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I took my family photo in my hand which was kept near my side of the bed.

"I..I k.know you are ashamed of your daughter. I know you are u..unhappy with me because I'm staying with a person who separated us. I'm carrying that persons Childers who separated you from your child" I said while sobbing.

"I know you don't want to look at me because I have a feeling for that man, " I said while tears sliding down from my cheeks. Moving my hand on the picture I said in my hurt voice "I tired so much to leave him but after doing it my life felt so lifeless so meaningless without him. I know you guys must be thinking how pathetic daughter have you raised. I know you guys are mad at me and you don't want to look at me but I will keep loving you till the end. I love you mom and dad" I said while pressing the photo to my heart with tears rolling down from my hurt eyes.

I heard something falling noise and I move my eyes in the direction of the door. I saw a framed picture were on the floor and mom was standing there with hurt face with tears rolling down from her eyes. My eyes widened in shock.

"Jane is that the reason why you left us, " mom asked making my eyes widen with fear. It was never meant them to know why I left the house. "Answer me jane, " mom asked in a pained voice.

I opened my mouth but nothing came out of it. I didn't want to answer yes to her question. I felt like I'm going to lose this family too.

I don't have the courage to say yes to her question and looking at my mixed emotions mom understood why I was keeping my mouth shut. She was looking at me with same hurt eyes like mine. Tears rolled down from her glassy eyes.

"Mom" I yelled when I saw her losing her balance. She tried to balance herself by taking hold of the door but her hands slid down making her lose her balance completely.

Keeping frames aside I tried to run near her in fast space but my pregnancy stated didn't let me do it. She was about to fall on the ground when dad holds her from behind with his one hand and frames in his other hand.

"Jenny, " he said while taking hold of moms unconscious body. I was beside him at that time and took frames from his hands for dad to support a mom with his both hands. Dad helped mom to walk till bed and made her lie on it. With a worried face, I followed them to the bed.

"What happened to her. Just a few minutes ago she told me to bring the remaining photo frame for you to see it" Dad said in his little panic voice while filling a glass full of water.

"She was so happy when she left. Then why suddenly she lost her consciousness" Dad said while sprinkling some water to her face to the bring her consciousness back but it was not having any effect on her. "God I think she forged to take her blood pressure medicine, " Dad said in his panic voice while looking at me.

"Sweetheart why are you cry its not good for you and babies. She will be fine. Just keep an eye on her till I call the doctor" he said in his worried voice while taking out his cell phone to call the doctor. Listening to him I nodded and started sobbing because I know that's not the reason for her unconscious state. I'm the one who caused her pain and her blood pressure increased. I sat near her holding her hand still sobbing. "Doctor will be here in some time, " dad said while cutting his call.

"Dad will she be fine, " I asked in my small voice.

"Yes sweetheart you don't worry, " Dad said while moving his hand on my head and trying to make me calm with his assurance with a small smile which didn't reach his eyes. Deep down I know he is so worried and he doesn't want to show me so I won't freak out. I couldn't see him like that because increased pain in my heart. I nodded my head and averted my eyes while wiping tears from my cheeks.

The doctor came in some time and he checked her. Mom was still unconscious when the doctor gave her injection.

"Doctor is she fine. What happened why she not waking up, " dad asked him in a panic filled voice.

"Her blood pressure has in fell down and that's the reason of her unconscious state, " the doctor said while scribbling something on his notepad.

"But don't worry she will be fine. Her body is in shock state that's why she fainted but soon she will gain her consciousness because of the shot. Just make sure she takes this medicine after her meal" he said in his calm tone while handing dad prescription. Dad nodded while taking it then the doctor left.

I and dad were still sitting near mom and waiting for her to gain her consciousness back. We didn't inform zanvil about it because the doctor told she will gain her consciousness back soon and we don't want to cause him stress over it. I was holding moms hand in mine while staring at her with tears eyes.

I know because of me she is this state. If I would have not said those things then she would have not listened to it and she would have sat beside me with a happy face while showing me Zanvils childhood pictures. I sobbed looking at her sleeping state and averted my eyes to look at dad who was sitting beside mom on the chair with a worried face.

"Jane" we both heard moms worried panic filled voice. She came out of her sleeping state yelling my name.

"Mom I'm here, " I said to calm her down while hugging her now sitting weak frame.

She tightens her hand on my back. "Jane, please don't leave us, " she said in her crying voice while tears rolling down from her face.

I never saw her cry she didn't even cry when she was telling us about uncles surgery and that cause pain in my heart. "Mom calms down, " I said while moving my hand on her back in shooting manner.

But she was still stress breaking her our hug she took my hands in her. "Please, Jane don't leave Zanvil he needs you so much, " mom said in her pleading voice while tears falling down from her eyes. Dad gave me a confused look. He didn't understand why mom was saying that.

