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   Chapter 59 No.59

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I can't leave with this uneasiness in me and that's the reason why I'm sitting in this cafe and waiting for that person who will tell me the truth. Yes, I called on that number and said I want to meet but no one spoke from another side and phone got disconnected but in few minutes a message came with an address telling me to meet here if I want to know the truth.

I was waiting patiently for that person. I smiled nervously at the waiter who kept the glass of water on my table and said thank you. With sweaty hands I gulped the cold contained to less my anxiousness and at the same time, I heard "Jane" making me lift my eyes and see at that person. My eyes widen in shock seeing that person and It made me think hard that.

How does this person know the truth?

Looking at him with still wide eyes I stood up in shock.

"How are you Jane it's been so long since I last saw you, " he said with a happy smile while hugging me. "I missed you so much, " he said while breaking our hug and cupping my cheeks with affection. I was just looking at him blankly. "I'm so happy to see you. I was looking forward to meeting you" he said in his cheerful voice while giving me a happy smile like always. I too missed him so much but I can't say it because I'm tongue-tied due to shock after seeing him.

I just kept staring at him blankly. My brain was trying to process everything. I was trying to find some connection between him and with my family accident but I couldn't find any connecting link between us. I'm totally confused about what is going on and totally lost at words. Looking at my lost state he smiled at me with a known smile "I know you are confused about everything and I understand that it was a very hard decision for you to take a step and come here to know the truth by knowing how much you love your husbands family. I almost lost my hope that you will ever call me to know the truth. After knowing the fact of how much your husband's parents love you. They love you as there own daughter and it put my heart at ease because you were lucky enough to get a love of mother and father from them" he said in a soft voice with an understanding smile.

"But at the same time, my heart pains knowing that all of this you got now. All of the relationships and happiness from yours today's family has cost you your own parents life, " he said with sad eyes with a bitter smile.

I couldn't understand what he is saying. He is making me more confused. "W...what are you trying to say, " I asked in breaking voice.

What does he mean by that everything has cost me my own parents life?

When he said that my heart started beating fast with this unknown fear making me afraid of what was coming next. I looking at him with confused and afraid eyes. "Yes Jane all of your present happiness has cost you your own parent's life" he repeated his words with a sad smile making my fear increase more.

"W..what are you trying to say. What it has to do with my current family please say it clearly" I said while trying to keep my voice firm. He gave me a sad smile like he understood what I was feeling.

"Jane I really don't want to hurt you but yes everything is related to your current family and the person who is responsible for all of this is no one else but your husband, " he said with a bitter face.

"What are you trying to say, " I asked in disbelief voice still confused with what he was trying to say. He was still not speaking clearly. I couldn't see any connection of all of this with Zanvil.

He breathed deeply and took my hands in his and held them with a firm grip. I could see it was difficult for him to speak his next words. "Yes, Jane I'm telling you the truth Zanvil was the reason for your parent's death. He was the one with who's car your family had an accident, " he said with same emotions causing tears to dwell in my confused eyes.

" are saying that the car which crashed with ours it was Zanvils and he was driving it, " I asked while swallowing the lump. While repeating his words it gave me a bitter taste in my mouth. He nodded his head in conformation making the ground beneath my feet to slip. It causes tears to dwell in my eyes and my heart refused to accept it. I moved my head in denial when his words were repeated in my brain for me to take in. "No, I don't believe you, " I said in a firm voice while holding my tears and still moving my head in denial while removing my hands from his hold.

"Jane, believe me, " he said while trying to convince me. I stopped him with my hand.

What is his problem? Why he is doing this with me.

"Why Scott why, " I asked in anger. Yes, he is the person with whom I'm talking now. Yes, he is the person with whom I talked to lessen the pain of my heart. He knows how I feel towards Zanvil then why the hell he is doing this with me. All these questions spread bitterness in my heart for him. "Scott why are you doing this with me, " I said while swallowing the lump. "I thought we are good friends. You know how I feel about him then why are you trying to destroy my relationship with Zanvil, " I asked in hurt voice tear slipped from the corner of my eyes.

"Believe me, Jane, it's very hard for me. I don't want.." he didn't get time to complete his sentence because at the same time my phone ring.

I took it out and saw it was flashing Zanvil number on it. Without thinking much I took his call. "Hello, " I said while trying to keep my voice steady.

"Love are you crying" it was his first words which came out of his mouth in concern after listening to my little trembling voices.

Taking the phone away from my ear I took a deep breath to calm myself. I don't want him to get stress because of me. "No, It's just I'm having a cold that's why my voice is coming like that, " I said while swallowing my tears.

"Are you telling me the truth?" he asked still in a concerned voice.

"Yes, I caught a cold while walking out of the house without taking a coat with me" I lied to him.

"Where are you now I'm coming to get you then we will go to the doctor, " he said in his firm voice. I could hear the shuffling sound of his coat.

Just me having a cold could put him in stress I could feel that. He worries for me so much. He cares for me so much and it made me realize that he won't hide such a big thing from me and Scott's words were making no sense in my head.

