey!!" She yelled to make her presence known. Frederick turned to her direction and forced his horse to her exact location.

"Red Riding Hood not running anymore?" He mocked.

"I guess the big bad wolf caught up with her." She replied just as sarcastic.

"Get down and let my wife ride the horse." Frederick ordered one of his men. The man felt humiliated doing so as a frown plastered his face. Isabelle sat on the horse, her legs sore from walking. The journey home began. To Isabelle, she pictured it more like a journey to her new life. Her stupid mind still drifted on lucas, the weird man she had surely fallen in love with. Poor, yet he was rich inside. Isabelle could really now picture what her friend, Lucia had always rattled on love at first sight. She loved Lucas and her heart knew it too. It also knew that they could never be together for as long as Frederick lived.

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