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   Chapter 2 Adam's Home.

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Today was the day – Adam was finally coming home after three long months. I was so excited that I couldn't even sleep. I woke up early in the morning and started preparing his favorite chocolate tart – he loves it when I make it. I am not much of a cook but, I know how to make a tart. I learned it when I was in school. One day I made it for Adam's birthday party and since that day it has been his favorite dessert. I always make it whenever he visits us.

Adam lives in New York. He moved out when he was twenty-one and went to live in New York when he was twenty-five. After moving to New York, he first used to visit us at least thrice a year but, recently his visits have been cut down to twice in a year. He has been extremely busy with work.

Adam and I have always been really close to each other. He has always been extremely protective of me. There was a guy in our school that always used to bully me. I never told anyone about it because he used to threaten me – I was young and scared so, I never uttered a word about him bullying me. One day Adam saw him pushing me on the ground and that was it for him – he beat that guy in front of the whole school and got suspended for it. After that day that bully didn't even dare to come near me. My parents were disappointed in him for being violent but, Adam didn't care what they thought. Same goes with me, I once heard a girl talking against my brother and I slapped her – I was very young at that time but, I couldn't tolerate anyone talking bad behind Adam's back. We are not only siblings – we are best friends.

"Are you making your shitty tart again?" I was putting the tart in the fridge when I heard him. I suppressed my smile by mashing my lips together and turned around to see my brother standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

I playfully rolled my eyes, "It is not for you." I said as I folded my arms across my chest.

"Yeah, right." He huffed and put his duffel bag on the floor and walked towards me. "Am I going to get a hug or what?" he grinned as he opened his arms.

I squealed and jumped in excitement before embracing him in a tight hug, "I missed you so much, you idiot." I said as tightened my grip.

He laughed and picked me up like I weighed nothing and span me around, "I missed you too, Little Dove." He mumbled. Adam ruffled my hair with his hand as we pulled apart.

"Hey! Don't touch my hair." I objected and smoothed my hair by running my fingers through them as Adam passed by me and opened the fridge to take a water bottle out of it. He closed the fridge's door behind him and opened the bottle before gulping down the water.

Adam looked different – a lot different. He has grown medium stubble. Also, he has gained some body mass – looks like he has been working out lately. His naturally brown hair has grown out and he was tying them in a messy man bun. I have never been a fan of man bun before but, I must say it suited on Adam. "What?" he asked as he put the half-empty bottle on the counter and took his leather jacket off.

I shook my head, "Nothing." I smiled, "You look different." I commented. He chuckled and placed the jacket on the counter as well.

I gasped as I saw ink peeking through his half sleeves, "You got a tattoo!" I exclaimed as I pointed towards his bicep.

He looked at his upper arm and smirked, "Yeah." He said and rolled up his sleeves to show me the tattoo. "It's tribal, isn't it cool?" he told me. I nodded excitedly – it really was amazing. The jet black pigment did form a beautiful design. "Do you want to hear a secret?" he said. I nodded my head. He chuckled, "This isn't the only tattoo I have." He said proudly.

I laughed and shook my head, "Oh dear God, mum is going to have a heart attack." I said.

He chuckled and rolled his eyes, "I don't care." He said, "How are our parents anyway?" he questioned and we both walked out of the kitchen.

Adam and my parents aren't on great terms. Our parents were always against his choice of career but, he didn't care – he did what he wanted to do unlike me. Whenever Adam visits, our father never forgets to taunt him and our mother never forgets to show how disappointed she is in him but, that doesn't mean they hate him or he hates them. They just have some disagreements.

"They are fine." I answered, "When was the last time you talked to them?" I asked him.

"When dad told me that I need to get a proper job." He rolled his eyes and crashed on the couch before patting the empty space beside him, "Sit – we have a lot to catch on." He said. I grinned and sat beside him.

Mom and dad were on their jobs so, Adam and I were alone. I called in sick today – I didn't want to work when I knew that my brother was coming back today. I didn't want him to get welcomed by the empty house. "How long are you going to stay?" I asked him.

He scratched his neck, "Three days." He answered.

"What?! Just three days? Adam, that's not fair! You have come home after three months for just three days?" I complained to Adam.