"You are coming here, " I asked him in disbelief. When I said those words Scott signaled me to stop him. I could see the panic in his eyes. "No no, you don't need to come to take me. I'm heading towards the home I'll be there in fifteen minutes" I said in a little panic voice trying to stop him.

I didn't stop him for Scott's sake but for mine. I don't want him to know that I'm having my ugly nightmares frequently because that's the reason which brought me here. To know that stupid truth and by after coming here all I got to hear are lies from the person whom I thought was my good friend. I don't want him to worry knowing that I came here to know the truth which is a big fat lie. All of this is happening because of my stupid nightmares. Because of the things which my brain is showing me from when I was barely conscious. I don't even know if those things I saw in my nightmare are true or my brain is creating illusions in front of me. Mixing everything from my past and present.

I was out of my thoughts by Zanvils voice "Ok but come fast I'll tell Rose to prepare soup for you and if you don't come here in fifteen minutes I will come to get you, " he replied to me in his firm voice leaving no space for me to say no.

"Yeah, you don't need to come. I'm leaving I'm on my way" I responded still talking on the phone and moving out of the cafe without giving Scott a second look. He followed me out. I'm disappointed in him. Coming out I hung up on phone and signaled for a taxi.

I have to rush if I don't want Zanvil to come here.

"Jane, please li…" he said in pleading voice but I stopped him.

"No Scott I don't want to hear anything and I don't believe in anything you said. I don't know why you are doing this. What you will get after hurting me like this. I thought you understand me but I was wrong. You don't even know anything about me and about that day and you are coming here and taking all nonsense about it" I said while opening the door of the taxi. "But still, for the sake of our friendship I'll keep this conversation between us and forget about this day because I genuinely consider you as my very good friend, " I said in a firm voice with little anger while slipping inside the taxi.

He was looking at me with pleading eyes but I ignored it. I tried to stop thinking about what Scott said to me but it was revolving inside my brain. I don't know what made him think like this. From past month he was not even coming to the work but when I tried to contact him his number always came to switch off and now he popped up from nowhere with this nonsense theory in his brain. I tried to brush it off from my brain. I need to take this out of my brain because it is messing with my emotions so much. I'm going to tell mom about my nightmare so we can go to the doctor so this way I will stop dreaming about them.

After me reaching home first thing Zanvil did was to scold me for not carrying my coat in such cold weather and then he made me drink two bowls soup which cures cold and I had to drink it without protesting. I spend the rest of my day with mom while helping her in kitchen Zanvil was working in his study all this time. He came down for dinner and again went back to his study for work and dad when back to rest in his room.

After some time mom too retired for the day after wishing me a good night. I went to the room and got changed in my pajamas for the night. When I came out of the bathroom I looked at the watch to see the time it was midnight and Zanvil has still not come back to the bedroom to sleep. Exiting our bedroom I went to his study. Slowly opening it I peeked inside and saw Zanvil was working on his laptop with a serious expression on his face.

With this expression too on his face, he still looked so handsome.

I stood there and kept staring at him for some time and again my thoughts drifted to what Scott said today. My heart refused to accept it but what if it's true.

No, it's not true Zanvil will never hide something this big from.

"If you are done with staring at me then you can come in, " he said still looking at his laptop screen.

How does he know I'm starting at him?

He not even for a second took his eyes away from his laptop screen. My face was red because he caught me staring at him. "Are you done with your work?" I asked while going inside his study with caught face and standing in front of his study table.

"Yeah, more twenty minutes then I'm done. You go and sleep" he said while taking his eyes away from his laptop screen and looking at me with a small smile on his lips.

He looks so tired because he keeps on working continuously without taking a break. Dads sudden stepping done from CEOs position has left him with so much of responsibility. I should help him.

"No I'm not feeling sleepy do you need any help. Is there something in which I can help you" I asked while moving around his study table to go his side and trying to look at his laptop. To see what work he was doing.

Maybe I can help him in comp

from the first flight I went to my hometown against Scotts and Mia's protest. They didn't want me to stay away from them. Scott was so mad at me but at the same time too worried for me. But in the end, he understood that I need to be near my parent's presence and he knew that I will only feel it in my old home. He understood that I need to go away from everything that causes pain in my heart and from past one month I'm leaving in my old house with my parent's memories.

Every morning of me would be like that me waking up sometime thinking of being late to work only to find out I don't have a job. Something waking in hunger and run down to the kitchen to see what mom had made for breakfast and sometimes to see dads happy face. Every time I woke in the morning to find something to find nothing.

Nothing was the same anymore and it causes a spang of immense pain in my chest. Drifting to sleep at night was so hard for me because I missed him so much. I was so used to him in my delay life. Sometimes I drifted to sleep without even eating thinking he will wake me up and feed me. Every time this thought came to my mind it increased pain in my heart making it difficult for me to breath.

I want to hate him from making me feel like that. I want to hate him for destroying my small happy family. I want to hate him for making me so used to him but I don't even know if I'm any more capable of doing that. ?That taught made tear to slip from my left eye.

