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   Chapter 5 Saved By The Bell.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 7997

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Just two hours later I was already regretting my decision and was imagining my father laughing at me. He was right – this place was not for me and I couldn't deal with these people. They all are so – hyped. Everything seemed like in a fast forward. Everything was so different here. Raina was sitting beside me on the couch – telling me about tours and how it all works here, but I couldn't really concentrate. Why? Well, let's begin with the fact that there was a pungent smell in the room. It smelled like something was rotten. At first, I was amazed by the fact that no one actually complained about it, but then I realized that either they are used to of it or they didn't pay much attention to it. Maybe I was the one who was focusing more on the awful smell. Also, Liam's time to time monotonous jokes was really testing my patience, but of course I being myself would never point out how ridiculous his jokes were. Another thing that was making me most uneasy was the fact that my brother's tongue was deep down in Maggie's throat. They didn't even bother to go to the room – they just started making out in front of us. I looked at Raina and Liam to see that none of them seemed uncomfortable.

Cole was in his bedroom practicing guitar, also there was one of his songs playing on the stereo. Rania was talking over the music, Liam was laughing at something that he was looking at on his cellphone and the television was also on. It was too loud for me. I wanted to point out a lot of things, but I couldn't. I didn't have the guts and I just met these people. Like for instance, why was television still on when no one was watching it? Why is the room so smelly? Why was the carpet so dirty? Whose clothes were carelessly lying on the couch? For how long these empty boxes of pizza, beer bottles and cans and that opened packet of chips has been lying on the coffee table? When was the last time they cleaned this house? Why didn't Cole close his door while practicing his music? From where did they order such awful Chinese? Why was the carpet wet? Is that a condom lying near my suitcases? And most of all I wanted to know which the earliest flight was back to Cleveland?

I didn't even listen to a single word that Raina said to me – I was more focused on what was happening around me. Just when I thought I was going to have a breakdown I was saved by the bell. No, literally – I was saved by the doorbell. "I'll see it, " Liam said and carelessly tossed his phone on Raina's lap who just caught it. She gritted her teeth and glared at him, "Asshole." She mumbled as Liam skipped over Adam's legs and went to open the door. I glanced at Adam and Maggie to see them finally part away. I sighed in relief. Adam chuckled, "You will get used to of this." He said while pointing his finger towards him and Maggie who laughed. I didn't reply. I just rolled my eyes and smiled before looking back at Raina – who was checking something on Liam's phone. "This guy has more nudes in his cell phone than any porn site itself." She said and gagged before tossing his phone on the couch.

"Roy, my man." We heard Liam. I turned my head to see Roy.

"Fuck off, Liam." I heard his masculine voice before I saw him.

A virile man walked into the lounge and he was screaming 'trouble' on the loudspeakers. Roy was nothing I thought a manager would be. His beard was grown out, his highlighted hair was tied in a knot over his head, his bulgy biceps pecked from under the tattooed arms, his lightning eyes looked swelled and one was slightly bruised, his lips were pressed tightly together and did I mention that he was shirtless and his body was literally covered in ink? Okay, not the whole body, but there were tattoos on his arms, shoulders, a little one on the bare lean chest and also, there was also a tattoo on his navel which stretched lower – uh well, I wasn't really interested where it ended. He was wearing a ripped jean that was hanging too low. It was making me uneasy. Although

, it was secured by a belt – I was still worried that it would fall off any minute now. Also, his feet were bare – which was really weird – this man just came from outside with no shoes on.

I realized that my eyes were on his lower body. I felt embarrassed and quickly looked up to see him looking directly at me. His eyebrows were drawn together and his teal eyes were slightly narrowed. I cleared my throat and glanced at Adam to see him standing up, "Hey man." He greeted Roy. He finally looked away from me and I felt my heartbeat to coming to normal. Roy and Adam greeted each other with a fist bump. I looked around to see everyone was back to their businesses.

I once again looked at Roy who sniffed and grimaced. "What the fuck it that smell?" he asked. Thank God, someone noticed. "Raina, for fuck sakes turns off the television if you are not watching it or at least turn down the volume – I already have a headache." He winched and rubbed his forehead. Raina turned off the television without looking up from his cellphone. "Is that a fucking condom? Liam, you motherfucker, throw it away. We don't want your STDs." He pointed towards the condom that was on the carpet near my suitcases. "Cole, you asshole, shut the door – my head is going to explode!" He yelled his lungs out and just like that Cole shut his room's door without even saying a thing. "Did you guys order Lu's Chinese again? That fucker doesn't know how to cook Chinese food or as a matter of fact, he does know how to cook at all." He wrinkled his nose. This guy was making my ears bleed. He was really foul-mouthed, but he pointed everything that was bothering me – well, thank you foul-mouthed and scary looking man.

Adam looked at Roy's bruised cheek and eye and frowned, "You got into another fight, Roy?" He asked him. Roy pushed Adam's hand off his cheek, "Yeah. Banged a girl and his boyfriend walked in on us. I made that fucker unconscious, but that bastard got a chance to hit me as well." He slurred a little – was this appalling man still drunk at this hour of the day? I gasped as he stepped nearer to me and tried to back away on the couch I was sitting on. I have never met a man before who cursed so much. Mom and dad were right. Adam's friends are so animalistic.

"Get off the couch." He said while looking hard at me. I gulped and blinked before pointing my index on my chest, "Me?" I asked him. He narrowed his eyes, "No, the fucking ghost that is sitting naked behind you." He said sarcastically. "Of course, I am fucking talking to you." He added quickly. He didn't have to say it the second time. I quickly grabbed my purse and got up on my feet. Just then he fell on the couch with his face first. "Why the fuck is the carpet wet? Did you piss on it, Liam." He mumbled while his head was buried in the cushions. I gasped and took more steps back. I literally shivered at the thought that I stepped on someone's urine – although I was wearing shoes. I was looking at the man that was lying on the couch on his stomach. I could see his eyes were slightly opened.

"That was just one time and a very long time ago, man." Liam clarified himself. Roy didn't say anything to him. His eyes were on me.

"Is she your sister, Adam?" He asked him – while staying in the position. Adam chuckled, "Yes, she is." He answered. Everyone around me was amused except for me – I was petrified.

"I am Roy." He mumbled – it looked like he was about to doze off.

"Uh – um – I am – I am Emma." I stuttered while taking another step back with my bag clenching to my chest.

"Emma." I heard him whisper before he knocked out.

Everyone started talking to each other, joking around and minding their own businesses like there wasn't a guy knock out cold on the couch. I was so aghast that I stayed still for a couple of seconds before turning around to face Adam who was typing something on his cell phone, "Adam, I want to go home." I whispered to him – still agape by what was going around.

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