"Mom I'm not going anywhere" I tried to convince her but she moved her head in denial not believing me and looking at me with hurt eyes.

"Jennifer she is not going anywhere" dad tried to calm her down after looking at her uneasy state.

"No, you don't know anything. Jane tells me the true reason why you left us, " mom asked in her hurt voice while looking at dad and then looking in my eyes.

I could see the pain in her eyes. It is telling me that she wants to hear the truth from my mouth. I swallowed hard the lump which was form in my throat. I don't want to hurt them but I can't hide it from them anymore I need to tell them the truth. "I..l know that Z...Zanvil was the one from whose car my family had an accident" I said in my hurt voice with tear-filled eyes.

Listening to me dads eyes widened in shock and mom closed her eyes like my confession tore her heart. I know it did by how she is gripping my hands firmly.

"What, " dad said in his shocked voice. Causing tears to flow from my eyes. Opening her eyes she breathes deeply calming her nerves and then she looked straight in my eyes.

"Who told you this, " she asked in her controlled voice she was on verge of emotional breakdown.

With teary eyes, I looked at her stressed face "Zanvil confirmed it, " I said in my hurt voice.

Listening to me she gripped my hands more tightly to keep her consciousness. She opened her eyes and looked at me while tears rolled out of it on her pale cheeks. She swallowing hard while still looking at me like making herself ready to say something which she doesn't want to say it.

"Jane if you want we will leave this house but please don't leave Zanvil. Don't take his babies and yourself away from his life" mom said in still pleading voice. Listening to her my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Mom why will I want you to leave this house. I know I hurt you because of me you are in this state, " I said still trying to lessen her panics because of stress she is saying anything.

"No, Jane, I know you are hurt and I can understand your pain. I'm ready to let you two started your life without us in it" she said while sobbing.

"No mom why would I want that? You are my family and I want to stay with you guys. Why are you saying like that?" I said and tried to calm her but she was not listening.

"Because it was our car from which your family had an accident, " mom said in higher voice while gripping my hand tightly. Listening to her my eyes widen in shock. My heart started beating fast. I saw dad stifling in his position when he heard mom.

"W..what What are you saying" I said in my shuttering voice.

"Y..your family had an a..accident with our car, not with Zanvil car, " mom said in her hurt voice.

Listening to her my heart stopped beating for a moment. With wide shocked eyes, I removed my hand from her grip. Suddenly I felt everything stopped in my world. Her words were deep sinking in my head. "W..what, " I said in my shocked voice.

"Yes, Jane, it was our car which crashed with your car, " mom said in her hurt voice while lowering her eyes in guilt. I couldn't believe what she was saying. I saw Zanvil in my dreams on that day in an ambulance when I was being carried to the hospital.

Are they trying to hide it and take all the blame on their head so I won't leave Zanvil?

I moved my head in denial. "B..but I saw Zanvil eyes when I opened my eyes in an ambulance, " I said in my stuttering voice.

"It was me Jane, not Zanvil. I was the one who was in an ambulance with you on that day" dad spoke for the first time after mom confessed about my family accident.

It made me look at him and I met with same deep sea-colored eyes. Making realization hit me like a break. Listening to them my whole world was revolving in all direction. Making it hard for me to believe what was the truth. My old family is lost in the past and now I'm on the verge of losing this family too. Everything in front of my eyes was blacking out and I was about to lose my consciousness but mom grabbed my shoulder to like bringing my consciousness back. It makes me stay in my conscious state.

"I'm sorry Jane. I'm really really sorry about it" mom said while holding my hands tightly. I felt my stomach clenching after knowing the truth from their mouth.

" heart pains so much to tell you. I was the one who was driving at that night not Zanvil, " she said while sobbing. "I...I was driving at that night because your dad has some drinks and when we were on the high way your dad's car collided with our car. I..I" mom tried to say more but she couldn't complete because a lump was forming in her throat which was making it difficult for her to speak.

I could see the pain in her eyes. Dad moved his hand on her back to calm her down. He signed heavily closing his eyes in discomfort. "The car which you were in that night came crashing to our car in the wrong lane but your mom turned our car to avoid the colliding with it but it still crashed with our car on the back side causing it to flip and fall upside down on the road, " dad said while still moving his hand on mom's back to comfort her while looking at me with hurt eyes.

"J..Jane I..I promise. I tried my best to not to collide with the coming car and stop the accident but it still happened, " mom said in her choking voice with tears running down from her eyes making my heart cry in pain.

"When we called for the ambulance you and your dad were still breathing but your mom was dead on the spot, " dad said in his hurt voice. "When your dad was taken away in stretcher due to the emergency he was constantly asking for you. And when I told him you were still breathing tears of happiness slipped from his eyes. He forced me to go with you while taking a promise on his deathbed to take care of your wellbeing until you are hospitalized. He cried saying you had no one in this world except them. Looking at parent crying for his child while taking his last breath shattered my heart in pieces, " Dad said in his hurt voice.

