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   Chapter 56 No.55

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 27062

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Janes pov

I snuggled more in warmness near me and took a deep breath in the familiar scent which instantly losses my little tense mussels but I was still feeling little sore in my lower body.

Why I'm filling like that.

But I ignored it because I was feeling good and tried to feel more warmness near me by taking one more deep breath filling my nostril with that familiar scent and snuggling more.

After some minute I felt fingertip tracing a line from my bare shoulder to my collarbone. Spreading the tickling sensation all over my exposed skin. I shivered a little bit but didn't open my eyes because my eyes refused to do it.

Then I felt it tracing a line from my collarbone and further moving down to the valley of my chest. Causing me to shiver more with foreign sensation all over my body. My eyes flutter open and the first thing I saw made my heart skip a bit.

Zanvil was staring at me with dark eyes. With a little smile tugged on the corner of his lips. His hair was sexy messy and when my eyes traveled down from his handsome face to his exposed neck to his bare chest. It made me swallow hard the lump which is forming in my throat. I saw there were red bite marks on his neck and chest to his shoulder and instantly last night's scenes ran in front of my eyes causing my cheeks to burn in deep red shade.

I know how he got it.

I averted my eyes away from his and shifted back to his observing face. He has known mischievous smirk on his face and I know he saw how my eyes traveled from his face to downward. He was looking at me with his dark eyes. His gaze traveled from my face to downwards causing me to immediately lowered my eyes by biting my lower lip. I saw blanket was barely covering my bare chest causing my heart to run wildly in his dark gaze.

I grip the hem of the blanket and covered myself till my head while closing my eyes shut. I tried to hide from his dark gaze. I heard him laughing at my actions. God, I'm feeling so embarrassed and with this fear. Its kinda sweet fear in me being so exposed to his dark eyes. The sweet fear in me was increasing because I know that we both are completely naked under this blanket and what we did yesterday. I completely remember how he made me feel from yesterday night to till morning. It caused me to grip the hem of the blanket tighter so he won't be able to see me in this state.

He moved his hand up and tried to remove the blanket away from me but I won't let it go but with one more tugged he was able to take it away from my face. He was able to take it away from my face and see my blushing face but I won't let him see my emotions. So I kept my eyes closed because they were not ready to meet with his sea-colored one.

I felt him caressing my cheeks with the back of his warm finger causing a tickling sensation all over it and making my breathing more shallow. "Open your eyes love. I want you to look at me when I do things to you, " he said in his morning husky voice causing a bolt of shiver run to my naked body. I made my grip on the hem of the blanket strong which I was pressing it to my chest to hide my nakedness. How I want to open my eyes and see at his face but I refuse to do it. I know it's a bad idea because at the same time I'm feeling like I should run away from here and hide.

"You know love what I do when you act stubborn, " he said in dangers raspy morning voice while sliding his thumb on my lower lip causing me to bit my lower lip in my reflex to his threat.

He kept on moving the tip of his fingers down till they reach to where I was holding the blanket. He moved his hand easily inside it against my protest and capture my left breast. Causing me to gasp in suddenness it made me move my body nearer to his hard chest. I buried my face in his neck and my hands were fisted on his chest. He didn't stop there he kept his fingers moving by tracing the outer line of my curves causing me to shiver till they reach my most intimate part. I was breathing heavily in his burning touch. It was a little hard for me to move my lower body because I was feeling little pain there.

He felt how I was feeling so cupping my checks he asked, "Are you, sore love" he asked me in his worried voice.

The concern in his voice made me open my eyes and look in his dark sea-colored eyes. His eyes are filled with so many emotions in them still looking in his eyes I nodded my head. My reply made him smirk like he was proud of himself after listening to my reply and cause me to blush hard.

He didn't waste a time and kissed me hard. "I'll run a warm bath for us, " he said still with a mischievous smirk plastered to his lips. My eyes widened with unknown fear in them when I heard those words.

"We will bath together, " I said in a small voice in disbelief. I know we have already done it and seen each other naked but yesterday it was my alcohol that made me little bold and I don't regret it but today that effect has gone and I'm back to my shy self and my imagination is messing with my head.

It's the first time we are going to the bath together. I don't know what will happen. His eyes were fixed on my face to see my reaction and he was successful in getting what he wanted. I know it by the grin he was giving me. He nodded at me and pecked my lips and went to the bathroom without bothering to cover himself and giving me his back view.

I saw marks of my nails on his back. I was left alone there with my imagination and again I covered myself till my head with a wildly beating heart. After some time he came out. I could hear his footsteps coming near me. I grip the hem more tightly but he snatches my blanket away from me causing me to gasp at his action. Seeing my reaction, he smirked at me.

A cold breeze hit my bare skin making me shiver. He was taking in my nakedness and in a second he lifted me up in his arm and started moving in the direction of the bathroom. I wrapped my arms around his neck to hold myself in place because of suddenness.

We were sitting in a bathtub with him behind me my back was resting on his hard chest. Water was warm enough to relax my sore muscles. Zanvil was applying body wash on my body and whenever his hand brushes my breast it increased my heartbeat.

I know he is intentionally doing it by how his chest vibrate. When he tried to suppress his laughter when his hand brushes my body parts. I was sitting quietly with a red face. I don't know where my voice is gone. To tell you truth my throat hurts a little bit.

"Feeling better, " Zanvil asked by kissing my neck removing my wet hair from it. I just nodded at him. Suddenly he turns me around so my front was facing him. I gasp in surprise but I kept my eyes low. "See at my love, " he said while lifting my face by my chin.

