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   Chapter 6 Such A Hobo.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 10756

Updated: 2019-05-17 16:28

Seeing my distress, Adam decided to take me out to get some fresh air. He bought me coffee and a blueberry muffin before we went to a park – it was a lot quieter there and to be honest I needed that. We both didn't say anything to each other while, we sat side by side on the bench as we drank our coffee, ate our muffins and stared at the green trees around us. The chirping of birds sounded melodious to my ear. After a couple of more minutes of silence – I sighed, "Quietness feels calming." I said with a small smile on my face.

Adam turned his head towards me and smiled before nodded, "Sometimes, yes." He continued, "But, sometimes it can be deafening." He added without making any eye contact. I knitted my eyebrows together. Just when I was about to ask him what does he mean – he said, "I am sorry you feel so uncomfortable around my friends."

I looked down at the disposable cup I was holding in my hand. "You didn't tell you had a girlfriend, " I said to him. His lips curled into a small smile, "I didn't know how you people would react so, I thought it would be better if I keep it to myself." He shrugged. "I mean, she is a little different from the rest of us, but I love that girl." He added as a smiled on his lips.

"You could have told me." I shrugged. "I thought we shared everything, " I added.

"Yes, we do – but I didn't know how you would react." He said. "Why would I react differently?" I asked him. He exhaled, "I am sorry, okay?" He continued, "She and I have been in a relationship for the past eight months and I really love her." He told me. Maggie was very different from us, but she seems like a nice girl. "She seems nice." I agreed with him. He chuckled, "Isn't she?" he asked.

"Yes." I nodded, "She has kind of – cool hair?" My statement came out as a question. Adam laughed, "She had green hair before that. She dyed them to purple just a few days ago." He said. "You know, when I told her that you will be coming – she was actually nervous." He lightly shook his head with a smile on his face. "She said she was meeting one of my family members for the first time, so maybe she should change her appearance, but I told her not to. I love her for what she is. I didn't want her to change herself or pretend to be someone else to impress others." He said. "I told her that my sister will not mind it." He added.

I put my hand on his shoulder and pressed it, "I am happy that you are happy with her." I said to him. He smiled and embraced me in a hug, "Thank you, Emma." He said. I patted his back as I bit my lower lip, "But, I don't think I will be able to work with them." I told him hesitantly. He pulled away while knitting his eyebrows together, "They are not that bad. They are ill-mannered and chaotic but, they are good people." He reasoned.

I nodded, "I don't doubt that, Adam. But, I don't think that I will be able to help you people. I mean, look at me – I can't even talk for myself. How am I going to work for such a recalcitrant group of people? I can't even speak up in front of them." I hid my face in my hands. I felt Adam's hand on my shoulder.

"You can't abase yourself just because you think you can't do it. Emma, I will not force you to do anyth

ing out of the room to see Roy sitting on the couch – looking confused.

He looked at me, "Who are you?" He asked huskily as he narrowed his eyes. His hair was a complete mess. He bruised face was now getting purple and his inked upper body was still bare. I gulped, "Uh, I am Emma." I said. I clearly remember I told him that before, but maybe he was still too drunk to remember that. "I am Adam's sister, " I added as I saw a bewildered look on his face.

"Oh." He said before looking around. "Where is everyone?" He asked.

"Adam and Cole went to the recording studio and I don't know about the rest, " I replied.

He sighed and rubbed his face before flinching, "Why the fuck my face hurt so much?" He mumbled to himself. "Uh – you have bruises on your face, " I told him softly while pointing towards his face. He knitted his eyebrows before tracing his fingers over his swollen cheek, "Right." He said lowly. He tried to slowly get up before sitting back on the couch. "Fuck." He cursed under his breath as he rubbed his temple.

"Uh, I could – I could make you some coffee. It will help you with your – your hangover." I offered him. He looked like he was in desperate need of one. He averted his gaze towards me, "Coffee is not my cup of tea." His voice still sounded husky. He slowly got up to his feet and let out a deep breath before looking down at his bare chest, "Where is my shirt?" He asked.

I slowly shook my head, "I don't know." I said to him.

He then looked down at his feet, "And, my shoes?" He asked again. I again shook my head, "I don't know. You – you came here without any shirt or shoes." I told him. "Fuck." He once again cursed. I grimaced, why he has to curse after every other second?

He ran his fingers through his hair and mumbled something before he walked into Cole's room. I stayed still as I didn't know what else to do. After a minute or two, he came out while buttoning up the shirt and a pair of shoes on his feet – which I reckon belongs to Cole. He glanced at me wordlessly before he walked out of the apartment.

"Such a hobo, " I muttered to myself as I heard the door being closed.

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