Listening to him I closed my eyes because of the pain in my heart was becoming unbearable. My dad, he was such a great man. He always taught about me and moms wellbeing before his. He taught about my wellbeing in his last breath too.

"When the police came and they investigated everything they came to know that your dad's car break's were failed and that's the reason why it came crashing in the wrong lane because your father couldn't control it. Throughout all this investigation process you were in a coma state because you had lost so much of your blood" he said while looking at me with a hurt face.

"W...Why didn't you tell me the truth? W..why you said that you were my father's friend" I asked while sobbing and wiping tears from my face with the back of my hand.

"We had a reason for not to tell you. You came out of your coma state after three days with a nightmare. You were screaming because of all the scenes of accident night were repeating in front of your eyes and the first thing you asked after calming yourself was about your parents. You were not remembering many things about the accident night. The doctor told us not to tell you a severe thing which will cause to trigger your emotional imbalance. And we knew you would not like to see people from whose care your father's car had an accident. Looking at your painful state we chose to keep quiet till right times come but it never happens. After meeting you staying with you in the hospital. I found the daughter in you whom I could never have. You all the time asked me about my wellbeing tough you were the one who was in the hospital. I was not willing to leave you and move with our life. Leaving you all alone in this ruthless world broke my heart. Your dad's last words were roaming in my mind making it hard for me to leave you alone. I had already developed a father bond with you and I wanted you to stay with us. So I made a story of being your father's friend and offered you to stay with us. We were so happy when you said yes." dad said last part with a smile.

I was just listening to them and processing everything in my brain. But one question was eating my brain. "Then why Zanvil sad he was the culprit, " I asked with little furrowed teary eyes.

"Because he knows

th all my energy I did. A cry filled in the room telling me my first twine was born. "It's a girl, " doctors told us making Zanvil kiss on my forehead in affection with a happy smile on the corner of his lips. I smiled back faintly. The doctor again told me to push and I felt exhausted. With the last bit of my energy left in me, I pushed again and the room filled with another sharp cry doctor told us its a boy. After being in painful labor for more than an hour. I gave birth to our baby girl first then our baby boy. I was happy after knowing the gender of babies as we didn't disclose their gender until birth. I saw nurses holding two delicate bodies in their arms. I smiled faintly looking at them.

My babies.

Zanvil pressed our intertwine hand to his lips in happiness. I could see he is so happy after looking at our babies. I want to hold them but I was feeling my eyelids getting heavy making darkness take control over me. I was hearing Zanvil calling my name but I had no control over my body.

When next time I opened my eyes. I saw an IV drip was attached to me. "Love you are awake, " said the horse voice beside me. I looked at his tired worried face. He immediately stood up and hug me. "God I was so sick worried for you. You never failed to give me a hard time, " he said lifting his head up from my neck. "You were unconscious for five hours but I'm happy you finally gained your consciousness, " he said in his worried but happy voice while cupping my face and kissing my whole face. He breathes in relief while doing it.

I smiled lazily at him "Where are my babies. I want to see them" I said in my weak voice with a dry throat.

"The nurse took them to fed they will be here soon don't worry, " he said while making me sit and handing me some water.

In few seconds mom and dad come with a happy face. "My lovely daughter woke up, " mom said coming inside with a happy face and hugging me.

Dad too hugs me and congratulated both of us. "God my grandchildren's are so adorable, " dad said in a happy voice making me smile.

Nurses brought back my twins wrapped in cloth and handed me. She placed both of them in my arms properly. "They are so small, " I said while looking at their small figure with tear filled eyes. I can't believe they are mine.

"And beautiful as there mother too, " Zanvil said looking at me with a happy face. I smiled at him with little teary eyes.

"Love thanks for making me, dad. Thanks for going from so much pain to give me my little loves. You made me the happiest person on this planet and for that, I will love you for eternity. I love you so much my love" he said looking in my eyes while putting all of his emotions and love in it. Making my heart stops it's beating after listening to his words which he has never ever said me before.

Warm tears slipped from the corner of my eyes. Making me smile and cry at the same time. He wiped my terms from my cheeks and kissed my forehead to show his love and then took our baby girl from me with care. Mom and dad were looking at us with aww. He was expecting my reply but I kept quiet because I had no words to express my feeling. He took my silence with a faint smile.

After a few minutes, mom and nurse took my babies with them as she wanted to spend time with her grandchildren. Leaving me all alone with the man with whom universe had made me fall heads over hills. He wiped out the reaming tears from my face and kissed my lips gently. Making me respond to him back. We never talked just kept staring at each other with a small smile while our eyes did the talking part. He helped me to the bathroom to shower. After I was clean nurses taught me how to breastfeed my babies and when my babies latched to my chest it was a most inner satisfied feeling of this universe.