I lifted my eyelids and looked at him. "Still feeling sore, " he asked me in his demanding voice.

"No, " I said in a small voice while seeing in his eyes. My cheeks were burning red because of our close proximity.

"Good, " he said with a smirk and connected his lips with mine. I felt his hard erection causing me to gasp and taking advantage of it he shoved his tongue inside my mouth.

His hands were moving on my back causing a burning sensation. He moved his lips down and kissed at my corner of the mouth and it kept on descending to my neck where he has his marks on it. He sucked on them again making them darker in color but he never stopped there. His warm lips kept on descending down till he was sucking on my left breast causing me to arch my back in pleasure. Spreading the burning sensation inside me. I gripped on his shoulder to support my body which is trembling in his electrifying touch.

I was breathing hard when he connected our forehead "Let's get you out of here. If I don't stop here you will feel sorer, " he said with a smirk. I buried my face in his neck with a small smile tugged on my lips. I'm happy because he is thinking about me.

After some time we came out of the bathtub. He dried me off with a towel and then he made me wear one of his dark blue t-shirts. Which reach to my mi

g my one hand run in his thick hair and another gripping on my pillow for my life. His tough was again building that sensation in me make me take heavy breathing loudly. Placing one more kiss Zanvil stood up.

His arousal was visible through the fabric of his sweatpants. He eyed me with hooded eyes and removed his sweatpants. Making me stop breathing because I was the reason behind these states. He soon climbed on the back on bed positioning him between my legs dipping his head down he kissed me hard while rubbing himself on me it made me gasp.

How hard he was for me. Taking it as his advantage he explored my mouth still doing it. He slowly started entering me make me adjust to his fullness. My heart was beating so wildly against my rib cage. When he was completely inside me he started moving to make me bury my face in his neck.

I was feeling hot all over my body by burning in his touch increasing the pressure inside me which was getting ready to explode. He increased his pace making me moan his name loudly. He buried his face in my neck while growling and kissing on it.

I gripped on his shoulder to support my trembling body when the sensation was ready to go. I dug my nails in his shoulder and my toes dug in the mattress when I came moaning his name loudly. He bit on my neck and growled loudly while blowing hard in me he too comes making my toes dug more in meters.

Taking his face out of my neck he kissed me all over my face. He was still inside me while he was kissing all over my face and jaw. Sometimes we stayed like that and again I started to feel him becoming hard inside me. I saw him with wide eyes.

He smirked at me evilly and said "I can't help it you made me wait so long" and saying that he positioned him on side of me. His front was touching my back and again he started doing his deeds making me a moaning mess.

He removed himself out of me late at night when I was so exhausted because of him. As soon as I placed my head on his chest I drifted to sleep.

He woke me up in the night to eat my food. First I protested because he broke my sweet sleep but against my protest he made me eat it and I eat it with closed eyes. It was not like after eating my food he let me drift back to my sweet peacefully sleep.

In the morning again we showered together and let me tell you this shower was different from yesterday shower. He kept his promise and I was not able to walk properly and because of it, I'm taking leave today.

I was down in the kitchen searching for something to drink. I felt a presence behind me. I don't need to turn back to see who is standing behind me. Taking a juice box I closed the door. As soon as the door closed strong arms were placed beside me and caged me.

I turned around to see my handsome beast standing in front of me fully dressed for work. Yes, I have changed his name. Now he is not the devil but a beast for me. I have changed it from the night before yesterday. I keep the juice box on the side.

He devilishly smirks at me causing me glare back at him. His smirk widened seeing my face. I know he is again going to start it. "I should stay home with you, " he said while nuzzling in my neck and placing the butterfly kisses all over it making me go weak in my knees.

Now he is using this trick to convince me. He is using his touch to make me obey.

I took a deep breath and brought my senses back to the right places. "No Zanvil you are going office. We already talked about it, " I said while placing my hands on his hard chest to make him move away.

I know why he wants to stay at home. From the morning we were arguing about it. He took my protesting hands and caged them and placed on either side of my head. "I'm staying, " he said in firm tone seeing his plan was not working.

He doesn't know if he would have continued to do it some more time. I would have given in but luck is on my side. "Zanvil you are already dressed for the work. What's the use of getting a dress and not going to the office" I too replied in a firm tone.

"You can always undress me, " he said with a wicked grin. Making me glare at him in anger

"No, " I said in a firm tone.

"I will stay. I'm the boss I can do whatever I want to" he said in anger.

"Ok, " I said while looking in his eyes. He smirked in victory hearing my answer. "You stay I will go to the office, " I said it with a firm tone.

His smirk faded listening to me. He signed in defeat and buried his face in my neck "Why are you doing this with me" he said in anger.

"But I'm still going to convince you, " he said while placing his wet lips on his kiss marks on my neck.

"Zanvil stop it. You will be late, " I said while moving my body but he made me stand still with his lower body.

"I don't care, " he said still kissing my neck.

I have to stop him or he will soon convince me.

My gaze felt behind him and "Mom dad" mere whisper came out of my mouth.

But Zanvil heard it and lifted his head up and looked at my surprised expression on my face "It's too old love. Do you think the same trick will work on me again" he said with a smirk while moving his face back to my neck.

I was still looking behind him with wide eyes and soon he heard a throat clearing sound and stopped in track and looked at me with wide eyes and he immediately turned back to see behind him.

"Mom dad" a whisper left his mouth.

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