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He left the kitchen with blood dripping from his knuckles. I know he won't bandage his hand with this anger of his. I tried to give him pain but I failed each and every time because it caused more pained to me.

I wiped my tears with the back of my hand and tried to follow him but as soon as I took a step everything became blank in front of eyes. Last thing I know my body falling on the cold floor while tears falling from my half-open eyes.

Everything was blank in front of my eyes. I could sense everything but my eyes refuse to open and clear the blackness in front of my eyes.

My head hurts so bad. The only thing which I could sense was the cold floor and something dripping from my head and that sensation was slowly taking my consciousness completely with slowing my breathing.

Ugh, why my head hurts so much.

I thought and tried to open my eyelids but they felt so heavy like they didn't want to lift them up and get exposure to the light. I felt some minor pain in my body.

Why my body is feeling like that. God, why can't I open my eyes?

I moved my face in the pillow side to side. Things which happen before I lost my consciousness run in front of my closed eyes making fear run in my blood.

My baby. My baby is he ok.

In panics, I tried to move my hand to my stomach but my right hand was hurting so much when I tried to move it. My left hand felt like it was caged in a tight grip.

God, what is happening around me?

The thought of my baby not being ok made my eyes short open and I found myself in an unfamiliar room.

Where am I?

I moved my eyes in the room taking in my surrounding. White colored walls an IV droop was attached to my right hand.

I'm in the hospital.

An unknown relief passed through my body and I felt like my baby is safe. My eyes moved to the left side of me and I saw sleeping face of Zanvil who was holding my hand strongly in his hand.

Like I would run away from this hospital as soon as I open my eyes. My gaze was fixed on his sleeping face. His hair looks like he moved his hands in it so many times. It's his habit. He does it when he is stressed out. His eyebrows were furrowed life he was in his deep worried thoughts in his sleep too. His other hand was resting near his face and it was still not bandaged. His wounds were still open. Blood on his knuckles was all dried up. I knew he won't even get bandaged because of his stubbornness.

Sometimes I don't know if I should be more mad at him or more worried about him.

I kept staring at his sleeping face with my own thoughts running in my still hurting head. It's very rare that I get to stare at his sleeping face. Most of the time he is the one who does it without even blinking his eyes. I felt him moving his face like he felt I was staring at his sleeping face. Before he could open his eyes I closed mine tightly.

I don't want him to know that I was looking at his sleeping face. I felt him moving my hand in the air and then I felt his lips on the back of my hand causing a tingling sensation on that area and at the same time, I heard the door opening sound and steps coming near us.

"Mom why did you come so early" I heard him asking her.

"So you can go home and get fresh, " mom said to him while moving her hand on my face to check my body temperature.

"Mom I'm not going home any time soon. You should have stayed at home with dad" he said in his worried voice.

"He is the one who sends me and he is too coming here. So you go home and get showered and then come back. You have not been out of this room from yesterday, " she said in a concerned voice.

What I'm in the hospital form the whole day and night?

"No mom I'm not going anywhere. Tell dad not to come and rest at home I'm here" he said in his stubborn voice like always.

I know he won't listen to anyone and do what comes in his mind. Their conversation made me open my eyes and look at them. He was still holding my hand in the same grip while talking with mom. I tried to speak but my throat felt so dry making it hard for me to speak.

"Jane" mom said in her happy voice when she noticed that I was awake. Zanvil immediately turned his face to looks at me. Relief washes over on his face. He sensed that I was asking for water he immediately filled the glass of water and brought it near my lips making me drink it after lifting my bed for me to sit. "Thank God you woke up. I will go and call the doctor, " mom said and went out of the room and in a few minutes, she came with the doctor.

He is a middle-aged man he smiled at me and then started checking me and then wrote something on his notepad. "Everything is fine she is doing well, " he said with a smile.

Why did the doctor said only I'm doing well? Why did he say anything about my baby?

That thought caused to increased anxiety in me. "How is my baby doing?" I asked in a panic filled voice.

"Calm down Mrs. Adams. Babies are doing great. Don't stress yourself" the doctor said it to me to calm down.

My eyes widened in shock and I felt Zanvil squeezing my hand when he listened to it too. "Babies, " I said in my shocked voice while seeing at a doctor then involuntarily I shifted my gaze to Zanvil. He was too looking at me with the same expression.

"Yes, you are expecting twins" the doctor replayed with a smile.

