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   Chapter 9 A Challenge.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 10293

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I thought I will have to go with Adam, Cole, and Roy – but Roy asked me to stay. Actually, no – he told me to stay. His exact words were I was not needed there and I didn't question him. I wanted to but they didn't have time so, I decided to save all the questions I have in mind for later. I was in my room – waiting for them to come back when I heard a knock on the door. "Come in, " I said. The door opened and Maggie walked in with a smile on her face. I smiled right back at her, "Oh hey, Maggie – come on in, " I waved my hand. She thanked and looked around the room and chuckled, "Wow, you really are a neat person – Adam was right." She commented. I couldn't help but chuckle as well, "Well, yes – I am not a neat freak but I like things clean, " I shrugged. I wasn't sure if it defines me as a neat freak or not. Maggie sat on the bed in front of me and mashed her lips, "You must think we live like animals, " she said. I laughed, "Yes, you people are messy but that's okay, I guess." I really didn't know what else to say.

Maggie chuckled and shook her head but didn't say a word. There was an awkward silence between us. She was hesitating and so was I. I didn't know her well enough to engage in a random conversation with her. I mean, just a few days ago I didn't even know that she was my brother's girlfriend. Long awkward pauses are the most uncomfortable thing for me – I always try to fill them in, so I did the same this time as well. I smiled and broke the silence, "So, you and Adam live together?" This question was on mind for a while now. She smiled and shook her head, "No, not yet." She replied. "I spend some nights here and some at my place." She added. I nodded my head, "That is good, " I replied. Now I was lost of words I didn't know what else to ask her. I was afraid that there will be those long awkward pauses again, but thankfully Maggie didn't let those pauses to come as she sighed and looked at me.

"I – I will not lie but I was very nervous to meet you, " She told me as she tittered. I smiled and nodded, "I know, " I looked at her looking at me – confused. I chuckled, "Adam told me, " I replied to her unasked question. "Oh, " she replied and tittered again, "Yes, I was very nervous." She affirmed. I could see that she was nervous right now as well. So, I said. "Don't be, I really like you. I think you and Adam are great for each other, " I told her. She looked at me and asked, "Really?" I chuckled, "Yes, have you seen him look at you? He is really into you. I have only been here for a couple of days and I can already see that you two are really into each other, " I replied. I smile stretched on her face as she tugged her purple hair behind her ear, "That means a lot to me, Emma – thank you." She said.

"Honestly, when I came to know that you were coming – I was very nervous. Uh – Adam has told me about his relationship with his – um – father. So, I was expecting worse but I swear, you are so sweet and – innocent." She chuckled. I smiled and mashed my lips, "Yes, well – Adam and dad – don't go along well." I was feeli

ened to me, but I didn't how they were talking about me behind my back. I opened the door and walked out, "That is because I didn't know that you people had a meeting today, " I said. Adam and Cole looked surprised to see me while Roy looked unadorned while chewed gum. "Since the day I came here all I heard about was a party and celebrations and drink and all that stuff. Did anyone of you ever bothered to tell me what I am supposed to do?" I asked the three of them. "No, " I shook my head. "So, please think twice before you call me incapable!" I said as I looked directly at Roy. Roy chewed his gum as he slowly walked closer to me. He stopped just a couple of feet away from me and bent slightly to come face to face with me, "I don't need to see your work to know that you will be a useless addition to our group, " his words boiled my blood.

I gritted my teeth as I restrained myself from punching at his face. I pressed my lips together, "Fine then, give me a month and if I fail to help you all at all – I will quit and go back to Cleveland." I said to him – looking directly into his piercing eyes. He kept looking at me as he slowly chewed the gum before he spoke, "Unpaid, " he said. I knitted my eyebrows and looked at him bewilderedly as I wasn't sure what he was talking about. He sighed when he realized that I didn't what he wanted to say. He rolled his eyes and added, "You will leave without the payment for the month." He said.

A slowly smirk stretched on his face as I heard Cole from behind him, "Dude, now that is unfair." He said. As long as I stared into his eyes the more furious I got, "Done, " I said out of burning rage yet I kept my demeanor calm and steady. He was about to back away when I spoke again, "But, " He halted and looked at me. "If I win then you will apologize to me in front of everyone for judging me and – you will stop cursing, " I said. I heard Cole and Adam chuckling from behind Roy. The smirk wore off Roy's face for a couple of seconds before he smirked again, "Done-fucking-deal, " he replied.

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