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   Chapter 60 No.60

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At the same time, the doorbell rang telling me Scott's arrival. With a happy smile, I went to open the door. A bright smile was on my face when I opened the door wide to close it back in fear with a thud.

I stood there placing my back to the door to support my weak frame. My small hands were placed on my wildly beating heart to console my poor heart.

When I opened my door I saw deep sea-colored eyes looking at my soul passing the barrier of my body. And when our eyes meet I feet him striping my soul out of me and It caused me to immediately close the door.

"What is he doing here? What does he want from me now." I whispered in my small fear and angry voice to myself. Again the doorbell rang making me flinch at my place. But I don't move from my place because I'm too busy calming my wildly beating heart. Five minutes passed by me sitting there like that and he didn't ring the bell again.

Did he leave?

I was about to sign in relief when he bangs the door making me jump on my place. "Open the door, Jane. Don't make me break it, " he said it in his firm warning voice making my heart jump out of my ribcage.

What the hell he is doing here from all places. How does he even know where I was. What does he want from me now after taking everything from me? I have nothing left to give him or wait does, he knows I'm pregnant?

Thousands of questions were coming in my mind but the last one caught my breath in my lungs giving birth to new fear in me.

Shut up Jane how will he know? He doesn't know about it.

My inner debate made my decision firm to not to talk with him. I don't want to see his face and that's why I'm not opening this door. Can't he take this as no and go away? I won't open the door let him stand like that. But all my thoughts were put in vain when he again banged the door with force making me run away from the door in little fear.

"Open this damn fucking door" he cursed loudly in his angry voice making me grind my teeth in anger and frustration while thinking how can I make him get lost.

I could imagine him standing behind this door with clenched jaw and fury in his eyes. He won't listen like that and he won't even get lost like that. How did I forget how stubborn impatient devil he is. If he wants to hear it from my mouth so let it be like that. In anger and with this new courage in me, I stomped in the direction of the door and opened it wide to face him with anger face. "Get lost I don't want to talk to you, " I said in my anger firm voice while looking in his angry impatient eyes. Those are making me lose my little courage which I gather to fight against him.

Listening to me he clenched his teeth in anger and his all demeanor changed. It was a signal for me to close the door as soon as possible and run for my life. I immediately put it in action what my brain screamed me to do it and I was about to close the door but he stopped it by holding the door from one hand. He was making it hard for me to close it but I tried my best by pushing the door with my both hands. But I failed miserably because he is so much stronger than me.

Only using his one hand, he opened it against my protest and he entered my house giving me his victory angry smirk while closing the door with a thud making me flinched at that noise. I know he is pissed beyond his limits. I know I made him angry but I have all the rights to behave like this and I won't get affected by his actions. I'm not god to know what is going in his head. For that he needs to tell me and if he choosing not to tell me that he deserves this behavior.

I looked at him with a clenched jaw and tried to show him that I'm not afraid of his actions but fear was visible in my eyes. He started taking steps in my direction making me take my steps backward involuntarily. Looking in his deep sea-colored eyes I gulped involuntarily but still opened my mouth to show him my anger. " dare you entered my house forcefully, " I said in an angry voice while trying to keep my voice firm still taking steps in the backward direction.

He didn't say anything but kept cutting the distance between us making me take my breath more deeply to control my heart increase pace. My back hit the wall increasing my uneasiness because he was only two steps away from me. I looked left right furiously to run away but my brain screamed me not to do it and face him. I can't always run away from him but I need to stop him where he is. I don't want him to get any closer to me.

"Get out of my house before I call the police, " I said in my threatening voice to scare him so he won't come near me and go away so I can breathe in relief. Listening to me he didn't stop in his track or say anything but came so near me invading my private space his hands were firmly placed in his pants pocket. His eyes were telling me that my threats were not affecting him a bit. I didn't want to back out so I kept looking in his eyes to show him that I'm not afraid of his actions.

His body was only one inch apart from mine. His cologne was all over my nostrils making me weak in my knees. He stood in front of me not touching me but still, his presence in front of me gave goosebumps all over my body. Like he was touching me with his dark gaze. How I want to close my eyes to hide from his dark gaze but I can't do that. I will face him and let him know his presence does not affect me a bit.

Studying my face he smirked at me like he knows what was going on in my mind. He kept moving his face nearer to mine while straight looking in my eyes like challenging me. His face was only a half inch apart from mine. I can't take this anymore and at that moment, I moved my face to another side closing my eyes tightly. I didn't fail to miss his victory smirk on his face before closing my eyes.

With my actions, he got his confirmation that his nearness still affects me so badly. Not a second after I close my eyes shut I felt the tip of his nose touching my cheeks and running all over the length of my pale neck while inhaled deeply in my scent. Stopping at bottom of my neck his teeth glazed on my skin. His mear action of touch caused electricity to run all over my body causing me to curl my finger and dug my nails in my palm while increasing my breathing to calm my poor heart.

