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   Chapter 57 No.57

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"It's to old love do you think the same trick will work on me again, " he said with a smirk while moving his face back to my neck

I was still looking behind him with wide eyes and soon he heard a throat clearing sound and stopped in his track and looked at me with wide eyes and he immediately turned back to see behind him.

"Mom dad" a whisper left his mouth. I immediately shoved him away from me to let him stumble on his feet. I ran over mom and dad. I heard a growl from his mouth when I did that and It made me laugh.

"Mom dad I missed you guys so much, " I said happily while hugging them both.

They gave me their heartwarming smile and hugged me back. "We too missed you so much, " dad said while hugging me back happily.

"How is your health dad and why are you standing. How did they discharge you so early? You look so thin, dad. Is your health good now?" I bombarded at him with so many questions in my worried voice while making him sit on the sofa. Mom laughs seeing me interrogating dad like this.

"Yes sweetie I'm perfectly fine as you can see. My surgery was successful and I did my best to recover fast so here I'm. Stop worrying about me so much" dad said while moving his warm big hand on my head in a fatherly manner to calm me down. I sheepishly smiled at him and hugged him.

"Yes, your dad is right. Stop worrying about his health and why are you looking so thin to me. Have you not been eating properly this day's, " mom asked while looking at my face.

I was about to answer her when beast's voice interrupted us "In case you guys have forgotten that you have a son. I'm doing fine thank you" Zanvil said while sulking. We all laugh at his comment.

"O my poor baby, of course, I remember you. How can I forget giving birth to you." mom said while hugging her son from the side and mouthing at me that you are still my favorite. It made me and dad smile and Zanvil to glare at me and then he laughed too.

"How are you, " he asked while kissing her cheeks.

"Good" mom replied to him and then he hugged dad "How is your health dad, " he asked while hugging dad.

"Great" dad replied with a smile.

"Why didn't you guys inform me that you were coming we would have come to receive you, " Zanvil asked while looking at both of them.

"We were planning to surprise you guys, " dad said with a smile.

"And there is one more important thing that we can't miss, " mom said in excitement while clapping her hand. When she said that the uncle gave here a signal to keep quiet.

I saw at her face and then to uncle and asked "And what is that" I asked with a small frown.

"It nothing that you should be worried about, " dad said with a smile.

I still looked at them with the same expression. I don't know why from yesterday people are saying this to me that there is nothing for me to worry about. First Zanvil and now mom and dad.

Should I worry about this?

"Is there something that I should know?" I asked while looking at them.

"No, it's nothing. Zan are you leaving for work" mom asked Zanvil to change the topic.

Stop worrying if there would be something important they would have told you they are not Zanvil. My inner voice gave me advice and listing to her I let it go. I was out of my thoughts by Zanvils voice or to say in better words after hearing no from his mouth.

"No mom I'm not going, " he said while grinning. I glared at him and he gave me his devilish grin making me angry and same time weak in my knees.

"I will go and ask Rose to prepare something for you guys to drink, " I said while going back to the kitchen to intercom her and tried to ignore the devil.

He will never listen to me.

As soon as I entered the kitchen strong arms encircled my waist from behind making my back clash with his hard chest. Why he has to follow me to the kitchen. I tried to remove his hands to avoid him and do my work but he made his grip strong and moved his head down to my ear "Don't be angry love. I'm leaving for the office. I just came to say bye properly" he whispered in my ear in his husky voice which messes with my heart and he kissed me below my ear making me take my breath in shots.

Why he has to whisper this in my ear so sensuously.

Saying that he turned me around to face him and kissed me hard making me weak in my limbs. He broke the kiss and looked in my misted eyes and said, "I want my reward for going work against my will. After I come back from the office" he said while brushing his lips on mine and awakening the sleeping desires in me with a racing heart.

I looked at him with misted eyes while swallowing hard and listening to what reward he wants. "I want you to wear that black nightie, " he said still brushing his lips on mine while talking. That black nightie it's the most revealing one.

How does he know I have black nightie?

It made me look at him with questioning eyes and he just smirks to my questioning gaze. Did he snoop around my closet? How did I forget how perverted he is? He was waiting for my answer and I know he won't go without listing yes. Biting my lower lip I nodded at him with a red face. He smirked and kissed my red burning cheeks with his wet lips and then he left for his work. Leaving me there alone with my red cheeks and awaken desires.

I don't know why he wants me to see in that nightie when he already saw me naked. I don't know how his perverted brain works. Thinking about it made me grin like a high school girl when her crust stole her kiss from her for the first time.

I like it when he acts naughty. It's the new thing I have started to like about him. It's very rare bossy Zanvil being nice to me and listing to what I say. If he wanted he would have stayed and I couldn't do anything about it but he listened to me and went to the office and It's making me happy.

