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   Chapter 64 Epilogue 2

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 13996

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Zanvils pov.

I woke up from my sleep when I felt a soft body straddling me. I don't need to open my eyes to see who it is. I felt soft lips on my forehead and then on my nose and she rested her head on my bare chest. Her small gesture brought a big smile on my face. I feel so lucky by waking up next to her every day. I love to stare at her sleeping face and it always lets me wake up early so I can stare at my sleeping beauty but today she beat me.

I still can't believe how I got so lucky to have her in my life.

I lost my heart on the very first day when she stepped into this house with a red nose and puffy eyes wearing cream color loose top and skinny jeans. I still remember that day so clearly. The need to make her mine was screaming in me. But I knew she was forbidden for me after knowing the truth of the accident. She is my love at first sight and realization of it scared me to death. I knew a pure soul like her will never belong to me. That realization let me promise myself that I will never look at her or talk to her. But I broke my half promise by involuntarily staring at her whenever she was busy helping mom or doing her own work. I couldn't stop myself from looking at her. I got so addicted to staring at her. My body started working against my will and that made me angry and scared at the same time.

I was never that kind of guy to break his promise by losing his mind to some girl. I tried to get a grip of myself but I broke my promise fully that day when that stupid Jack asked her to show New york. I was not able to keep my promise and on that day. It was the first time I talked to her but I ended up threatening her. I was so insecure that I thought that ass Jack will take her away from me.

The funny thing is I didn't even want to make her mine.

I knew he was trying to provoke me to see my masked feelings and he was successful in getting my emotions out which I didn't even know I felt for her. My plan was not to make her mine but I ended up doing the opposite. How silly I was to think like that. Taking a deep breath in her scent I wrapped my hands around her petite frame. With a big silly smile I, opened my eyes to see my beautiful wife. She lifted her head from my chest to look at me. She is looking so breathtakingly beautiful in my big white t-shirt with her hair playing on her shoulder in loose curls.

Seeing me awake her smile brighten she moving her face near me and whispered "Good morning." Moving my face near her I kissed her good morning. Like always she blushed making my heart flip. Looking at her rosy cheeks and shy smile something fluttered in my stomach. She blushes the same as six years ago as she used to blush on my small gesture and I love her reaction each and every time. It gives me assurity our love will always be evergreen. We will always love each other like this.

This thought and her lying on my bare chest wearing only my white shirt were doing things to my body. Within a second I flipped us making her petite body lie under me. A gasp left her mouth due to my sudden actions. Looking at her stunned expression a wicket smile played on my lips. I removed loose strands of her soft hair from her face and tugged them behind her ear. Her eyes were following each and every action of mine. I didn't miss how her eyes closed and how she bit her lower lip when my fingers touch her skin. She was looking damn sexy under me with this heart flipping reactions of her.

God, she will be the death of me.

Without wasting a single second I claimed her lips with my hands moving inside her shirt. When my cold hands touched her warm skin she moaned in my mouth making me hard. "Zanvil.." she moaned when I spared her lips to kiss her neck. I knew she wanted to say something but I didn't let her. My lips were again on hers. I was about to lift her t-shirt when she stopped me "Zanvil we will get late you know we promised twins to take them for a picnic" she said in her pleading voice while looking into my eyes. Mentioning of our twins made me stop in the middle of lifting up her shirt. "Twins will wake up any time soon, we need to get ready, " she said while trying to move me from above her.

d still admiring the decoration.

"When you were busy shopping for our kids, " Jane said while standing beside me with a huge happy smile. "Happy birthday, " she said while hugging me.

"Thank you" I whispered in her ear.

"I know how you forget your birthday due to being busy at work so one of us has remembered it as you remember mine. So don't thank me and lets us cut the cake" saying that she took my hand to cut the cake. Her words warmed my chest with emotions.

My twins sang a birthday song for me making me overwhelmed. "Dad we got you present, " said our son. They handed me a grey color box inside it was a blue color tie. "Did you like it, dad. We brought it from our little saving money which mom gave us as a reward for obeying her to buy candy, " our baby girl said in happiness.

"It's my favorite from now onwards" saying that I kissed them. They bought it from there saved money for candy. It made it more precious for me. Dad gifted me with a new sports car and mom gifted me with a limited edition of the watch. "Dad mom you don't need to gift me so expensive things, " I said while hugging them. "Stop acting like an old man and accept your gift, " mom said with a smirk. I nodded my head and I just happily accepted all my gifts with thankyou. After we celebrated my birthday we retired for a day to our rooms.

Jane was standing in the balcony of our bedroom when I came out of the bathroom. She was looking so beautiful wearing a pale pink nightie. Going near her I wrapped my arms around her waist and said: "it's cold outside, why are you standing here."

She turned to face me with a small smile, "I was waiting for you." I moved her hair out of her face and tugged them behind her ear to stare at her beauty in the moonlight. She is looking breathtaking gorgeous. I swallowed hard when she smiled sweetly at me. I cupped her face with my one hand while my thumb was making lazy circles on her soft cheeks. "Everyone brought me a birthday gift except you. Where is my birthday gift?" I asked with a mischievous smile. It's not like I want any gift from her. Her presence in my life is the biggest gift for me. It's now my reward collecting time.

Jane smiled loving at me and took my other hand and rested it on her flat belly "Happy birthday Zanvil" she said with brights smile I ever saw on her face.

My eyes widened in surprise. "I'm going to be a dad again, " I asked in my still surprised voice. She nodded at me with the same smile. "It's the best birthday gift ever I love you so much. Thank you for making me the happiest man" saying that I kissed her with all my love she kissed me back.

There were no words how could I express my emotions to her. She has given me one more reason to love her and I'm going to do till my last breath...

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