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   Chapter 1 Boring As Watching The Paint Dry.

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My life is the same every day. I wake up early in the morning – go out for the jog, come back home, do breakfast, take shower and go to work – some routine for the last two years. There is no excitement, no adventure in my life – the most adventurous thing I did in my twenty-six years of life is – going out at three in the morning to buy the milkshake. My life has been the same since I was a kid. With mother and father always busy with work – struggling to pay bills and daily finances and brother – who is always out with friends – my life got as exciting as watching the paint dry.

Where my life is as boring as a silent movie for a blind person – my brother is living his life to the fullest. He never misses a chance to have fun – to enjoy life. Right now, he is in Paris with his celebrity best friend – Cole. My brother, Adam is a music photographer while Cole is a rising singer. Cole and Adam know each other since they were in school. They always travel around with friends, which includes, Roy – he is Cole's manager, Jake – he is the videographer, Liam and Rania – the disc-jockey duo and Margret – She's also a photographer. Adam and Cole met Jake and Roy in college while, the four met Liam, Rania, and Margret through social media four years ago.

Cole was into music since I remember. He used to write songs and play guitar or piano instead of studying in school, so was the case of my brother – he had the least interest in studies – he was either clicking pictures or out to the parties. While I was a pure nerd – always busy studying, trying to get good grades and organizing my life – I was so overblown that I forgot how to live. I am an introvert who wanted to be an extrovert but, never got the chance – or got the chance but, never availed it.

I got lost on the way to impress my parents. They had huge expectations from my brother and, when Adam, failed them – they looked at my way. I have always been their obedient daughter – I dedicated my life to impress them – to show them that I am a perfect daughter. Where Adam didn't care about anything anyone says to him – I cared – I cared way too much. While I have been busy impressing my parents, showing them how worthy their daughter is – I become a robot – a robot that only serves others and satisfies others need. In my twenty-six years of life, I never disappointed anyone but, myself.

"Emma." I heard my names being called. I lift my gaze to see my boss, Mr. William Hart, entering in my office.

"Yes, Sir?" I asked him and stood up while smoothing down my skirt.

Mr. Hart rested his hands on his hips while his forehead creased, "Emma, could you be a darling and please bring me lunch from across the street? My wife forgot to send me lunch – again." He asked me.

We both know that she didn't forget – she didn't send it on purpose. Maybe they had a fight or something – like always.

I sighed, "Sure, Sir. What would you like to eat?" I questioned him.

He shrugged, "Anything with beef in it." He said and handed me a hundred dollar bill.

"Alright, Sir, " I replied. He nodded and walked out of my office.

As soon as he walked away I sat back on the chair and blew out my cheeks. William Hart is a fifty-something-year-old man, who doesn't really like me nor I like him. Mr. Hart owns a small organization with his partner and I have been his assistant for the last two years. He is a cheater and a lazy man – who can't do anything right. I have my reasons to dislike him but, I really don't know his. I am his assistant only because I am good at what I do and also because I can't find a better job.

Without wasting another second I got up and walked out of my cube to get my boss his lunch. Luckily the elevator's door opened just when I stopped in front of it. I and a few other similar faces stepped in and waited for our destination to come. Our office is on the third floor – I wouldn't have taken the elevator if I wasn't wearing a four inches heel. Heels – I hate wearing heels. It always makes me uncomfortable and not to forget – it hurts too.

Thankfully, it didn't take the elevator too long to stop at my destination. As the elevator's door slide opened few people including me stepped out. I walked out of the building when my cell phone started to ring. I took my cell phone out from my purse to see my brother calling me.

"Hello, dear brother. How are you?" I answered the phone while walking through the packed footpath.

"Hey, sister – I am good. How about you?" he aske

d lazily.

I shrugged, "Same old – same old." I replied to which he chuckled – he knows how boring my life is, "So? How is your first trip to Europe going?" I asked excitedly.

"It's amazing, really. Turns out our Cole is much famous than we thought." He replied.

Cole Fitzgerald is a rising star – with his good looks and tremendous voice – he's already becoming quite famous. He has been working on music his whole life – after uploading almost dozens of his songs on YouTube with the help of his friends – a production company approached him and offered him a chance of a lifetime. He has already released two songs under them and both were included in the top ten songs of last year.

"That's good!" I said while entering the café I usually eat my lunch at.

"Are you out somewhere?" he questioned – he must have heard the noise around me.

I sighed, "Yes, I am buying lunch for my boss." I answered, "Could you hold, please?" I asked my brother.

"Sure." He replied

I put the call on hold and ordered a chicken sandwich for myself while asked them to parcel roasted beef sandwich for the boss.

I put the phone back on my ear, "Hey" I said.

"He's asking you to buy him lunch, again?" he asked almost immediately.

I chuckled, "Yes, again." I replied.

"He's a douche. Why are you even working for him?" He questioned.

Because, not everyone gets a chance like you, I thought but didn't say aloud. "Enough about me – tell me about you? How is everything?" I asked.

He sighed, "Everything's fine. It was more fun before. Now it's hectic." He replied tiredly.

I frowned, "Why is that?" I asked.

"I don't know – we have more responsibilities now and you know us. We are the party animals – we stay up late, party and drink all night – everything is so unorganized." He replied, "I miss my old life – I mean success is great but, we lack discipline." He added.

I chuckled, "Are you kidding me, Adam? I could seriously kill to live your life – I mean, just look at me – I follow my boss's instructions all day long. It's no fun in attending calls, maintaining boss's calendar, filing cabinets, getting your boss lunch in these killer heels." I groaned – my feet were already sore. Adam laughed but, I ignored him. "Anyways, don't worry – everything will work out for you guys, " I added.

There was no reply for a few seconds – honestly, I thought the call disconnect but, when I checked he was still on call. I frowned, "Hello, Adam? Can you hear me?" I asked but, still, there wasn't any reply. "Did you fall asleep?"

"Wait – no." I heard him, "I got a great idea, Emma!" he exclaimed.

I knitted my brows, "Okay?"

"Just last night Roy, I and Cole were discussing that we should hire an assistant." He replied.

"Okay – well, that's good, " I said. "You guys should hire an assistant. It will definitely lessen the burden." I added.

"Exactly! And you are the perfect person to hire." He said eagerly – confusing me to the whole new level.

"What are you trying to say, Adam?" I asked.

"You need some excitement in your life and we need some discipline." He said, "Emma, you will be the perfect person to be Cole's assistant." He added.


"Think about it, Emma. You can get rid of the boring life of yours and we can finally have some discipline in ours. I think you will be great for the position." He said.

I sat the nearest table with my chicken sandwich and diet coke, "I don't know about it, Adam. I am not that experienced." I told him. It was true – the opportunity is great but, I don't think that I will be able to do it. Assistant of a celebrity is a whole new level for me.

"Yes, you are. You have been doing it for so long. I know you can do it. Just think about it, Emma." He insisted.

I bit my lip, "Did you ask others before asking me?" I questioned.

"Well, last night we were discussing it – but, they don't about me asking you to fill in the position. I honestly don't think that they will have any problem. You are reliable – everyone knows that." He answered.

I sighed, "I don't know."

"Okay, how about this – we are returning back to New York next week – we'll talk about it then okay? Till then – just think about it." He asked.

"You guys will come to Cleveland?" I asked excitedly. It has been three months since he last visited us.

"Yes, we will." He chuckled, "We will talk about it then, okay? Till then, please try to make up your mind, alright?" he added.

I smiled, "Okay." I replied.

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