I like to see the want in his eyes for me. It makes my heart falter by thinking about it. That I'm not unwanted any more in his life. That he desires for me. The monkeys in my stomach grinned too at my thoughts. The grin on my lips got wider.

Jane stop grinning and intercom Rose.

My inner voice commanded me. I took a deep breath to control my racing heart and intercom Rose. After doing it I went back to the living room and continued my conversation with them and soon Rose came with juice for dad and mom. I continued talking with them until lunch. After lunch, I helped mom with her unpacking and all this time Zanvil disturbed me by messaging me and asking me random questions.

Like if I had my lunch. What I was doing. If I have taken out my black nightie to wear. He wants to see me in that nightie so badly and it made me laugh at his silly question like an idiot leading mom to asks me if I'm ok.

In the evening I showed mom my new knife cutting skills and she was so impressed with me. She even told me to teach her some skills. I tell you this woman is full of energy. I told her to rest and leave dinner preparation on me and Rose but she won't listen. Now I know from were Zanvil got his stubbornness.

We eat our dinner because Zanvil was late. After dinner, I took a book and decided to wait for him in the living room until he returns back from the office. It was late and I was still reading my book. I was engrossed in my book when mom came down "Jane dear go and sleep you must be tired. I think he will come late, " mom said while moving her hand on my shoulder like encouraging me to go back to my room and rest.

I smiled at her and declined him with a smile "No mom I'll wait" I said to her. Mom smiled and went to her room. I yawn seeing the time it was late. I again shifted my heavy eyes to book and I don't know when I drifted to sleep on the sofa with a book in my hand.

In the morning when I open my eyes I found myself in bed. I yawn and sat on the bed with a little smile on my face. I know Zanvil carried me to the bed last night. I felt him pecking my lips when I was in his arms but where is he. Zanvil came out of closed fully dress looking all hot.

"You are awake. I thought I have to say bye to your sleeping face, " he said while coming and pecking my lips.

I looked at the time "You are leaving early. I thought we will go together" I asked with a small frown.

"Yes I have an important meeting and you are on holiday, " he said in a sad voice.

"What why, " I asked him with a questioning tone.

"Special request was made by a major shareholder of our hotel chains" Zanvil replied me while fixing his tie.

Why any shareholder wants me to take a holiday and how did zanvil approved it. I looked at him with questions gaze and ask "Who is he and why that person wants me to take a holiday."

"That person is a mom and she told me that she has some important work with you, " he said while looking at me.

"Get ready she wants to take you somewhere and now don't forget I want my reward today, after all, I'm making so many sacrifices by staying away from you, " he said while looking in my eyes with a smirk and kissed my forehead and he left the room. I took a shower and went to meet mom and ask her where she is taking me. Zanvil was eating his breakfast when I came down.

"Good morning" mom greeted me with a smile. I too greeted her with a smile.

"Mom Zanvil told me that you asked him to give me a holiday because we are going somewhere. Where are you taking me, " I asked while taking a seat beside Zanvil.

"It's a secret, " mom said with a smile.

"Mom please tell me, " I said in my impatient voice.

"No. You will come to know about it afterward and now eat your breakfast" she said with a smile. I eagerly want to know it but I know mom won't tell me. So it's better I eat my breakfast fast and go with her.

"I'm leaving. You guys have fun, " he said while looking at both of us and then he leaned down placing his hand on my tight and whispered in my ear "Don't forget my reward, " he said in his husky tone making my face flush red and then he kissed me on my cheek and left for work.

I eat my breakfast with a red face. When I was done suddenly I remembered something. O God I forget to take it. "I should take it before I forget it again" I muttered to myself and stood up from the chair. I was done with my breakfast.

"Jane come down in fifteen minutes then we will leave

ds he let his hands traveled inside my nightie to explore my bare skin. I shivered in his touch and it made me moan in his mouth. We were still on the floor strangling each other. My hands were free taking it as an opportunity I use an attack move which Nina taught me to protect myself and I got successes. He growl in pain when I did that.

Serves him better.

With a smirk, I half stood up to take full control but at the same time, he pushed me on the bed. Making me half lie on it. My feet were still touching the floor and in the blink of seconds, he climbs up on me and pinned me to the bed.

"Bad move love. You want to play dirty so let's play dirty" he said in his bone shivering dark voice. I didn't let his voice effect me I still kept struggling to get myself free my attempts made him give a victory smirk to me before the victory. I became more furious to get myself free. "Be ready to face consequences of it, " he said in his threatening dark voice with hooded eyes.

I was about to give him the answer but "hmmm" he claiming my lips he bites on my lower lip like giving punishment to me for my attack move.

