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   Chapter 12 Another One Of Roy.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 12998

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The next morning, I woke up early just to make sure that if my brother and Cole aren't awake at the time – I will have to do it. So, after a shower and getting ready for the very first day at work – I walked out of my room to the very messy living room to see that it was deserted. Neither Cole nor my brother or Maggie – who was staying for the night, was up yet. I checked the time to see that it was already seven-thirty in the morning and we have to get to the studio by sharp nine in the morning – I remember it vividly because Roy especially emphasized it to me with that mocking smirk on his face – we were sure that will not be able to get them to work by nine and his arrogance indicated for me that it is usually difficult to wake them up and make them come to work at time. Since everyone was at our place till very late and I went to bed after two in the morning – I wonder when they slept.

I sighed and first went for Adam's room. The door was closed so I knocked at the door softly, "Um – Adam?" I called him out. But as I expected, there wasn't any answer from the other side of the door – which probably means that they are still sleeping. I mashed my lips together and decided to try and see if miraculously he is awake by now but when I knocked at his door – which was right across Adam's – he didn't answer. Maybe I should give them more time and while I wait – I better make some coffee and toast. Since I didn't like just making breakfast for myself – I decided to make it for Cole, Maggie, and Adam as well.

I went into the kitchen and looked around to see that they didn't have eggs or any fruit or any other dairy product present in the cabinets or in the fridge. Instead, the fridge was filled with Chinese and pizza leftover that God knows how long has been in the fridge. There were cola cans, beer bottles, some sauces and jars of pickles and jams. There were protein shakes and stale bread in the fridge with a half-empty carton of milk. There was nothing fresh in it – no fruits, or vegetables or protein. I sighed and opened the freezer to see it filled with frozen food. "Oh dear God, " I mumbled and closed it. They have been living on junk food – I shouldn't be surprised – from what I have seen – this must be their normal. I looked in the cabinets and only found few spices, protein shake powder, microwave popcorns, cereal boxes, coffee, tea, and some kitchen utensils. I decided not to waste more time and at least make some coffee for everyone – I don't know about them but I can skip breakfast.

After I switched the electric kettle on, I looked at my wristwatch to see that it was nearly eight and they were still asleep, "Shoot, " I said under the breath and walked to Adam's room – this time I knocked louder than before, "Adam, it is already eight! You need to get up!" I said but again I was answered with silence. I knocked at the door once again, "Maggie!" I called her out but she didn't answer either. It is kind of my responsibility to make sure that they get to work on time. I remember Roy telling me that it was my first task and I don't want to fail. So, I knocked my fist at Adam's door louder, "Adam, get up!" I yelled.

A few seconds later, the door opened and there stood a very sleepy Maggie – she rubbed his eye, "What happened?" Her voice came out hoarsely. "What happened is that it is already eight in the morning – we have to show up at the studio at nine. Come on, hurry up and wake Adam – we can't be late." I asked urgently. Maggie looked at me like I have gone mad before she chuckled and softly patted my cheek – leaving me confused, "You are cute, " She said drowsily before she smiled at me and shut the door. I stood there with my eyebrows knitted, "What?" I asked – completely puzzled. I huffed and knocked at the door again, "I was not kidding. Maggie!" I called her out but she didn't answer me.

I sighed and sh

she was gone.

I sighed and disappointment hanging over my head – I sat down on the sidewalk. Adam stood tall beside me – I know he was looking at me but I didn't lift my head up to look at him. He finally sat down beside me and put her hand around my shoulder, "I am sorry, Emma. I should have been supportive. I swear, just let Cole arrive here – I will –" I stopped him and shook my head, "You will do nothing, " I told him. I blew my cheeks out and turned my head to look at him, "I am going to do it on my own. I don't want any dispute among any of you. I have been given a month – let me do it my way. I think it is finally time to do what I think is right, " I told him. Adam looked at me and smiled, "Where did all this determination come from?" He asked with a chuckle. I smiled and shrugged, "I have no other way – either I do this or go home – which I don't want to – not after what dad did." I told him. The smile on Adam's face slipped – he was about to say something when his cellphone started to ring. He took his phone out of his pocket, "Oh, I have to take this." He said as he urgently got on his feet. "I will be right back – just give me a minute, " He excused himself before I smiled and nodded my head. He walked into the building while talking about set and photoshoot – everyone was working except for me. I circled my arms around my knees and rested my chin on my knee, "God, help me." I mumble. There was silence around me. The studio wasn't built on the busy road so, hardly any car would pass by. I was silently and now patiently waiting for Cole to arrive. I already failed – what will I gain by being anxious now. Roy is going to mocking me anyways so, I shouldn't make my head go through all the troubled thoughts – rather I should take it. I blew my cheek and silently let five minutes passed. I was looking at the empty street when I heard a familiar voice from behind me, "What happened, Pipsqueak? Lost the first round?" The voice asked. I narrowed my eyes and slowly turned around to look at the person standing behind me. I thought that the only mockery I will get will be from Roy but seeing Jake standing tall behind me with a lit-up cigarette in between his fingers proved me wrong. I sighed. Wasn't Roy enough that now I have to deal with him as well. I rolled my eyes and turned my head around. I wasn't going to reply to him or anyone else – if the come to mock me. I heard him chuckle before he walked closer and then sat on the sidewalk beside me – I looked at him as he smoked the cigarette without looking at me – he just sat beside me in silence.

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