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   Chapter 13 Roy And Emma To The Rescue.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 13146

Updated: 2019-07-24 15:47

I wasn't sure what Jake was up to. Was it this his way of mocking me? Or he is just like this – quiet and weird. I decided not to think about it more and face Roy now because I had to take it from him now or later. Cole wasn't still here and I was done waiting for him. I blew my cheeks out and stood on my feet to get in the studio when Jake's voice stopped me, "This is what Cole does, " He spoke. I halted and turned around to look at him. His back was facing me while he sat on the sidewalk with a cigarette between his fingers. I knitted my eyebrows as I was confused. Was he done or did he have more to say? Jake turned his head around to look at, "Cole does this all the time. Just because he is the face of this group – he believes that this world revolves around him." He said and turned his head back around and continued, "And we all are his little puppets." He added and then went silent. I wasn't sure what I was about to say. I thought about it but I couldn't think of an appropriate response.

When it felt too late to respond, I sighed and decided to walk away without passing any comment to him. As I was going up the stairs – Roy was walking down and unfortunately, I came face to face with him. The frown on his face turned into a slow and sly smirk. There it was – I know that in no time he will start mocking me and I wasn't wrong. Roy looked behind me and chuckled, "Where is your lover? Couldn't bring him here with you?" He asked and looked at his wristwatch, "Even after you came so late?" He added before he clicked his tongue, "That is sad, " he said as he walked a step down slowly – getting closer to me. I refused to look at him and rolled my eyes. I was about to get past him when he stopped me, "Where do you think you are going?" He asked.

I sighed and looked at him, "To the studio, " I shrugged – trying to get away from him. He tilted his head and smiled, "I don't fucking think so Pipsqueak. You are Cole's assistant – it was your duty to bring here on time – which you couldn't. We have already lost our valuable time – we don't want to lose more. You took this job and now you will have to do it." He said. I brought my eyebrows together and asked bewilderedly, "What are you trying to say?" I asked him. He shook his head and chuckle, "Pipsqueak is slow, " he commented. I gritted my teeth at his comment and was about to reply to him when he continued, "Go and find him – I don't care how. But as his assistant, it was your duty to bring him here. You were given the job description before. You can't get in the studio without Cole with you, " He shrugged. "Go and find him, " He told me.

I exasperated sigh, "How am I going to find him on my own? I don't even this city?" I asked him. He smiled and shrugged, "You should have fucking thought about it when you came here from Cleveland for this job." He replied before poked my nose which wanted me to rip his arm off his body and beat him with it – I pushed his hand away from me which only made him grin. "Good luck, Pipsqueak." He said before he walked out of the studio. I gritted my teeth and ran my finger in hair. "I hate him, " I mumbled before and put my hands on my hips and sighed. What was I going to do? I blew my cheek and decided to get help from Adam. I took my phone out and dialed his number as I slowly walked out of the building as well. When I walked out I saw Jake and Roy talking to each other. They must have sensed me walkout as they both turned to look at me. I completed them and waited for Adam to pick up the phone who was in the studio.

After several rings, Adam finally answered. "Where are you?" He asked. I blew my cheeks out and rubbed my eyes, "Adam, can I have Cole's number and can you please help me find him?" I asked him. "Sure you can have his number but finding him is an impossible task – don't worry about it – he will come eventually." He replied. I twisted my mouth, "Roy won't let me enter the s

ot as fast as before. I blew my cheeks out, "God, " I mumbled and pushed my hair back. "What is going on?" I asked him. "How did you know where Roy is and what did you mean by his friends will take us down?" I asked him. He didn't answer which on infuriated me. "Roy!" I called out his name louder. He slowly glanced at me before he looked back on the road.

After a pause of a few seconds he spoke, "You are not my boss, so think twice before you raise your voice on me, " He told me. His demeanor might look calm but by looking at his white and pale knuckles – I could tell that he was furious. I decided not to fuel his anger as he was driving. I sighed and after a brief pause I spoke again, "You asked me to ask you all the questions on the way – we are on the way and I am asking what I have on my mind so, answer it." I said – this time I didn't raise my voice like before.

He gave me side-eyes before he pinched his nose. We drove for a few minutes in silence and then stopped at the signal. I shook my head and look out of the window. I should not have gotten into his car. Only if I knew the address of the studio or even to Adam and Cole's apartment – I would have gotten off his car right now. There was complete silence in the car. All I could hear was the noises coming from the out of the car until Roy finally decided to speak, "His friends will try to get all the information about Cole and us that we can't afford to leak, " He spoke.

I turned my head to look at him but his eyes were fixed ahead of him – on the road, "How did you know that?" I asked. I had so many more questions in my head like what did he mean by the information that they can't afford to get leaked – but I didn't ask him because I know he will not answer it to me. He glanced at me again before he continued, "I made someone follow Cole – because I knew someone wouldn't be able to do it, " He mocked me.

Infuriated I asked him, "What do you? Do you even give me a chance to do it? No, you just assume that I can't do my part!" I was agitated with him. He was silent for a few seconds before he chuckled, "How do you think you did today?" He asked mockingly.

I narrowed my eyes, "It was my first day, for the love of God, how do you expect me to do well on the first day of my job especially when I don't know anything?!" I asked. "I can only learn from my mistakes, " I said what Jake told me earlier.

Roy parked the car in front of the strings of bars and clubs, "Sometimes we can't afford to make mistakes, " He said as he looked at me in the eyes. I sighed, "And how am I supposed to know when is that, " I asked.

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