He pushed my nightie up leaving my chest for exposure. I don't know how we were in the middle of bed now he has completely removed that night and thrown somewhere.

"You won't win, " I said in anger.

He looked at me lying naked beneath him and it made him smirks "let's see" he said in his challenging voice.

His one hand was still holding my both of hands above my head making my all attempts go in vain of making myself free. I was breathing heavily and he was biting on my neck to mark me. I moved my wrist which was in his grip to get free but he won't let me go he stopped my lower body movement by pinning it between his legs.

"Set me free and see what I do to you, " I said in anger seeing all my attempts going in vain.

"Do you think I fool to set you free?" he said with a big evil smirk making me glare at him and then he continued his assault by kissing my jaw and neck I got stuck on my breath when his mouth moved to my breast. His other strong hand moved from my stomach to the hem my underwear making my body stop its movement.

"Zanvil st.." he didn't let me complete because his fingers found its way inside my pants making me take my breath in shorts. "Zanvil stop doing.." again I hitched on my breath when he fastens his movement.

God, he is making my senses to make no sense.

Looking at my reaction he said "Why are you afraid that your body will succumb your winning plan, " with a big evil smirk was plastered to his face.

"No, " I said in while taking heavy breaths. I won't give him satisfaction but the pressure inside me was building with his every stroke. I bite my lip to suppress the sound which was ready to come out of my throat and dug my toes in matters.

He saw it when I did that "But your body is saying something else, " he said while running his nose on my shoulder and neck making my body burn in his touch.

I closed my eyes tight when I was about to get on my peek but he suddenly stops. It made my eyes short open and glare at him. I dug my nails in my palm when he did that. "What happen love do you want more, " he said with an evil laughter. He is enjoying himself so much. I moved my caged wrist furiously "This is your punishment for taking this stupid pills, " he said in his dark voice while again starting to move his fingers catching me off guard making me take my breath in shorts. He again brought me to my peak and slowly his movement making me glare at him in anger.

Why he is torturing me like this.

"Do you want more?" he said in his dark voice and I involutory nodded my head he smirked seeing it. "Then promise me you won't take those stupid pills again, " he said in his demanding voice while moving his fingers slowly torturing me more while kissing on my lips.

He is taking advantage of my vulnerable stated. I took a deep breath to control my desires but I failed and I succumbed to give in with a small nod. "Say it, " he said in his victory voice to torture me more while stopping his movement completely.

Between my heavy breaths, I said "Yes" as a whisper.

He smirked and said "Say it loudly love I didn't get that" with an evil smirk.

He is making me do things with his touch that I never imagined I will do for him so easily. He is the region of me being in this state. Gathering my breaths I said "Yes" in a strong voice giving his victory to him.

The satisfied evil smirk was plastered to his face and then he completely removed his fingers from me. As I was about to scream in protest he replaced his fingers with something else hard making me get chock on my saliva. He freed my hands and completely removed my pants with his sweatpants. He started doing his deeds making me a moaning mess.

He always knew how to have his ways with me. Through the night he kept on torturing me with his wet lips and hands.

It was early in the morning when he let me sleep in his arms. In the morning when I was searching for my pills to throw them away but they were nowhere to be found. I know he must have thrown them away. It made my blood boil more. I knew he will not trust me.

I'm still angry for what he did yesterday instead of talking about it calmly with me he made me agree with him by making my sense stop working by his touch. While breakfasting I ignored him. Making him smirk wide evilly at me. He kissed me sweetly but forcefully by pinning me to the wall before going to work. He seemed so happy today.

Of course, he will be happy after all he got what he wanted.

I and mom left for shopping. "I thought we were shopping for household things but why are we shopping for me, " I said while giving my bag to the driver. Mom just smiled at me.

When we reach home no one was there lights were off and when I turned back to look at, mom, she was nowhere to be found. It made me suspicious about everything where did mom went.

When I moved inside the living room suddenly lights were on and everybody screamed "Happy birthday" making me flinch at my sport with wildly beating heart.

I looked at everyone's happy face. It's my birthday. I moved my eyes to the living room and saw everything was decorated with my selected things.

When they do it?

Mom and dad came and hugged me wishing me happy birthday made me smile like an idiot. Strong hands wrapped around me from behind I ?don't need to turn behind and see who he is. My body instantly relaxed on his hard chest and then devil whispered in my ear "Happy Birthday love" while placing a kiss below my ear making me blush and at the same time we heard the voice.

"Sorry, I'm late. Happy birthday, Jane" he said happily.

I felt Zanvil body going stiff and he cursed "Who the fuck invited him, " he said with pure hatred. Making me scowl at him...

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