I was still sitting and thinking about everything when suddenly nuisance hit me and I ran to the bathroom to throw up. From the past week, this is happening to me. Still feeling weak I moved to the sink and washed my face and mouth. I saw at my reflection in the mirror. My face was so pale with bags under my eyes my lips felt so dehydrated. I kept on staring at my lifeless reflect until I heard my new phone ringtone which Scott buyer for me forcefully.

Wiping my face I moved to my bedroom and took my cell phone in my hand. It was flashing Scott's number making me smile a little bit. With a small smile, I took a call. "Hello, " I said in my small voice.

"Hello, Jane are you ok what took you so long to receive the phone. I was so worried, " he said in his worried voice.

"Relax Scottie I'm fine. I was in the bathroom, " I said to calm him.

"Tell me did you went to the doctor, " he asked in his big brother voice. I didn't reply to him feeling guilty. "O God Jane for my sake please go to the doctor today. You know I can't come here because Mia is on her due date" he scolded me. From past week Mia and he are telling me to go and see the doctor but I don't feel like doing it. "Promise me you will see the doctor today, " he asked me in his firm voice.

I was feeling bad for making them worry for me so much "Yes I will" I replied in a small voice.

"Good I'm giving the phone to Mia she wants to talk with you" saying it he gave her the phone. She too took a promise from me to go and see the doctor and then we talked for a few minutes about how she is excited about baby's arrival. Her baby talk made smile form on the corner of my lip. Being a mother is such a divine feeling. After some time, we said bye to each other.

Taking bath I got ready to go to the doctor. Going down I open the fridge to get something to eat. I took out milk and some fruits to eat. I don't know how I started to drink milk. I eat little fruits then I kept it away because I didn't want to eat It anymore. I cranked my nose in dislike. Taking a full glass of milk I drank it in one go it teases so deliciously.

Nowadays I'm liking it the most in my breakfast. I only had one glass of milk for my breakfast. If mom came to know I had only one glass of milk in my breakfast she would scold me and make me eat a healthy breakfast. That taught made tears to form in my eyes. I swallowed the tears by taking a deep breath I miss mom and dad so much.

Do you miss only them?

My inner voice asked me but I ignored it. Taking my small shoulder bag and my coat I exited the house. Locking it I headed in the direction of the clinic two blocks away from here. Today the weather was so good though it was a little cold outside. Securing my shoulder bag on my shoulder I wrapped my hands around my small frame to give warmness to my body in this little cold weather and walked to the clinic.

Going at the reception I asked her for a clinic form. With a smile, she gave it to me and I said thank you to her and filling the information I gave the form back to her. Taking it she told me to wait for my turn. I did what she said and went inside the doctor's cabin when she called me.

"Miss Jane Austen", she asked for confirming. Yes, that's the name I wrote on my form. I nodded at her. "Please take a sit I'm your doctor who will attend you, " she said while gesturing me to sit on a chair. "Can you tell me what are your symptoms?" she asked me with a smile.

I told her everything then she told me to take some test and even took my urine samples for test. I was waiting patiently for my test result and after some time doctor again called me to her cabin to tell me my test result. "What is my result saying doctor, " I asked while taking a sit in front of her.

She was studying my reports when I asked her. Lifting her head up from it she gave me a smile and said, "Miss Jane congratulations you are six-week pregnant." My eyes widen in surprise and my heart filled with happiness.

"What are you sure doctor, " I asked with a smile tears formed in my eye in happiness.

"Yes, " she replied with a smile. When she confirmed it again. The first name popped in my head whom I want to tell this news but soon realization hit me that I can't do it. With a sad smile, I said thank you to the doctor and head to home while wrapping hands to my flat stomach.

I can't believe I'm carrying a life inside me. I'm so happy now there will be something whom I can call as mine. Who won't leave me alone like everyone. Now I won't be alone in this big world anymore. My baby brought so many happiness in my shattered life. It will be my hope in this lifeless world. It's the happiest day of my life.

Reaching home taking my mom dads photo frame I told them they are going to be grandparents. I told happy news to Scott and Mia and they were so happy for me Scott even promised that he will come tomorrow to see me and his nephew or niece and go back in the afternoon. Mia too demanded to come and see me but I and Scott strongly protested against it.

Throughout the day I was so happy and at night first time in a month, I slept peacefully while wrapping my hands around my stomach. In the morning I woke up with a happy smile. I got ready and eat my breakfast, I had one glass of milk in my breakfast. I tried to eat more but I couldn't do it without throwing up. At the same time, the doorbell rang telling me Scott's arrival.

With a happy smile, I went to open the door. With a bright smile, I opened it wide to close it back in fear with a thud. I stood there placing my back to the door to support my weak frame. My small hands were placed on my wildly beating heart to console my poor heart.

When I opened my door I saw deep sea-colored eyes looking at my soul passing the barrier of my pale body. And when our eyes meet I feel him striping my soul out of me and It caused me to immediately close the door in fear.

"What is he doing here. What does he want now." I whispered in my small feared an angry voice to myself. Again the doorbell rang making me flinch at my place and causing my heart to jump out of my ribcage...

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