I can't let him do this with me. He has no right to touch me after destroying everything in my life.

Anger tears dwell in my closed eyes lifting my hands I pushed him to get him away from my body. He moved a little bit backward with my sudden push. Swallowing my anger a little bit which was making hard for me to speak I looked at him with anger tear-filled eyes. His face was showing pure annoyance because of my actions. As if I care how he feels. I took a deep breath to make my voice come out of my mouth without shuttering. "I'm serious get out of my house before I call the police and report you, " I said in anger. Listening to me he smirked at me making me furrow my brows at him in annoyance.

He never took my threats seriously.

"Please do explain to me. How will you tell the police to get the owner out of his own house, " he asked with an angry smirk. Listening to him my heart started beating fast in fear.

"W..what do you mean, " I said in my shock voice while shuttering.

"When your father died he had a loan on his head and after his death house was sold to pay his debt but I bought it and that how I'm the owner of this house, " he said it in his angry but controlled voice.

Listening to him my eyes widened in realization causing the ground beneath me to slip putting me in a shocking state. "So are you calling the police or should I do it for you, " he asked with victory smirk plastered to his face.

His words hit me like a brick. From starting he knew where I was and I being a fool thought I can get away from his grip.

I don't even have the last memory of my parents left with me. Know it a single tear slipped from my left eye. Wiping my tear I looked straight in his eyes and said in my shaken voice ?"A..are you happy after taking away last memory of my parents from me" saying it I bit my quivering lower lip to stop myself from crying out loud in front of him. Listening to me he clenched his jaw in anger.

It's the reason why he came here. He was kind enough to let this homeless girl stay in his property free for a month and now he wants me to leave this place. Does he think I would still stay in this place after knowing he owes this property? He is wrong. If I knew this fact from the starting. I would have never come to stay here in the first place. I will be happy leaving on the streets rather than here.

"You don't need to call the police I will leave your house on my own, " I said while looking in his eyes with teary gaze and then moving my eyes all over the house to see it for last time.

Mom dad I will miss your presence beside me but you will always stay in my heart.

That thought caused a warm stream of tears to run down my pale cheeks against my protests. I won't cry. I won't cry anymore in front of him. I repeated it in my brain and took a deep breath to calm my shaken state. I turn to go to my room and collect my little sweet memories of my parents that he would never be able to take away from me.

When I tried to move away from him he took a hold of my arm making me stop on my track. "Where are you going, " he asked in anger.

Closing my eyes I took a deep breath and answer him calmly without looking at him. "Away from you. Away from this place which until yesterday was my home for me. Were my small family lived happily but now it's the house for me which you own and that fact is making hard for me to take one more breath in this house." I said without turning back. Warm tears slipped from my eyes when I said that. My heart hurts so much where I can't bear it anymore.

Listening to me his hold became strong on my arm. With a blink of a second, he pulled me towards him my front clashed with his hard chest. His both hands were possessively placed on my waist caging me in his embracement making impossible for me to go away from him.

"I always knew it was so easy for you to leave me. I so knew it from starting. I should have never believed in your empty promises" he said in his angry voice with a clenched jaw looking straight in my eyes. Looking in his eyes I saw the hurt. He tried to mask it but still, I saw it. Seeing it in his eyes pain in my chest became more unbearable.

I don't know why. Shouldn't I be happy seeing him in pain because he gave me the same pain?

"Good for you. Now you know it. Let me go so we can stop making the empty promises to each other, " I said while looking away from his eyes while trying to hide my pain which increased in my heart when I said those words to him. Listening to me his grip got more tight on me if it was even possible.

"I'm not sorry to ruin your plan but next place you are going after stepping out of this house is to our home, " he said in his firm voice making it clear for me that I don't have any other choice.

His words made me lift my eyes and look in his see colored one in shock and anger. Why does he want me to come with him when I made it very clear to him that I won't live with the person who is causes of my parent's death.

"I will never do that. Did you forg

ou will sleep with me on the bed. I don't want my baby to sleep uncomfortably on that fucking couch" he said taking my hand and moving in direction of the bed.

"I don't want to sleep on the same bed with you, " I said in anger while snatching my hand away from his hold.

"You won't listen like that" saying it he took out his mobile phone and called someone. In a few minutes, I heard a knock on the door. He opened and few servants came and started lifting the couch making me furrow my brows in anger.

"What are they doing, " I asked in anger.

"There will be no coach in this room from now onwards for you to sleep on it, " he said while giving me his victory smirking making my blood boil in anger.

That night I had to sleep with him on the same bed. I slept in the corner of bed but I don't know how I found me sleeping so near to him in the morning. Now it happens every day and It's been almost mouth I return back to the house. I always wake up him kissing my belly and wishing his little love good morning and after that, I again drifted back to the sleep. Yes, you heard it right he has a nickname for baby and it's his little love. Please tell me how to resist this man because it's an everyday routine and I'm failing in it.