"Really, " I asked again with a big smile to confirm it. The doctor nodded at me to confirm it. I looked at Zanvil and he smiled so brightly at me. Stress was all gone from his face when the doctor confirmed it. Now his tense face was showing only pure happiness. He bent down and kissed my forehead to show his happiness. His small action warmed my heart.

I know he will love the baby's no matter what.

"O God what happy news it, is, " mom said in happiness. "My babies are expecting twins, " mom said with happiness while hugging me.

"Ouch, " I said as mom hug me in happiness tightly while causing pain in my right hand.

"Sorry dear, " mom said with a sorry face.

"No mom I'm fine" I replied with a smile but my hand was still hurting.

"Careful you sprained your right arm when you fell down. Don't put pressure on it" he said after seeing my reaction.

"But doctor why did the previous doctor who confirmed my pregnancy didn't inform me that I was expecting twins, " I asked with furrowed brows.

"One can not predict that you are expecting twins by only doing pregnancy confirmation. We need to do sonography for it and generally, first sonography is done in the eighteenth week and you are now in your tenth week but before it is also done in the sixth week for your due date and I think you guys never did it. Yesterday looking at your unconscious state we need to know the status of your baby. So we had to do sonography and it confirmed that you are expecting twins and they are perfectly fine" he replied with a smile while explaining everything. I nodded my head in understanding.

"But doctor why she had a sudden blackout, " Zanvil asked with furrowed brows in his serious voice.

"Her blackout happens due to stress or mental fatigue. It's natural to happen in the early stages of her pregnancy. Her body is carrying two life inside her womb and her body is getting used to it. As you know hormonal changes take place now and while doing that if some external pressure or maybe unwanted things are triggered in the brain. It causes the blackout but it's not good if it happens again after she crosses that stage of pregnancy" doctor informed us in his serious voice. When Zanvil heard it his face got tensed. He stood there lost in his own thoughts. "But now you are fine and your baby's too. Just try not to stress yourself and eat healthy food balanced with lots of veggies, " the doctor said while looking at me with a friendly smile. I nodded my head and said my thank you to him with a smile.

"When can we take her home, " mom asked the doctor when he was about to leave.

"We just need to do some final tests and then we will discharge her" he informed mom and then he left.

"Jane you rest. I will go and call your dad to give him this happy news" mom said while moving her hand on my head in affection. I nodded my head with a smile on my lips and rested my head back on the pillow. He was still standing there and holding my hand in his. He was lost in his own thoughts.

"Can you let go?" I asked him. Coming out of his thoughts he looked at me and furrowed his brows in confusion. I gestured him by lifting my grip hand in the air. He nodded his head and taking a deep breath he freed my hand from his grip. I didn't expect him to let go of my hand that easily. As soon as he freed it I moved it to my stomach in affection.

I'm carrying two life inside my womb, my babies.

That thought caused a small smile to play on the corner of my lips. I felt his gaze on me and I lifted my eye to looked at him. He was observing my actions. A small smile was on the corner of his lips too. I don't know why seeing his face caused this unknown piece in my heart.

He clears his throat "Are you hungry?" he asked me while moving his injured hand in his hair. He winced slightly when his movement caused him pain. I nodded my head because I was feeling hungry but I need to do something about his hand. But the thing is I know he won't listen to me that easily. "I will go and get you some soup, " he said and left the room. After ten minutes a nurse came with a tray in her hand followed by Zanvil. Giving me a smile she set the tray in front of me and then removed my IV drops and left the room. I kept staring at soup it was normal chicken vegetable soup but still, it's aroma made my stomach growl in hunger. But I kept looking at it. I know he is looking at me with furrowed brows. "Why are you not eating it, " he asked me when I kept looking at it. I lifted my head up and looked at him.

"I will eat it when you bandage your hand, " I said while gesturing to his hand.

He looked at his hand like he noticed it for the first time. Then again fixed his gaze on me and said in his calm voice "I will do it when you're done with drinking it. Now have it before it gets cold." But I refused to do it.

I need to act stubborn like him to make him do things which I want him to do. Breathing heavily he called the nurses and then she cleaned his wound and bandaged it in front of my eyes. Then he gestured me to eat while fixing his gaze on me. Satisfied I tried to move my right hand but it pained so I tried with my left hand but I spilled some soup back in a bowl while trying to eat it.

