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   Chapter 4 Meet The Group.

Harmonious Discord. By Yumna Mahmood Characters: 13851

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Dear Dad, I know that you are angry at me. Since you are not talking to me – I am leaving this letter for you. I hate making you upset, dad. I love you and you know that, but the life I was living – I wasn't enjoying that. I don't know that what I have chosen will make me happy or not – maybe this is the worse decision I ever made, but how am I going to know if it is a bad decision or not till I experience it. Remember when you told me that I will always have to experience something bad in order to know what is good for me? I am doing the same.

This decision might come out as the worst decision I have ever made, but it could be the life-changing decision as well. This job might make me happy. I may not make as much money as the previous job, but I will be happy. I want to experience new things in my life and this is the first step I am taking to finally explore. Please don't be too mad at me.

I love you, dad.

Love, Emma.

My father stopped talking to me since the day I decided to quit my job and work with Adam and his friends. My mother was upset with my decision as well, but she didn't stop talking to me. My father thinks that it is a bad decision and maybe it is, but I still want to give it a try. Even if this decision comes out to be a bad one – I will be able to learn something from it. I will be able to gain some sort of experience from it. Till now I have lived a calculated life. I really don't know want risk really means, because I never took one. I believed in playing it safe. I did everything that my parents or others told me to do – I didn't many things that I really didn't want to do. This is the first thing I am doing what I actually wanted to do. I wanted to give it a try.

Adam left the next day, but I had to stay for two weeks. My boss didn't want to let me go – why would he? I was the perfect slave for him. Nevertheless, I left my job after giving him two weeks' notice. During these two weeks, I tried everything to talk to my father, but he would just ignore me. When I was leaving for New York – he didn't even come out of his room say goodbye – that's when I decided to leave him a letter. My flight from Cleveland to New York wasn't that long. Adam told me that he would be at the airport to receive me and as promised he was there when I reached the airport.

It was my first time traveling to anywhere alone. I always traveled with my family and only traveled when we would go to some vacation – which didn't happen much. It was my first time in New York. I will not lie – I wasn't feeling really good while flying to New York all by myself, but where I was nervous and scared – I was also excited. I felt like a child on their first trip to the park. It felt good to feel the excitement – I honestly forgot what it was like to feel all giddy-up. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so thrilled to go to New York. Now here I was. Everything seemed in a fast forward at the airport – everyone seemed like they were in a hurry. I sighed in relief when I saw Adam standing with a sweet grin on his face. I rushed to him and hugged him dearly, "It's so good to see you, sister." Adam said. I pulled away and smiled, "It's good to be here as well." I was a little out of breath. I glanced at the man that rushed passed me while yelling on the phone. Adam looked at me chuckled, "You will get used to it. Come on." He put his arm around my neck as we walked out of the airport.

I texted my mother when I sat in Adam's car. She asked me to inform her that I have reached safely and that Adam had picked me. "Where are we going?" I asked him as we drove on the bust roads of New York. Adam glanced at me, "We are going to my apartment." He answered. I knitted my eyebrows together, "But, don't you live with Cole?" I asked him. He nodded, "Yes, but we have a spare room where you can stay." He shrugged.

"Oh, I don't want to be a burden on you and him. I can stay at some hotel." I suggested.

"Are you crazy? No, you are not staying in a hotel. We both are perfectly fine with you staying with us." He said, "And anyway, I am sick and tired of eating frozen pizzas and we also need someone to clean our apartment." He joked. I rolled my eyes and slapped his arm, "I am not cleaning anything for any of you nor am I cooking for you. I am a horrible cook, remember?" I reminded him of what he used to call my cooking skills.

He laughed, "I am just joking. You can look for your own apartment if you don't feel comfortable living with us. I will help you find one, but till then you will stay with us." He said.