He sighed out loud, "I have work in

New York. Cole is working on an album and we all are so busy with shoots and all that shit." He answered and twisted his mouth, "I have to go back early this time." He continued, "But, you can come with me." He suggested as he raised his eyebrow. I chuckled lightly and downcast my gaze – I know where he is going with that and I don't know what to say to him so, I stayed quiet. "Emma, did you think about the offer?" he questioned after a small pause.

"I don't know, Adam, " I said. "Mom and dad won't approve, " I added as I bit my lip.

Since Adam asked me to be Cole's assistant – I have been thinking about the offer day and night. I liked it but, I know that mom and dad won't approve of it. All my life I have done everything to please my parents – now, I am scared that they'll see me as a disappointment as well – I am scared that my decision might hurt them. So many times, I thought about talking to my parents but, never got the courage to do so.

He sniggered, "Mom and dad won't approve? How old are you, Emma? Fifteen? Emma, they will never approve – never. But, that doesn't mean you'll live according to their rules. You are an adult – you can make your own decisions." Adam said, "Listen, I am not forcing you to come with me – it is your decision and you should do what you think is right for you. No one can force you to do anything against your will. If you want to come with me then don't think about anything else or anybody else and if you want to stay then I won't force you to come. The decision is yours – all yours." He instructed me.

I nodded my head and passed a smile to him. He winked, "Good, now give me something to eat – I am starving!" he said and got up from the couch.

"Do you want me to order pizza?" I asked as I stay seated on the couch.

He twisted his mouth, "No, please – no pizza. That's all I have been eating these days. Let's order Chinese?" he asked as he took his cellphone from his pocket.

I nodded my head, "Sure, sounds good to me." I said.

"Can I have a slice of chocolate tart?" he asked.

"No, that's for after dinner, " I told him.

He sighed, "I tried." He said more to himself. "I will order Chinese then." He said loudly. I nodded my head as he talked on his phone.

Since it was noon, we had plenty of time to catch up. After ordering Chinese, we talked about random things. He told me all about his Europe trip. He told me how Cole is gaining publicity day by day. He is now working on the collaboration with the American pop-star, Jordan King. It is really impressive how Cole has done in just a span of two years. He asked me about myself and as usual – I had nothing to tell him. Every day is the same day for me – I didn't have much to tell him as he had.

"And you know, when we were in Edinburgh – a girl threw her underwear towards Cole during a concert." Adam laughed as he told me, "That was epic. Cole didn't even spare a glance to that girl and her underwear was on the stage until the show ended." He added as he shook his head.

I gaped, "People do that?" I asked horrifyingly.

"Yeah, they do." He confirmed.

"Wow, " I whispered.

I have to admit – when we were in high school – I had a crush on Cole. I used to get jealous of his then girl, Ginny Marshall – although, that girl wasn't a queen bee nor did her ever behaved badly with me, still I never liked her. Maybe because she was Cole's girlfriend and I was not. They broke up after complete schooling as Cole was more focused to make his career in music. Even after Cole graduated – I still had feelings for him as he used to come to our place more often but, when he went to New York – my feelings for him died as well.

After the food arrived – we talked some more and then watch an action movie. I didn't know where the time went and it was already five in the evening, meaning that mom would be home any time now – while dad will be back in an hour or so.

Adam was sleeping in his old room as he was tired from the traveling and I was in the kitchen doing dishes when the doorbell rang. I whip my hands with a towel and walked towards the door to open it.

"Hey, mom!" I greeted my mother as I opened the door and scoot aside to let her in.

"Hey Emma, is Adam here yet?" she asked as she looked around the lounge to catch a sight of her son.

I smiled, "Yes, but he's sleeping – he was so tired." I told her.

She smiled back and nodded her head, "Let him sleep, then. I was thinking maybe we should go out for dinner tonight." She suggested as she took her coat off. "Oh – but, you made the chocolate tart for him." She added as she put her coat and purse on the couch.

"No problem about that. We can eat that after we come back home." I said.

She smiled, "Okay then, it is done. We will go out tonight. I will tell your father about the plan." She said as she took her cell phone out of her purse to call dad.

I am happy to see her excitement at the arrival of Adam – I can't wait for her to see Adam with grown out hair and tattoos. It will be fun, I thought mischievously.

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