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   Chapter 63 Epilogue

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 12813

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"Z...Zanvil we can't do this in the middle of the and that too in the kitchen" I said breathing heavily while protesting. But he shut my protesting mouth with his hot one. His tongue found its way inside my mouth melting my protest with his every stroke. I don't know what got inside him. As soon as he came stomping in the kitchen he made me sit on the kitchen island. Making me stop what I was doing and started assaulting my lips. He spared my lips only to let me breathe but continued his assault on my neck. "Z...Zanvil stop. What if someone walks in" I said breathing heavily.

"I don't care if someone walks in. You are my wife and if I want to make love to you in the kitchen. I will do it again and again, " he said in his determined voice. His touch was making me go insane. His words made a shiver run to my spine. His words his touch made monkeys in my stomach to do a somersault. His kisses still have the same effect on me as it had five years back.

"Zan...Zanvil" I said breathing heavily in my little demanding voice while tugging his hair to make him stop.

He growled not liking my actions while looking at my face. He knew I was serious about making him stop his actions. "I will be really very quick please, " he said giving me his puppy eyes making my protest go in drain. My heart melted instant looking at his face.

Yeah, I know you guys must be thinking. Zanvil puppy eyes? Naah how can devil make puppy face? But I would love to tell you guys these new techniques he has learned from our twins.

He gives me these eyes when he knows I won't give in to his demands that easily. I was still looking at his face making my final decision. His deep-sea colored eyes were looking at me with so much affection and need in them. His sexy messy hair playing on his forehead and those pouty red lips. Time has made him more handsome.

Who has the heart to say no to this face?

Looking at my changed expression he knew my answers. Flashing me his big evil smirk he claimed my lips again for another possessive kiss. I was again caught in his trap. Why do I always get trapped in his games? Why do I always lose myself to him? To all this question only one answer came from my heart.

You love him silly like a mad woman that's why.

That answer made me smile on his lips. My regret of getting caught in his silly trap started melting. When his lips started moving on mine with so much of love. Cupping my face he kissed all over my face letting me know his love through it. His lips started moving down with his hands moving all over my body. Making me burn in his touch. His teeth glazing on my collar bone while his hands moving inside my tank top to feel my bare skin.

"I want you so bad, " he said while placing wet kisses on my neck making me breathe more deeply. "Do you even know how hard it is for me not to take you in your sweet sleep?" he said in his heavy needy voice while placing his hands on my breast causing me to gasp. I know it's hard for him to keep his hands to himself but he is controlling himself from the past three weeks.

I was totally lost in his touch when I heard sweet giggly voices calling "mum mum" while their little feet were run towards the kitchen direction. Their sweet voice made me come back on earth. "Mum Mum come with us and see what we have made, " they both said in excitement. I immediately slipped down while pulled my top down. Making my appearance look good.

I gave them my big smile and said in happiness "mum is excited to see what her little cute pies had made come let's go" I said taking their small hands in mine.

We were about to go out when my baby girl Zoey asked "Mum but why daddy is sleeping on the floor." Her question made me look in her little finger pointing direction.

Looking at him my hands flew to my mouth to cover my

ed to get away from him or I will kiss him endlessly.

"Dinner is almost ready. I will go and set the table, " I said loudly with nerves smile plaster on my face while getting away from his hot body. I ran back to the kitchen with a hammering heart. "When will I stop behaving as a teenager whos crush has just proposed her" I whispered to myself while shooting my wildly beating heart.

Taking a deep breath I gave myself the courage to take Zanvil naughty talks more maturely and when to do my work with still wildly beating heart. We all eat our dinner together and through dinner, Zanvil was not stopping being naughty. He is determined to do what he said today. That thought caused to increase my heartbeat. After dinner was done it was time for tugging my babies to the bed. They won't sleep unless I read them their bedtime story while lying with them in their bed. Lying with them I started reading their favorite bear family story and I don't know when I dozed off with them.

I felt someone carrying me. I don't need to open my eyes to see who is doing it. Zanvil took me to our room and tugged me to the bed. I thought he would wake me up to do his deeds but he just kissed my forehead and lied beside me taking me in his arms while my back was touching his bare chest. He knows that I'm tired and he doesn't want to make me more. How time has changed him from a demanding person to an understanding one. Once he was a person who always took what he wanted but now his first priority is to take care of his family's needs and my priority is to make him happy.

Turning to face him I smiled at him with sleepy eyes. He was surprised that I was awake and he became more surprise when I kiss him hard. Breathing heavily from the passionate kiss we shared I said "Daddy bear I'm ready to be your canvas you can paint me with your wet lips" I said while biting my lower lip to suppress my shyness.

Looking at my face he smiles so happily with hooded eyes. "I love you so much" saying that he took my lips for another earth-shattering kiss with a promise of never letting me go.

And I tell you the whole night he painted me so beautiful making me see the colors I never saw in my life. Numerous time we whispered how much we love each other by filling our heart with the warmness of each other. He made me feel like luckiest women on the planet in every moment of our life.

At this moment I couldn't wish for anything else from my life because my heart is already filled with love and promise that I will love him till eternity and more.

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