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I looked at everyone's happy face. It's my birthday. I moved my eyes to the living room and saw everything was decorated with my selected things.

When did they do it?

Mom and dad came and hugged me wishing me a happy birthday. It made me smile like an idiot. Strong hands wrapped around my waist from behind. I don't need to turn behind and see who he is. My body instantly relaxed on his hard chest and then devil whispered in my ear.

"Happy Birthday love" while placing a kiss below my ear making me blush.

And at the same time, we heard the voice. "Sorry, I'm late. Happy birthday, Jane" he said happily.

I felt Zanvil body going stiff and he cursed under his breath. "Who the fuck invited him, " he said with pure hatred. Making me scowl at him.

I was still facing mom and dad. When I turned back to see who it was. I saw three people standing in front of me and it made me confuse who said it.

I couldn't say who he was because the music was playing a little loud it made difficult for me to recognize that voice. Sky, Jack, and Gray all smiled at me when I turned back. Zanvil was standing firmly behind me. He made his grip strong on my waist when I turned behind to see them and at the same time I saw Petros and Nina came in front of me.

They smiled at me and I repaid their gesture. Once again I moved my eyes to their happy faces. I'm still confused who said it. "Bro let her go I want to hug her, " Sky said while taking my hand in his.

Zanvil is still holding my waist tightly not letting me go away from his embrace. "Zanvil, " I said in my small voice while looking at him and placing my one hand on his hands which were wrapped around me. To tell him to let me go.

He was lost in his thoughts and when he sensed my touch he looked at me. When his gaze meets with mine I saw so many emotions in his eyes. I'm still angry at him but those eyes of him make me throw my anger away and replaces it to pure concern because of this unknown emotion in them.

Is everything ok?

We both were staring at each other. Me with confused eyes which were trying to understand his emotions and him with this lost thoughts. I tried to read this lost though but our trance got broken with a voice.

"Dude take your romance to your bedroom after this party. I think you will get ample time to do that" saying that Jack took my hand and made my body to wrap around him for a bear hug. I instantly hated the loss of warmness of his hard chest against my back. Zanvil growls in annoyance at Jacks impatient actions. "Happy Birthday, " he said while wrapping his hand around me tightly.

"Thank you, " I said while wrapping my hands around him with a smile. After he was done Sky did the same thing followed by Nina. They all wished me a happy birthday and now it was Petros turn he hugged me. "How did you know it's my birthday, " I said while warping my hand around Petros to repay his gesture back.

"Actually yesterday I accidentally bumped with Nina in the cafe and she invited me to your birthday party. I was planning to meet you guys because I was in the city and an opportunity came to me and that's why I'm here" he said while giving me his perfect smile.

Zanvil was staring at us with the same hard expression. Making me frown at him. I don't know what he is thinking. As soon as our body parted Gray embraced me in his arms. "Happy Birthday and I missed you so much, " he said while tightening his embracement and moved his hands on my back in a soothing manner.

"Thank you. I too miss you, " I said it with a big smile. I'm so happy to see him after such a long time. "Last time I saw you at my wedding and you never contacted me back. I thought you forget your college buddy" I said with a teasing smile while parting our body.

"How can I forget you? I was just a little busy with things and now I'm here to do the necessary things. Don't you dare to think that you can get rid of me in this life." he said while teasing me with a grin. We both laugh loud at the same time.

"If you guys are done with your reunion then let's proceed with more important things which are to be done tonight, " Zanvil said in his hard voice while placing his strong arm around my waist and securely moving my body to his firm chest. He was glaring at Gray while saying it but Gray just smiled at him and nodded his head in understanding.

He is definitely jealous again.

"Yeah let's get to the main point, " Gray said with a smile while looking back at Zanvil.

"Yes let's do the main thing let's get the birthday girl dressed for the party, " Nian said in excitement while taking me away from Zanvils hold.

He groan when Nina took me away from him in the direction of my room. I turned my head and took a look at him he was staring at me with little clench jaw. His both hands in his pockets with an unreadable expression on his face.

Is everything ok with him?

Thought out the time Nina was doing my makeup and hair I was lost in my thoughts and now she was selecting a dress for me to wear. "Wear this" Nina said with a smile while handing me a dress which she found in my wardrobe. I didn't respond her back and kept on staring aimlessly at her. "Jane are you on earth, " she asked me while clicking her fingers in front of me and taking me out of my thoughts.

"Yes I'm here I was just bit lost, " I said while looking at her.

"Yes, I can see that now go and wear this unless you want to make your husband suffer by making him wait for you more, " she said with an evil smile.

I know something is cooking in her head because from pass thirty mints we are in my room getting me ready. I moved my head in denial with a smile. "I'll go and change, " I said still smiling at her.

