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   Chapter 14 A New Secret.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 12652

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Roy and I walked into the busy club. It was still unknown to me what Cole could have told his friends – that wasn't supposed to be out. I just followed him and I was surprised to see that the club was busy at this time of the morning – don't these people have a life or a job? The people around us were mostly drunk. They were dancing and drink and singing – it was chaos. Roy was looking around – making his way in between the people – trying to find Cole. When we couldn't find him anywhere – Roy turned to look at me and yelled because the music was too loud for us to talk in a normal tone, "We have to look at the VIP section – he should be there, " Roy told me. I only nodded my head and closely followed him to the stairs that could lead us to VIP sections but it was barricaded. While I was a little worried about how we were going to pass it – Roy walked up. As soon as the guy standing at the corner saw Roy – he grinned and stretched his hand out for a fist bump, "Hey Roy! Where have you been? It has been months!" The guy dressed weirdly in a tight latex shirt and tight to the skinny leather pants. I wanted to know how he was breathing wearing those tight clothes.

Roy glanced at me before he smiled and nodded, "Yeah, well – my business was done here so –" he shrugged before asked, "Hey, did Cole come up here?" He asked. The guy chuckled and nodded, "Yes, he did. He is with her right now but I can't let you in, " The smiled as he shook his head. Roy sighed, "Come on, man – you know how difficult it can get for us if someone sees him here. Come on, buddy – help a friend for old time sake, " Roy asked. It was kind was weird hearing him talking like that – usually, he talks as if he owns the world but his soft demeanor was unusual for me. The guys sighed, "Man, you know how Viviana can be – she is very protective of him – I don't think she will like anyone disturbing them and also, she is our classified members and we can't afford to upset her so, you will have to wait till they are done, " He answered Roy.

I wasn't born yesterday I know they were talking about sex. Cole was getting busy in there with a woman named Viviana and I couldn't deny that it hurt me. It hurt me more than I could ever imagine. I could feel a lump forming in my throat as my eyes were getting moist. I knew that he never liked me but the fact that he was engaging in sex with someone else hurt me. It has been so long but still, I have feelings for him. Why can't I simply move on? All of a sudden, coming here with Roy didn't sound like a good idea. I should have stayed at the studio. The guy standing by the barrier could see me and I didn't want him to see me crying so I looked away and averted my eyes to the people drinking and dancing downstairs. It was quite loud and I couldn't hear what Roy said to the guy next – they didn't talk loud enough for me to hear over the music.

I was looking at the dancing people down when I felt Roy tapping my shoulder. I turned around to look at him. He opened his mouth to say something but pause as he narrowed his eyes and looked into my eyes before he twisted his mouth and spoke, "We might have to wait, " He told me. I knew that since we weren't allowed to go in the VIP section. I nodded my head and was about to go down but Roy stopped me by grabbing my arm. I turned to look at him again. He shook his head and leaned closer to me, "Not down there, " He said loudly since the music was roaring in the club. I knitted my eyebrows together, "Then where?" I asked. He nodded his head up to the VIP section, "There – come on, " He said before he let go of my hand and the guy let unhooked the barrier. Roy walked up while I stood down – I thought we weren't allowed to go up. When Roy realized that I wasn't following him up – he tu

re you doing here?" He asked before he looked at Roy, "Roy, why did you bring Emma here?! Are you out of your mind?!" Cole was trying to keep his voice down but he was aggressive.

Roy didn't answer him. Cole was still dressed in his clothes from the morning but his shirt was wrongly buttoned and it was crumpled. His hair was a mess. I didn't need any more proof to know that he engaged in sex. I honestly didn't want to do anything with this place – I wanted out. "Adam is going to kill you, " Cole said hotly to Roy before his eyes went to the floor where a bit of the blood of that man was on, "And whom did you beat now?" He asked Roy. Roy finally looked at him with a fire in his eyes. He clenched his jaws – I could see him getting stiff. "Forget about that – would you like to know whom I want to beat next?" He asked Cole slowly and disgruntled.

Cole opened his mouth to answer him but the girl that helped me stood on her feet, "Woah – you two get out of here. I cannot allow two fights in a row here. You know how much Viviana hate fighting, " Gal said. Roy turned to look at Gal and sniggered, "And yet she runs a sex club, " He mocked. My hair was pulled and I was threatened and dragged down but what Roy said caused me to shudder. This was a sex club. I was in a sex club. This is why everyone was dressed to weirdly here. I gasped and turned to look at Cole with my eyes widened. I couldn't say anything I was shocked. I never thought that Cole would come to a sex club. What kind of mess was he into? "Tell Viviana that if she wants his boy toy from next time – call him when he isn't working, " Roy said to Gal before stormed away leaving me, Gal and a very pale looking Cole.

My eyes burned with fresh tears. What did I get myself into? How could Adam hide this from me? Cole comes to a sex club on the call of a woman named Viviana. I couldn't grasp the new information. I looked at Cole but he looked away – he couldn't look into my eyes. I don't to what happened to the Cole I used to know and love – he was a simple yet charming guy. "Cole, " I whispered. I wasn't sure what to say. He sighed and looked at me before he shook his head, "Not now, Emma – let's just get out of here, " He said to me softly. Just a couple weeks ago I was living a boring life and now I was standing in a sex club – what did I get myself into? Maybe dad was right – Adam and his friends don't live a healthy lifestyle. Everything here was so screwed up. I was regretting it. I shouldn't have listened to my brother.

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