I bit my lower lip, "Is Cole okay with me staying with you two?" I asked him. "And did you even discuss me being his assistant? Adam, I am not going to work for you people if anyone's not ready for me to work for them." I added. He lightly shook his head, "Cole is fine with it. I talked to him and the team – they are okay with you being there. We could really use your assistance. You know, how much we lack in discipline." He shrugged. "And since Cole is getting more and more famous day by day – we want someone to properly manage our schedule and everything – we can't do it all alone." He answered.

"Don't you guys have a manager? Roy?" I asked him curiously.

He nodded, "Yes." He chuckled, "But he is anything, but good succor for us. He has contacts and he manages concerts and shoots, but believe me – he himself need assistance." He replied. "He is the most wildlife among us." He added.

I sniggered, "More wildlife than you? I hardly believe you." I replied to him. He chuckled, "I am a saint in front of him." Adam answered.

He parked the car in front of a luxurious tall building, "Woah – you live here?" I asked him astonishingly. He snickered, "Yes, we do." He answered and opened his car's door. "Come on, everyone's waiting for you." He said. I knitted my eyebrows together, "Wait, everyone?" I asked. He grinned, "I didn't tell you?" he asked, "Well, own whole team is here and everyone's excited to see you. Come on, now." He said and opened the truck to get my luggage.

"Why didn't you tell me that everyone is up in your apartment?!" I asked him.

"I forgot to tell you." He shrugged as he put my luggage and a bag on the ground and closed the trunk. "Are you coming out or are you plan on spending the night in the car?" he asked. I folded my arms over my chest, "I will stay in the car, thank you very much." I answered. He laughed, "Come on Emma, they are harmless. They are pretty excited to see you. Don't be like that." He replied. I sighed and closed my eyes for a brief moment – I was nervous enough to see Cole after such a long time and now I will have to meet all of them – this is nerve-wracking for me. Nevertheless, I didn't waste any more time and stepped out of his car. He locked the car before we both entered the building.

We went to the elevator and Adam pressed for the 16

th floor. "You two don't live on a penthouse?" I asked him. He snickered, "No, we don't. We are not that rich yet." He kid. I smiled and lightly shook my head. "So, did you dad talk to you?" He asked me.

I sighed and shook my head, "No, he didn't." I replied. Adam didn't press it any further. He knows our father very well – he knows how he can be. He doesn't need to ask me more.

The elevator finally dinged and the door slide opened, "Welcome to our celestial place." He joked as waved his hand before we stepped out. I giggled. We walked to the third door to the right and Adam rang the doorbell. I could hear the music playing in the apartment. My heartbeat was increasing – I was really nervous to meet them all.

"Guys, I think Adam and his sister are here!" I heard a masculine voice. I glanced at Adam to see him chuckle, "Don't worry, they all are great." He assured me just before the door opened.

There stood a girl with purple hair. I eyed her hair before I looked at her face. My eyes traveled on the piercing she had on her face. There was one over her right eyebrow, one on the lower lip, one on the right side of the nose and I couldn't see how much she had on her ear as they were covered with his vibrant purple hair. She was soundly chewing a piece of bubble gum with a big grin on her face, "Hey Ya! Nice to see you, Emma. I have heard a lot about you." She said as she glanced at Adam. "I am Margret, but you can call me Maggie." He stretched her hand out. I shook hands with her and cleared my throat, "Hi Maggie, it is nice to meet you." I said.

"Likewise." She said and next thing she did was completely unexpected. She moved closer to Adam and kissed him on his lips – on his freaking lips. I gaped as I saw them kissing each other. She slightly pulled away and looked Adam in the eyes, "Hey you, pretty boy." She whispered. I was about to puke. Adam smiled and brushed his nose against hers before looking at me. "Sorry, I forgot to tell. Maggie is my girlfriend." He told me while his hand was wrapped around her shoulder.

Mom is going to have a heart attack.

I looked at Adam – still in complete shock, "Is there anything else you forgot to tell me?" I asked him causing him to bust out in laughter. He shrugged, "Maybe – maybe not." He replied, but before I could say anything Maggie grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the apartment, "Come on, everyone's waiting for you." She said. I glanced at Adam laughing and bring my things inside the apartment while Maggie dragged me inside.