He was observing me the whole time. He took a spoon from me and feed me till the bowl was empty and it was so tasty. After I was done eating and taking my medicine I rested for some time. The doctor again did some final tests on me and he gave me a green signal to go. Then after I got changed in my clothes with moms help and got rid of hospitals dull clothes. The nurse put a brace on my sprained hand and explained to me how to do it. I don't know why Zanvil was hearing her carefully and asking a question about it. Like he is the one who has to wear it. I have two wear it for two weeks to get rid of my right-hand strained muscle pain.

"Ready to go, " Zanvil asked coming in the room when I was ready.

"Yes, " I said and stood up but again I felt slightly light-headed and sat back on the bed to balance myself.

"Jane" he came running to me "Are you not feeling good again, " he asked me in his worried voice while cupping my cheeks in his hand spreading tingling sensation on my face.

"No I'm fine I just want some water, " I said in my calm voice. He immediately filled a glass full of water and made me drink it. While drinking it l kept looking in his worried eyes he too stared back in mine. When I was done I cleared my throat and said ?"Let's go mom must be waiting for us, " saying it I stood up. Before I could take steps in the direction of the door he lifts me up in his arms in bridal style taking care of not harming my hand. His action caught me off guard causing me to gasp in suddenness. "Zanvil what are you doing, " I asked in my shocked voice.

"Taking you home, " he said in his calm voice while moving out of the hospital room.

"Like this, just to let you know I can walk, " I said to him to let me down.

"Yeah I know, " he said in his mocking tone and saying that he kept walking. All the people were looking at us with aww face. If only they knew the truth. Why are they staring so much at us? Have they never seen a man carrying women his arms? They kept looking at us till we were out of the hospital. My face was red as a tomato and I hid it in his hard chest till we reach out. In half an hour we reached home.

"How happy I'm after seeing you p

more. My pillow was already wet from my tears. I was sniffing silently when the door of the bedroom opened. I closed my eyes shut to pretend that I'm sleeping. I heard shuffling of clothes.

I was still silently sniffing when I felt him sitting near my legs. He removed the covers and took my foot in his hand making me go stiff. What is he doing? He started massaging my foot. It was feeling good but I don't want him to do it. So I pulled my foot away from his grip still sniffing. But he again took it started doing the same thing.

"What are you doing, " I said in my little hoarse voice from crying the whole day while looking at him. His hair was a mess and his blazer was discarded on the couch. His eyes were looking tired. Lifting his see colored eyes he looked at me. Instantly a shiver passes to my spine.

"Your feet are swollen by massage swelling will become less, " he said and kept doing it. Yes, my feet are swollen. When did he notice it? His gesture caused more tears to form in my eyes and involuntarily they fell down.

"Why are crying. Am I not doing it properly, " he asked while coming near me with the worried face. "Are you feeling pain somewhere else?" he said while cupping my cheeks causing more warm tears to flow from it. Why is he being nice to me? He will behave nicely with me now only to yell at me afterward. "Love. Tell me" he said while wiping warm tears from my cheeks. He has called me that after so long. Fisting my hand I started to beat on his hard chest with my small fist.

"Stop being nice to me. I know you will yell at me after some time and tell me I'm careless about how I don't know to take care of anything" I blurted out in anger in my hoarse voice still biting on his chest.

"No, love I won't, " he said while taking my hands in his.

"No, I know you will again yell at me and tell me that I'm so careless and make feel guilty about it, " I said in my hurt voice while trying to take my hands out of his grip.

"I never wanted to make you feel that way. I am just so worried about your health that's the reason I asked you to be careful. And if I made you feel like that then I'm really sorry for it" he said while cupping my cheeks and pressing his lips to mine causing my heart to race. His lips felt so good on mine. His action passed warmness to my crying heart. He has never ever said sorry to me after being worst to me and if he ever said sorry he never meant it. But now it feels like he means it.

Don't come in his sweet talks he is trying to distract you from your main aim. He is doing this to cover his affair.

My inner voice screamed inside my head. That thought immediately caused me to separate my lips from him. "Don't lie to me. I know you are cheating on me and to hide it you're saying sorry to me" I said in anger.

"What, " he said with a little laugh. "Who put this thing in your brain, " he said still laughing.

What is making him laugh? Does he think this is some kind of jock?

