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   Chapter 15 The Last Straw.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 9527

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The ride back to the studio was as I thought it would be – silent, awkward and painful. No one was speaking to anyone. Roy was driving, Cole was sitting in the front and I was in the back – silently gazing out of the window. My head had started to throb from where that man pulled my hair. I still couldn't believe what had happened. I was only there to get Cole – I didn't see that attack coming. I felt a lump in my throat as I thought about the incident more – it was so humiliating. I was mortified. What my father said to me was now making sense – this place wasn't for me. It was a mistake and I was angry about it – on myself and my brother – that I believed. What was I thinking to begin with? I was so desperate to taste the freedom that I blindly came here after my brother. My father was right all this time – it was a bad decision.

We reached the studio and Roy pulled the car at the entrance of the studio – Cole didn't even wait to get off the car – also he didn't forget to slam the door hard enough to show us how angry he was at us or maybe just at Roy since I had no idea what Cole was into. Roy stood still with his hands clutching on the steering. I sighed as I looked at him from the backseat – he looked tense and he should be. I didn't want to be around him so I stepped out of the car and calmly closed the door behind.

Instead of walking towards the studio, I walked passed it. I needed some time – I could see Adam right now. I was so disappointed and upset with him. He put me all this chaos knowing what the reality was. I never expected that from Adam. I walked pacing towards another block – not knowing where I was headed to – I just need some time off. I clutched my handbag's strip on my shoulder as I passed a few people – they glanced at me and then be on their way. I stopped in front of a shop that had a big window on where I could see myself and realized why people were giving me the look. My hair was a mess, my eyes were red from crying and my mascara has run down my cheeks and dried. I heaved – and this was only day one here. What was I thinking?

I brought my hand up to my hair and slowly tried to straighten them – my scalp throbbed when I touched it. That guy used force on me. I felt like crying all over again as I stared back at my reflection – why did it have to be me? I was just trying to make my life better. Why can't I make good decisions for myself? My eyes burned with tears as I snuffled. I shook my head and looked for a tissue in my handbag – it was a little difficult to find because my hands were still shaking. No one ever raised their voice on me except for my mother and father and absolutely no one raised their hand on me at all – it was a first for me and it did shake me.

Once I found the tissue I looked back at my reflection on the window glass to clean my face when I real

go home and pack. I was going to leave and go back home. I know my father will be happy to see me – not because I came back but because I failed and he was proven right. He doesn't care if he is hurting his children but he would rub on your face when he turns outright and that is exactly what is going to happen. I still believe that I need to change in my life but this wasn't the change I wasn't expecting. If I will live under my father's roof then I will have to follow his rules and I don't think that I will be able to break off that cage again. This was my only chance.

I sighed and googled Adam's building so that I could know the direction of his place – luckily it wasn't far from where I was. I called a cab and gave him the address. It was hardly a ten-minute drive back to the apartment. I didn't have the key to the apartment but luckily, the neighbors had the spare key and they have seen me so, they will give it to me. I took the elevator to the floor. The neighbors were home and they gave me the key to the apartment. I had my hair in a low ponytail and I had already wiped clean my face so, the woman that lived across the hall didn't that anything was wrong.

I went to the apartment and went straight to my room. My lower lip was wobbling as I couldn't take the humiliation I felt this morning out of my mind – but I refused to cry. I throw my heels and my bag on the floor of my room carelessly before I locked my room – just in case Adam or Cole shows up early. I grabbed a towel and went straight to take a shower. I was trying to keep my emotions in – I was trying to be strong but once I stood under the shower and the warm water hit my skin – I gave up. I slide down in the bathtub, brought my knees to my chest and cried. I cried for the humiliation I felt today, I cried for failing, I cried because of the fear of never moving on with my life. I cried for myself.

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