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   Chapter 55 No.55

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 31653

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Zanvil Pov.

I was talking with Gabi about her recent project. Gabi and I are good friends. Not friends with benefits in bed but in social life and that's the reason why she became my partner for all parties and charity functions.

She needed these parties to grow her network as a model and I wanted a partner just to accompany me so it went like that. She was so happy to get her new contract from the last party we attended together and she was thanking me for it.

With a smile, I told her it was all her hard work, not mine and while talking with her from the corner of my eyes, something caught my attention and when I fully shifted my gaze to it. I clenched my fist in anger and my blood started boiling and unknowingly my legs started moving in the direction of my target.

Who the fuck he think he is to touch what's mine like that with his filthy hands.

I cursed under my breath when I saw her smiling at him. I hate it when she smiles at another man like that. I fucking hate it when they stare at her getting mesmerized by her beauty. I knew this dress of her was going to make lots of head turn and that's the reason why I was against her wear it. This thought caused me to increase my pace. I went near them taking long steps.

"I never got a chance to know your name. What is this beautiful lady's name?" he asked in his flirting voice which leads me to charge in their direction in more anger and in the blink of seconds I was there.

"For you, it's Mrs.Zanvil Addams keep your hands away from her, " I said it with clench jaw while taking hold of Jane's forearm I pulled her to my chest and secured my hold on her. When her petite frame touched my hard chest. My body muscles instantly relaxed. I took a deep breath in her scent and it immediately calmed my angry throbbing nerves.

See this effect she has on me.

"Sorry man I didn't know she was married, " he said it with a smirk while lifting his hand in his defense. His voice made me remember that he was still there and I have to punch his guts out. He is all acting innocent now in front of me but he doesn't know I have caught him so many time staring at my wife. I glared at him in anger.

I'm going to break his hand and act like I didn't know they were his hands.

But before I could do it Jane's hands wrapped around my waist to maintain her balance and then she snuggled in my chest. Is she not feeling well I thought while seeing at her face. Her skin is flushing red does she have a fever. Touching her face with the back of my palm I checked her body temperature.

Her skin is warm but she doesn't have a fever. I sigh in relief and took her away from the dancing floor and crowd not before giving a death glare to him. I saw how that prick head shifts his body weight on his legs in uneasiness because of my gaze. On another hand, Jane lazily followed me. She stumbled on her feet to maintain her balance when we halted away from the crowd.

Is she drunk?

I saw at her flushing face with an angry gaze. "Have you been drinking Jane?" I asked her in anger.

Listening to me she tried to open her clouded eyes and then she looked at me with a lazy smile on her lips.

She is definitely drunk.

Looking at her drunken faces it's making more hard for me to not to kiss her senselessly and she doesn't even know how badly I want to kiss her those full lips which move shyly against mine whenever I kissed them.

"No my devil husband, " she said while gripping my cheeks in her fingers and taking me out of my thoughts.

Did she just call me the devil?

I glared at her but she replied to my glare by her smile. If she would have been in her right state of mind she would have never dared to call me that. "How much you have drunk to losses your senses, " I asked her in anger.

She looked at me and blinked her clouded eyes preparing herself to answer me. "I drank one.., " she said while counting on her fingers and she lost the count. Then she smiles sheepishly at me and said: "I don't remember how many glasses of fruit punch I drank."

How can she behave so immaturely this is our first public appearance and she got drunk on this day. Many of my business associates want to meet her. With who now I'm supposed to make them meet. I stared at her face in anger. God does she even know how cute she is looking right now. I can't let another man see her like this. That right is only reserved for me.

What are you thinking Zan you are still angry with her for leaving you? How did you forget it?

I sign in frustration. I can't let her cuteness fool me. I'm still angry at her for leaving me and now for how the hell she allowed some filthy man touch her. Thinking about it l saw at her with a clenched jaw and then I rubbed my face with my palm. I was trying to control my anger but I was failing to do it.

God, she is so drunk if I would have not seen her on right time with that prick he would have taken advantage of her drunken state. I would have killed him for it. If I see him again I'm going to punch him hard. I took hold of her hand and dragged her where everyone was sitting where she can be safe.