"Why do I need someone to put this in my head? Do you think I didn't notice how your behavior has changed from the day I came back from the hospital? How you avoid me all day. You are sleeping on the couch which you yourself threw out so I won't be able to sleep on it. I know husbands cheat on their wife when they are pregnant" I said in anger. He was listening. All the time without saying anything. Good he is listening. "and hmmm" I was again about to blurt out something in anger but he stopped my next words in my throat by placing his lips on mine. I didn't get to complete my words.

Pressing my back to the headboard he kept kissing the life out of me putting his all feelings in it. Making all my sense. All my doubts. All my anger melt like a puddle of soil hit by waves which also took my last bit of protest with it.

"Do you still think I'm cheating on you?" he said sparing my lips to let me breathe.

"Hun, " I said cluelessly while trying to breathe. Did he leave a bit of sense in me to react at his question?

"So you need more proof, " he said with a devil smirk while moving his face in my neck and placing wet lips over there.

Opening my pajama shirt he started assaulting me with his lips. Spreading a burning sensation wherever his lips touched. Next thing I know I found myself naked beneath him. He was as naked as me. Looking at my naked form l saw him smiling at me with a smile which reaches his eyes. Suddenly his eyes were not looking tired and stress anymore. It spread a warm sensation in my heart making me smile back at him unconsciously.

"How hard it was to stay away from you but from now onward I'm unable to do it and if I continue to do it I will go insane" he while looking in my eyes. He moved his lips in my neck and to my sensitive breast making me moan and curse at the same time. Lifting his face up he looked at me with a mischievous smirk.

"Then why were you behaving like this with me, " I said while placing my hands on his side of his face. He took my hand and kissed on my palm.

"Because I didn't want to cause stress for you. You didn't want me near you and I thought it was the reason of you being in the hospital. With the thought of losing you or our babies made me behave like this with you. Do you know how much this pregnancy is suiting you? Makin you more beautiful than ever. Every day was battle for me with myself. To control myself so I won't hurt you" he said while placing a kiss on my showing stomach and on my forehead making me smile. "You tell me if I hurt you, " he said in his soft voice.

I nodded my head and that night he made me feel so many sensations which I didn't know I could feel it. He took care of not hurting me. And in the middle of the night, I woke him because I was feeling so hungry. I told him I wanted to eat spicy chicken. He made it for me in the middle of the night and it was so tasty. A big smile formed on my lips when I remembered his cute angry face when I refused to share my spicy chicken with him.

"What is making you smile so much, " mom asked.

"O it's nothing. You brought more albums" I asked taking two new albums from her hands.

Time is flying so fast I'm now eight months pregnant. Till now everything has been good. Zanvil never fails to make me go insane with his wet lips and skilled hands. Nowadays I always wanted him without getting tired. Currently, we were looking at Zanvil childhood picture setting in my bedroom.

"Yeah, I found more of them. I think there are more cute framed pictures of him. I'll go and get them you till you look at these" she said with a smile and went to take more albums.

I nodded my head with a smile and she left. I moved my gaze back to the picture which I was looking for. It was a family photo in which Zanvil was eight or seven years old. They all look so happy. I moved my fingers on his face.

The things which I feel for this man have rooted very deep inside my heart capturing all of it. My heart was not capable anymore to judge right or wrong. Tears dwell in my eyes. Tearing my eyes away from that picture. I took my family photo in my hand which was kept near my side of the bed.

"I..I k..know you are ashamed of your daughter. I know you are u..unhappy with me because I'm staying with a person who separated us. I'm carrying that person children's who separated you from your child" I said while sobbing.

"I know you don't want to look at me because I have a feeling for that man, " I said while tears sliding down from my cheeks. Moving my hand on the picture I said in my hurt voice "I tried so hard to leave him but after doing it my life felt so lifeless so meaningless without him. I know you guys must be thinking how pathetic daughter have you raised. I know you guys are mad at me and you don't want to look at me but I will keep loving you till the end. I love you mom and dad" I said while pressing the photo to my heart with tears rolling down from my hurt eyes.

I heard something falling noise and I move my eyes in the direction of the door. I saw a framed picture were on the floor and mom was standing there with hurt face with tears rolling down from her eyes. My eyes widened in shock.

"Jane is that the reason why you left us, " mom asked making my eyes widen with fear. It was never meant them to know why I left the house. "Answer me jane, " mom asked in a pained voice. I opened my mouth but nothing came out of it.

I didn't want to answer yes to her question.

I felt like I'm going to lose this family too.

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