This place was nothing close to celestial – in fact, I would call it hellish. There were three more people in the room. A girl in short bob hair was sitting on the couch along with a guy with blonde hair – they both had game controllers in their hands. There was another guy sitting on a single couch with his feet dangling over the armrest of the couch. What made me call this place hellish was the mess. There were clothes, beer bottles, and candy and chips wrapper all around the carpeted floor. I could also see the crumbs of snacks on the carpet. There were three pizza boxes rest on the coffee table which looked like it hasn't been clean in days. And the room smelled like socks and oregano.

"Oh, hi – you must be Emma, Adam's sister." The girl sitting on the couch said to me. I forced a smile and nodded, "Yes." I replied. I didn't know what else to say. "I am Raina." She stood up on her feet and walked nearer to me. I stretched my hand out, "Hi Raina, it is very nice to meet you." I said to her. The guy that was using his cellphone must be Jake – I remember him from the pictures Adam sent me. He looked at me and smiled, "Hey Emma, how are you?" he asked as he put his phone down.

"Fuck, you are hot." I heard someone say. We all turned our head to look at the blonde guy – who must be Liam – I also remember him from the pictures. I was getting really uncomfortable with his bluntness.

"Shut up, Liam." All three of them said together.

"Don't mind him. He is the man-whore." Raina said while rolling her eyes. She looked much different from what she looked in pictures. She had cut down her hair – also, she looks more skinner than before. I have never seen Margret's pictures before – this is the first time I was seeing her. Jake smiled and walked towards me before hugging me briefly, "Adam talks a lot about you. It is nice to finally meet you." He said. Jake seemed like the most normal of them all.

Liam also walked closer with a smirk on his face, "I didn't know you were so beautiful. Is it why you never showed us her picture, Adam?" Liam asked Adam who entered the room as well. Adam lightly pushed Liam back, "Stay in your limits, Liam, or else I will throw you out of the apartment." He threatened Liam and stood while wrapping his hand around Maggie's waist.

"Please do. He has been whining since I kicked his butt in the game." Raina said causing me to chuckle. "Hey! You cheated, okay?" Liam argued. Raina simply ignored him and looked at me, "You must be hungry. Why don't you freshen up and we call for Chinese?" She asked. I smiled and nodded, "Sure."

Liam was about to say something when one of the room's door opened and Cole came out of the room. He looked even more handsome than I remembered. It is not like I was seeing him after a long time – I see his pictures on the internet all the time – but I saw him personally after a very long time. His Burnette's hair was nicely combed. His jawline has gotten sharper than I remember. His blue eyes met mine and he smiled, "Emma?" he asked. I smiled and simply nodded my head. "Oh wow, you are here, " he said and walked nearer to me before he wrapped his hand around me and embraced me in a brief hug. "It is so nice to see you all these years." He said as he pulled away. I also noticed that he has gotten taller. He has also gotten leaner. All the feelings that I had for him were slowly coming back. I was once again crushing over my brother's best friend.

"It is good to see you too, Cole, " I said to him.

"Hey, where is Roy?" Adam asked.

Cole shrugged, "Who knows? I didn't see him since this morning." He added.

"That's because he didn't come home from the club last night, " Raina replied.

"He will be back." Maggie waved her hand dismissively. "Let's celebrate Emma's arrival tonight." She suggested and everyone agreed with her. Why would they celebrate my arrival?

"You see Emma, here we celebrate everything, " Cole said while wrapping his hand around my shoulder. His hand resting on my arm caused butterflies in my stomach. This was the closest I have gotten to any other man since forever.

"You mean you people just need a reason to party, " I asked. Cole laughed, "You can say so." he replied and everyone in the room cheered to that.

Oh boy, how am I going to deal with them? Dear God, please don't make me regret my decision just now.

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