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   Chapter 11 Balance.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 12436

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Roy helped me by helping Cole off me. I get up from the floor and dusted my jeans and rubbed my elbow that hit the floor when I fell. Cole was barely standing and was leaning against Roy who was having difficulty maintaining his own balance. I, on the other hand, was trying not to look at Roy – I can't believe he heard that. How am I going to live with Cole knowing that he knows and Roy – I don't even know what he will do? I sighed and was about to walk to my room when I was called out, "Oi – where do you think you are going?" Roy said. I blew my cheeks out and turned around to see him struggling to keep Cole on his feet. Cole had his arm around Roy's shoulder and Roy was holding Cole by his waist. "He isn't my responsibility. He is all yours, " Roy said and was about to let Cole go.

"Hey, wait – he will fall, " I said. Roy raised his eyebrow, "You think I care?" He asked and was about to take his hand away from Cole's waist when I gritted my teeth and held Cole from the other side. I took his arm and brought it around my neck, "You are so impudent, " I commented on Roy who shrugged, "Tell me something I don't fucking know, " Roy replied to which I didn't even bother to reply – he is such a foul-mouthed person – I don't even want to talk to him so I wordlessly walked slowly alone with Roy as we both held passed out Cole between us.

As I walked towards Cole's room – Roy tried to take him towards the couch. I stopped and knitted my eyebrows together, "Wait – his room is right there, " I pointed at Cole room's door that was ajar. Roy raised his eyebrow once again – as if I was talking out of my mind, "I don't give a damn. I am leaving him on the couch. If you care so much – take him in by yourself." He said as he let him go – I almost lost my own balance as Cole's weight was on me now and he was heavy. Roy dusted his hand, "I have better things to do, " He told me before he turned around and left the apartment. I gritted my teeth, "Jerk, " I said loud enough for him to hear but obviously he didn't respond and walked out of the apartment.

Cole was actually heavy and it was impossible for me to take him to his room by my own so, I did what Roy wanted to do and walked him to the couch and slowly let him sit. Cole mumbled something in his sleep as he lay on the couch by himself. I sighed as I placed my hands on my hips. "How am I going to do it?" I mumbled as I watch his stir in his sleep. It was three in the afternoon and Cole was passed out cold. How am I going to manage to keep him out of trouble?

Adam showed up hardly ten minutes later telling me that Roy called him when he found Cole. Adam helped me take Cole to his room, unlike Roy. I could see that Adam looked bothered about something – he wasn't like this when we had lunch. I had to do something with Cole – after all, he got drunk in the middle of the working day. Adam and I walked out of Cole's room, "Hey, would you like to have some coffee?" I asked him as I pointed towards the kitchen. Adam looked at me and sighed before he pinched his nose, "Later – right now – I want to talk to you, " He said. These words had always scared me because whenever someone wants to talk to me – nothing good comes out of the conversation. I knitted my eyebrows together, "What is it?" I asked.

Adam didn't answer me immediately – he paused and placed his hands on his hips. He mashed his lips and spoke, "Dad called, " He said. Adam usually sounds agitated when he talks about dad but he sounds different now – he sounds subdued. I have been trying to reach dad since I came to New York – he didn't answer my call or messages once and now he called Adam – whom he doesn't like to talk to. "What did he say?" I asked. He gulpe

lly friendly person. Raina – I found her a little mysterious – or maybe I just haven't got time to talk to her much. But she surely doesn't talk much. Maggie might look like a crazy badass chick but in reality, she is very girly and friendly. Jake is kind of like Raina – he doesn't talk much either – while everyone was talking – he was on his phone. Cole – well – he is like he was in his teens – charming. And Roy – I truly believe that God has made him punish the people around him. He is such a discontent man. Thankfully he wasn't here or else I am sure he would have spoiled everyone's mood by now.

My gratification was short-lived as the bell rang. Adam went to open the door and returned with Roy walking ahead of him. I saw him and instantly twisted my mouth displeasingly. He saw me and narrowed his eyes, "Good to see you too, Pipsqueak." He said sarcastically causing someone to chuckle. I averted towards the person sitting in the corner with his head bowed and his eyes stick on his phone. Jake glanced at nonchalantly before his eyes went back on his phone. I guess there is another one who doesn't like my presence – great!

Roy walked in with a plain black shirt and jeans on. His hair tied in a knot over his head. His tattoos were peeking through his short sleeves. "What brings you here, Roy?" Raina asked him. Roy sat on the couch in front of me and grinned as he looked at her, "Why? I can't be here?" He asked her. Instead of Raina – Liam answered, "No, it is just that at this time you are usually –" He couldn't complete his sentence as Roy completed it for him, "Usually I am out banging chicks? Yeah, didn't find a hot one tonight." He replied. Roy literally brings a bad taste to my mouth.

He hunched and looked at everyone before his eyes halted on me. "Oh by the way, " He clapped his hands together. "I got to talk to Gavin Reese this afternoon. I guess we will be touring Thailand and Bali in just three months." He announced as everyone excluding me, Roy, Jake, and Adam cheered and hi-fived each other. He smirked as he looked at me, "Your work starts tomorrow, Pipsqueak." He said to me. "Let's see if you will survive or go back home to mommy and daddy, ' he mocked me. I narrowed my eyes. Forget not regretting living my life under my dad's shoe – I wanted to do this work right so that I can laugh on his face and my success can wipe the annoying smirk off his face.

I know that hate is a strong word but I am pretty sure I hate him.

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