I try my best to stay away from him but he succumbs my plan all the time in his favorite possible way. He never misses a chance to touch me in front of mom and where he knows I can't deny his touch. He would come so near me invading my private space. It's like I try to take ten steps away from him but next moment he comes eleven steps nearer me increasing this feeling of uneasiness in me.

I always saw a want in his eyes it made me feel more uneasy. I don't want to be close to him because the fear of getting lost in his touch was building up each and every day. It made me stay away from him.

In this meantime, Nina came to meet me and she was so angry with me but after hearing my pregnancy news she is busy in her aunty dreamland. Scott too visited me and he was hell worried that I got disappeared without any traces on the day he came to meet me at my old house and the good news is three weeks ago he became a dad to a cute little chubby boy. He looked exactly like his mother. I'm eager to visit him back soon and hold him in my hands.

I was so overwhelmed after seeing Mia and her cute little boy whom she was holding so near to her chest in motherly affection. It makes me eager to hold my baby. With that thought in my mind, I moved my hand on my very little bulge bellI'din affection. I'm almost two and a half months pregnant and my body has started to change a little bit. I'm getting over my morning sickness but from the past two days, I'm feeling lightheaded like everything going blank in front of my eyes. But one good thing has happened that my appetite has increased making me crave for different things like something more sour thing. Thinking about it my stomach grumbled tell me to eat something but I just had my lunch an hour ago.

Jane don't forget you are eating for two people so lift your lazy ass and go to the kitchen and eat something.

My invoice commanded me. I stood up and went to the kitchen. Mom and dad went to the dad's therapist so it leaves me alone in the whole house. Opening the fridge I took out the chess dip and moved to the cabins of the kitchen to take out my nachos. When I turned again I felt light headed but I composed my balance taking the hold of the kitchen island. After I was feeling better I again tiptoed on my toes to take the packet but someone else did it for me.

He was standing behind me his front was touching my back giving me chills all over my body. I tried to get away from the side but he caged me while making me turn to face him. I looked at his face while trying to keep my face straight but I was not able to stop myself from gulping. He looked so damn good all the time unlike me who was standing in front of him in pajamas.

"Is my little love hungry?" he asked while moving his one hand on my waist and with other cupping my cheek. I nodded my head while lowering my eyes and biting my lower lip. My heart was beating wildly like it was the first time he touched me. "You don't know how badly I'm craving for you. Like you are carving for this chess deep and nachos, " he said in his dark voice making me weak in my knees.

His thumb immediately freed my lip making me look at him with little surprised eyes for what he said. When our eyes met he didn't waste any time in claiming my lips. In this past month, I never let him kiss me but today he broke my not to let him touch my promise which I made to myself and he broke it in his favorite possible way. He always knew how to have his ways with me.

He kissed me hard like giving me the punishment for not letting him kiss me. My both hands we clenching corner of kitchen island for my life. His other hand moved slowly inside my pajama shirt touching my cold skin making me gasp for more air. Zanvil moved his wet lips to my cheeks and the on my neck placing wet kisses. His hand captured my sensitive breast causing my breath to get caught in my lungs making me close my eyes shut in this new sensation inside me. His other hand fingers moved to open my shirt to kiss the skin below my collarbone.

Jane what are you doing. Stop him before you will regret it. You can't let him touch you did you forget what he has done to you. He is even plane to separate your baby from you and that thought made me push him away from him. He again tried to take me his cage but I stopped him.

"No, " I said while stopping him. Anger and hurt were visible in his eyes. "What part you didn't understand when I told you not to touch me, " I asked in anger.

Hearing me he opens his mouth in anger. "Every fucking thing about it. You can't deprive me of you like this. When you didn't want me near you I stayed away from you but I won't tolerate it anymore because you are fucking my" he said in anger while moving his fingers in his hair in annoyance.

"I'm not a thing to be yours. I'm a living breathing human and it gives me right to make my own decisions and I choose to not be yours for forever so stop saying it" I said in anger.

Listening to me a range of anger flowed through his body and in anger he punches the kitchen island with force making me flinch at my place. His knuckles were bleeding badly making my heart drop in my stomach.

"Zanvil what the hell, " I said in angry and worry voice while trying to get a hold of his bleeding hand but he took away from me.

"No stay away, " he said in anger while breathing heavily. "Stop showing me your fake concern. Don't think that you can make me stop from getting what I want. The only thing stopping me from taking you on this floor hard to embed in your brain that you belong to me until you will be not able to walk on your own feet. Until you're throat hurting badly from screaming my name is my baby. My little love growing in your womb" he said in his pure determine dangerous voice making me so hard while tears blurring my vision.

He left the kitchen with blood dripping from his knuckles on the floor. I know he won't bandage his hand with this anger of his. I tried to give him pain but I failed each and every time because it always caused me more pain.

I wiped my tears with the back of my hand and tried to follow him but as soon as I took a step everything became blank in front of eyes.

Last thing I remember my body falling on the cold floor while tears falling from my half-open eyes.

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