"Take your own sweet time I'll come in a minute or ten. She said while going out of my room. I went inside my bathroom and let my bathrobe slide from my arm to wear my new dress and that time I took a look at my dress. Its maroon color velvet party one piece.

It's one tug backless dress which ends above my knees. It revealing from the back but I like it. Nina surely knows my choice. Taking care of not ruining my makeup and hair and if I do Nina will kill me with her bare hands. Carefully I slide into the dress.

Hair and makeup is the same as shown in the picture

When I was trying to tug the button which is on back of my dress it got stuck in my hair and it was a bit difficult for me to remove it with my hands moving back in an awkward position to do it properly because I can't see back. I heard the door opening sound.

Thank God Nina is here.

"Nina please come inside the bathroom. I need a little bit of your help" I called out for her. I was busy with my mess when the door of the bathroom opened. "Nina helped me with this. I can't do it properly my hair is stuck in it" I said without turning back and still trying to remove it on my own.

She didn't say anything but move further to help me with the button. I felt a presence behind me and fingers touching my fingers which were on the button and instantly I knew who was standing behind me. With half shock eyes, I turned back to see him. Seeing my reaction he smirks at me.

"W..What are you doing here, " I asked him while shutting.

"Last time I check it's my room so I can come anytime, " he said with an evil smirk. Making me glare at him.

"Wow, what a new a piece of information, " I said in sarcastic voice while still glaring at him. "I called for Nina what are you doing here, " I said while little moving away from him to create some distance between us and to face him.

He moved his eyes from my head to toe taking look at my outfit. He licked his lips while observing me sending a shiver to my spine. His eyes lingered on my bare legs and after a few seconds, he brought his gaze back to my face.

"She is busy with something so I will help you with that, " he said while pointing my dress button with his eyes. "So you can change this dress, " he said with an evil smile.

"Why will I change it?" I asked him with furrowed brows.

"It's too short for my liking. I don't want anyone to stare at this legs" he said while moving near me but his eyes lingered on my legs.

I don't care if he likes it or not I'm liking it so I'm going to wear it.

"I won't change it. I love it so I'm going to wear it" I said in my firm tone.

"Don't act stubborn now. We have guests to attend don't make it hard and listen to me nicely" he said in his firm and threatening tone standing a couple of inches away from my face making me swallow hard but I won't back out.

"That's what I'm saying we have guests to attend and I won't waste my time changing into the new dress because I love this one" I too replied in the firm tone.

He placed his hands in pockets of his pants and brought his face near me and stopped only inches away from mine making me move the wall back if it was even possible. "Do you remember my way or your way?" he asked me with an evil smirk. I gulped remembering it.

Of course, I remember how he ruined my clothes on that day when we were going to an amusement park. I love this outfit so much and I don't want him to ruin it like what he did in the past. But it's my birthday and I want to wear it and I'm going to do it.

"I won't change it. I'm going to wear it if you like it or not, " I said in my firm tone.

"Stubborn like always. Don't you remember this was the same words you said last time but end up wearing what I wanted" he said in his threatening voice and sank his arm around my waist. He pulled me near him making my front clash with his hard chest my hands were placed on his chest to make some distance between us. I don't think it's helping me in making some distance between us.

Thinks can't always go in his way.

"You can't win all the time, " I said in anger.

"Are you challenging me my love?" he asked in his husky voice while moving his face near me. His warm breath was fanning on my cheeks sending tickling sensation all over my skin.

"Yes, " I said in my small voice while ducking my head down in his neck to make me move away from his lips. His perfume was all over in the air which I was breathing causing me to bit my lower lip in sweet fear. It only made everything more difficult for me.

He laughed at my actions. "Challenge accepted. Now not only I will make you remove this dress but I will make you wear the dress of my choice with my own hands and yo

ve what they were seeing in front of them. I was just staring at with open mouth and shock eyes. Front of my eyes new shining bike was standing.

"Did you like it?" Zanvil asked while wrapping his arm around my waist from behind and kissing on my cheek.

Like was such a small word for it. Turning back I cupped his face and kissed him. My actions caught him off guard but he instantly replied to my kiss. "I love it so much, " I said happily while breaking our kiss.

I went near it to touch it to see if it's real. It's like dream Zanvil bought me a bike when he was strictly against me using it. "It's really my gift, " I asked him in disbelieve to confirm it again.

"Yes love it's your, " he said while giving me the key on which happy birthday love was written. Making my heart jolt in happiness. "But there is some strict rule you have to follow. Like you will ride this bike on your own when you completely learn it after I teach you and when I'm not around you are strictly prohibited to touch it, " he said it in his firm voice. I nodded at him. I accept all his rules.

