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   Chapter 8 Roy Stewart Is The Most Offensive And Ill Mannered Person.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 12858

Updated: 2019-06-11 19:27

I couldn't sleep for the whole night. I kept questioning my decision. Is it too late? Did I make the right decision? Last night was – wild. At least it was for me. For once I wasn't used to of being at clubs, partying all night, drinking till I pass out and also, the limited time I had to spend with Roy in the washroom made me think hard if I will ever be able to work with them. How am I supposed to bring any kind of discipline in their lives? I can hardly control mine how am I going to direct them towards regulations? How can I be so stupid? I was vaguely told about this job and took it? Was I that desperate for freedom? I have no idea what to do and how to do it. I feel pressured. I feel pressured to prove myself but also feel the burden of my father's disappointment in me.

I was hardly able to sleep after the sun rose but because I am not used to of sleep so late, I woke up around seven. My head hurt due to lack of sleep and stress. I showered, freshened up, brushed my teeth, changed into fresh clothes and walked out of my decent smelling room to back to the pungent smell of sweat and alcohol. I glanced at the dirty carpet – I really believe that it doesn't only need to be cleaned but changed altogether. I honestly didn't even want to step on the carpet either. I blew my cheeks out and walked out anyway. As I expected nor Adam neither Cole was awake. It was already thirty past eight and they were sleeping. I was about to walk in the kitchen to make breakfast for myself when the phone rang. I looked at the landline ring on the side table beside the couch. I wasn't sure if I should be picking it up but since it wouldn't stop ringing I went to pick it up.

"Hello?" I answered the call. There was a small pause before I heard a man speaking from another end, "Uh – did I ring at the right place? Is it Cole and Adam's place?" The man asked. "Oh, yes. It is." I replied. The man paused again, "Oh, you are his –?" he asked. "Oh, I am sorry. I am Cole's – I mean – Mr. Fitzgerald's and his team's assistant, " I told him. The man chuckled when I told him that. I knitted my eyebrows and waited for him to say anything, "When did that happen?" He asked amusingly. I was confused about what to tell him, but luckily he continued and didn't give me any time to reply. "Anyways, it was about time. Those kids are in desperate need of assistance. I am sure they both must be sleeping." The man guessed. I bit my lower lip and nodded my head, "Uh – yes, " I hesitated to answer him. I am not sure if I should have told him that – but then again – I don't know anything.

"Well, they shouldn't be. They have a meeting with a production company in an hour and then are snoozing." The man said. My eyes went widened when I heard him, "What?!" I was surprised to know how careless they were. How could they sleep so peacefully when they have a meeting? "I didn't know that, " I mumbled. "And you are their assistant?" The man asked. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed, "I have started working yet. I still don't know anything about their schedule or anything, " I told him. "I joined them yesterday, " I added.

The man hummed from the other side, "Alright, well – I am Joseph Denver. I am a middle man between the production company and Cole and his group, " he said. "I will tell you this but those younger man and woman are the toughest clients I ever had, " He told me. I was about to say something but Mr. Denver didn't let me as he continued, "Well, you better tell them this that I can't do this anymore and I am quitting, " The man added. I gasped, "Uh – wait – no, " I tried to stop him but he continued talking, "I seriously cannot take it anymore – I am losing my clients because of them. They are late, rude and seriously the most disorganized group ever. Tell them that they will never achieve anything in thei

was about to continue but Roy didn't let her. He narrowed his eyes, "Overslept? Are you kidding me?" He asked before he walked past me with Maggie in the apartment as he argued with her all the way in. I turned around to look at him from behind. Just a day before yesterday, I saw him with no shirt, no shoes, messy hair, and badly bruised and today here he was – in a grey suit, hair nicely tied in a topknot and bruises almost gone – he looked decent. I wasn't sure which Roy was the regular Roy. Maybe it is just too early to say anything about him. Although, I still believe he is rude and ill-mannered – just like Joseph Denver said so.

I sighed and closed the door behind me as I walked back in the apartment. It was also the first time when I didn't hear him cursing excessively, "What?! How can that fucker quit?!" Roy said to Maggie who must have told him about the call I received from Joseph Denver. Maybe I spoke too soon. I shook my head as I heard him cursing Mr. Denver in a series. "Let me be done with this meeting – I swear, I will pay him a personal visit and cut his dick off, " Roy said. I made a face as he continued cursing him, "And how can Adam and Cole forget about the meeting?! Meeting with Walters was all we have been talking about for the last few weeks!" He yelled. It was too much noise for the morning – but I guess it was their normal – I just have to get used to of it. Roy stepped towards Cole's door and banged it with his fist, "Get out, fucker! We are getting late!" Roy yelled. Maggie and I both flinch when Roy once again banged the door so hard that I actually believed that it would come off. I sighed and remembered that Mr. Denver had a message for Roy. I pressed my lips before I spoke, "Roy Stewart is the most offensive and bad mannered person, " I spoke loud enough for Maggie and Roy to hear me. There was absolute silence all of a sudden.

Maggie's eyes widened as she looked at me. I gulped as my eyes went from her to Roy – who had his back to me. He slowly turned around to look at me with his eyes narrowed, "What the fuck did you just say?" He questioned me. He clenched his jaws and slowly walked towards me as I took a step back. Maggie come in between the both of us, "Roy – man – this is not the time, " She told him but Roy didn't even glance at her – his eyes were on me. "Not my words – that's what Joseph Denver had to say to you, " I shrugged softly as Maggie turned around to look at me as well. Roy narrowed his eyes and after a long pause, he said, "That little fucker, " I sighed – of course.

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