After two days we left the hospital and they welcomed me and twins with whole family and friends welcome party. All of them congratulated us and told how cute and adorable our twins are. Nina was going crazy after being aunty telling me her dream has come true. And then I asked when she will make my dream true. She blushed hard making me laugh at her.

Everyone present here seemed so happy. I lifted my eyes and instantly they met with the deep sea coupled one who was already looking at me with so much of love in it. He smiles at me making my knees go weak. I knew at that moment it won't be easy for me to stay away from him because he was all mine.

It's been a one and a half month and I and babies are doing fine. Zanvil took so good care of us. He would wake up at night whenever babies cried and woke me up only if they were hungry. He has made me fall for him more deeply.

"Yeah it's time that I should take action, yes I'm packing the clothes, " I said while zipping the chain of my bag unaware of person who was standing at the door and listening to my conversation with Nina. My gaze fell on him and I saw his color drain face of Zanvil. He was standing there in stiff posture. "Nina I will call you later, " I said looking at his face.

He stomped in my direction and stood in front of me with a feared eye while range emotions playing on his face. " have packet your cloth, " he said in his breaking voice. I nodded my head.

Is he thinking I have packed my clothes to leave this house?

I have to packet them for charity purpose. I could see uneasiness in his eyes. He was fighting with his inner self. It made me smirk mentally. Let him think that. I was to see what he will do next to stop me. Will, he tell me the truth. He took a deep breath and before I could react to anything else his lips were sealed with mine. He kissed possessively but still gently putting his all emotions in it. When he spared my lips I was breathing heavily.

"I won't let you go. I know I'm wrong. I'm the bad guy. I have done wrong to you and you can punish me as much as you want by staying beside me. I will take it without any complete. I know l lost my chance but please don't leave me don't take my little loves away from me. I won't be able to leave my life without you" he said breathing heavily.

I knew he would never accept that he is innocent because that much he loves his parental. He is ready to be culprit throughout his life to see the love in my eyes for his parents. He does want to see me hating mom and dad and I'm not even capable of doing that in my this life. If only he knew. He is ready to sacrifice his happiness for it. He is ready to take my hatred for his parent's sake. I felt so proud of him at this moment. It is my moment of realization. Mom words ranged in my ears.

"Man is such a loveable creature of this world. It's hard for them to show or express their feelings sometimes and when they try to express it. It comes out as there anger in some cases but he puts everything of his in the things which he loves the most."

A smile formed on my lips remembering it. I'm so lucky and proud to have him as my life partner. He is ready to take that pain for the things he never did and I don't want him to live with this burden on his chest. I want to free him. He was still babbling the things to convince me. "I love you so much. I won't be able to leave without you, " he said cupping my face in pleading voice.

"I know the truth, " I said with a bitter smile on my lips while looking at his face catching him off guard. He stopped his babbling and looked at me with wide shock eyes after listening to me.

"What, " he said in disbelief.

"I know you were not the one. Mom and dad told me everything" I said looking in his eyes.

His eyes widened in more fear after listening to it. "Please, Jane don't hate mom and dad they love you so much. It was an accident. They love you more than they love me. If you hate them they won't be able to live. You can hate me as much as you want but ple.." he again started babbling in worriedness. Making me smile at him in admiration. I tiptoed and kissed him to make him stop. It caught him off guard and he responded it by wrapping his arms around me. He pressed his forehead to mine after separating our lips from a passionate kiss.

"I love you too, " I said with closed eyes while heavily breathing with a smile on my face.

He shot opened his eyes wide with a most heart-piercing silly smile plastered to his handsome face. "Say it again, " he said looking in my eyes while cupping my face in disbelieve voice. Is it that hard for him to believe it. He was looking at me like a lovesick puppy. It made me laugh looking at his adorable face.

I cupped it his face "I love you, my stupid husband and I won't be able to live without my family, " I said with silly grins plastered to my face. He closed his eyes when he heard it again like savoring the moment in his heart for eternity. Opening his eyes he again kissed me passionately.

"I love you so much. If you ever brought a thought of leaving me against my will. I swear on my little loves I'll chain you to my bed and make love to you until you only remember my name in this whole universe" he said again claiming my lips for sealing his promise. His words made my knees go weak. This effect he has on me.

"So, Mrs. Addams, will you love to grow old with me, " he asked white a bright smile.

I looked at him with happy tears eyes "Yes Mr. Adams I will love to do it" I said while biting my lips. From stopping me to smile ear to ear and stopping monkey in my stomach go crazy. He hugged me tightly with a promise of never letting me go...

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