"Now let's go so we can celebrate your birthday in some different way, " he said with an evil smirk plastered to his handsome face.

"But Zanvil all guest left now it's late, " I said with furrowed brows. Listing to me he smirked evil at me.

Bring his face near my ear he whispered in his evil mischievous voice "In this celebration only we both will celebrate it in our bedroom on our bed" while brushing his lips on my ear.

The realization hit me. I'm must be read as a beetroot. His words send chills to my spine making me go weak in my knees. Taking my hand we headed to our bedroom. When we were there he didn't waste a single second making me moaning mess by touching me everywhere with his wet lips and skilled hands.

Currently, my back was lying on Zanvil hard chest with closed eyes and his back was resting on the headboard of the bed. Sheets was warped to our body covering our nakedness while Zanvil was playing with my hair.

The room is so silent. I liked this kind of silence where only our steady breath and rhyming beating of our heart could be heard. This silence was inner peace for me. Where we could hear everything that was in our heart without actually saying it and it was visible in my small shy smile and his happy eyes whenever our gaze met. I'm lost in this silence.

"I have one more present for you, " he said in his husky voice while taking me out of my peace. Making me open my eyes and see at him in shock while clenching the sheet to my bare chest. He leaned towards the drawer of the nightstand and took out the small box and my shocked eyes followed his each and every movement. The sheet was barely covering his ripped body.

Does he know how sexy he is looking?

I didn't say anything after seeing the small velvet box because I'm tongue-tied. It's too much for me to take it that Zanvil giving me two presents for my birthday. He opened the box and took out a delicate looking white and gold mixed bracelet. "Give me your hand, " he said with a smile on his face.

I lifted my hand and taking it he slipped the bracelet on my wrist. The bracelet is so beautiful and when I took a close look a small heart was there on it with to my love carved on it.

"Love why are you crying. You didn't like it, " Zanvil asked me while cupping my cheeks. At that time I realized happy tears slipped out of my eyes. When my gaze meets with his I saw so much of care and concern in it and it made me realize that he would never hide any truth from me. Not only he mom and dad too will never do it with me. I don't believe that person who messages me. "If you don't like it we would go and buy a bracelet of your choice, " he said still cupping my cheeks while his thumb wiping out freshly felt tear away from my cheeks.

"No. I love it thank you" I said with happy tear eyes.

"Then why are you crying, " he asked me with furrowed brows.

"Because I liked it so much this is happy tears" I replied with a smile.

He breathes in relief when I said that and kissed me softly on my lips spilling his emotions in it. "Promise me you will never remove it from you and, " he asked me. I nodded my head kissing him back.

That night he again made love to me. It was the best birthday of my life. It's been three weeks from my birthday. Zanvil was teaching me how to ride a bike every day. Everything was going in peace until yesterday my one nightmare shattered everything again.

This time I saw. I was in ambulance sirens loud sound was all over my ears telling me that we were heading in direction of the hospital. An oxygen mask was attached to my mouth helping me breathe but it was still difficult for me to take my breath properly.

Blood was oozing out of my forehead and hands. My body was aching in pain making me lose my bit of consciousness. With barely open teary eyes, I saw Sam's blur face she was wiping out blood from my face.

I noticed a familiar figure sitting beside her with his head in his hands and they were rested on his knees in a stressed position. I couldn't see his face because he was looking downward. I want to see his face because my consciousness was giving up.

It was like he heard what I said because he started lifting his face up. Before losing my consciousness fully I saw only dark sea colored eyes looking at me.

Breathing heavily I was out of my dream. I sat on the bed moving away from Zanvil warm chest and tried to breathe while clenching sheet tightly to my bare chest. Sweat was running all over my forehead with a wildly beating heart.

That dream felt so real. It felt like my body was aching badly now making me lose my consciousness in my real life.

"Love what happened, " he said while waking up from his sleep after not feeling my presence on his chest. When he saw my state he immediately embraced me in his arm to claim me down and sleep. I didn't say anything and lied back with him because I'm so confused.

I couldn't sleep a wing because as soon as I close my eye. Dark sea colored eyes flashed in front of me. Throughout the night I thought about everything and till the morning my decision was final.

I can't leave with this uneasiness in me and that's the reason why I'm sitting in this cafe and waiting for that person who will tell me the truth. Yes, I called on that number and said I want to meet but no one spoke from another side and phone got disconnected but in few minutes a message came with an address telling me to meet here if I want to know the truth.

I was waiting patiently for that person. I smiled nervously at the waiter who kept the glass of water on my table and said thank you. With sweaty hands I gulped the cold contained to less my anxiousness and at the same time, I heard "Jane" making me lift my eyes and see at that person. My eyes widen in shock seeing that person and I think hard that.

How does this person know the truth?

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