"Wait here I'll come in a minute, " I said while making her sit on a chair. I'll go and inform Sam that we are leaving and I will send her the donation as soon as possible. I was about to go when Jane's fingers wrapped around my wrist. I looked at her with a questioning gaze.

"No, you sit with me, " she said it and made me sit beside her. I sigh in defeat looking at her beautiful smile and taking a seat beside her.

Her smile is doing something with my heart today and increasing my urge to kiss her so bad. Maybe because I have not kissed her properly from past two days. We need to get out of here as soon as possible.

I looked at Jack who was sitting in front of us and looking at both of us then he shifted his gaze to me and give me known smirk like he read my evil thoughts. I smirked back at him. He knows me very well and that's why we are best friends. Everyone was looking at us curiously. I ignored their gaze and I took a glass of wine by passing waiter and took a sipe to calm mine nerves while looking at my beauty.

She was sitting beside Matt and then she smiled at him and gesture him to come near her with her hand. What is she trying to do by moving so near to a guy? I know he is gay but still, I don't like it. He came near her and she moved near his ear and kept her hand on her mouth so no one could read her lips. What she wants to talk with him so secretly. I was curiously looking at them and not only me but everyone.

"You know what Matt you should try to seduce him, " she said while gesturing at me and continued her low whispering which she thing is low but everyone could hear it. I made my grip strength on the glass. Why she wants him to seduce me but I kept my cool and continued hearing her further by taking a sip from my glass to cool myself. "because I have started to think he is gay, " she said with a smile and I was almost going to spit it out of my mouth. Her words caught me off guard.

Did she just call me that?

My blood started boiling in anger. Matt saw at me with wide eyes and at the same time I heard a gasp from everyone mouth and then they started laughing. I looked at them with the clenched jaw in anger it made them suppress their laughter. Hearing everyone's laughter Jane looked at them in confusion not knowing she just gave them a show of tonight.

If we would have been in our bedroom I would have instantly shown her how much of gay I'm but I need to wait for a little bit so I can have my ways with her. To do this first we need to get out of here. In anger I stood up and pulled her up too with me and bring her face near to me I whispered in a spine-chilling voice of mine ?"let's go home and I will show you how much of gay I'm." her body shivered when I said that.

I smirked at her reaction when I said those words. In her drunken stated too, her body reacts to my words. She was looking at me with still clouded eyes with little confusion. My smirk widened seeing at her. You don't know love what you have bought to yourself tonight. Holding her hand I started taking her out of the party and her alcohol making her obey me. I know alcohol was kicking in her and she is unaware of what was coming next.

The fun time has just started.

With a smirk, on my lips, I called my driver telling him that we are ready to leave and soon he came to receive us. We both slipped in and my driver started the car.

"Water, " she asked in her small voice after some time. I made her drink some water and then secured my strong hold on her waist. She rested her head on my shoulder.

She doesn't know how much I controlled myself not to hold her until she drifts in her deep sleep. How I manage to avoid her for two days. But I always kept my eye on her. She doesn't even know that her cabin has a secret camera and that's the reason how I came to know that Scott was in her cabin more than the time I allow.

She always thought that I didn't know about her escapes to the kitchen. Like this, she does know so many things I know about her. And some things are that I don't want her to know ever in our life. I don't want to think about those things now. When I have so many other things to think like how I'm going to have my ways with this temptress. I saw her innocent sleeping face.

Don't be fooled by her these face behind this innocent face lies a

mine for eternity.

I started placing my wet kisses on her neck and my lips kept moving down till her soft breast. I took it in my mouth and sucked hard while teasing other. She arched her back in pleasure when I did that and moaned loudly. I moved my hand down until my fingers reached her core I rubbed her there and I was successful in getting another loud moan. She gripped the sheets forsake of her life. "Zan.." she got stuck on her breath.

She was shivering in my touch her breathing was irregular. Slowly I moved my lips down placing wet kisses with my marks until I get where I was dying to be. I tested her and she tested so divinely. She moaned loudly and shivered and tried to herself away from me because of this foreign sensation in her and by closing her legs when I entered my fingers in her but I kept my hold on her stopping her from doing it and she screamed my name causing me to smirk.

I eat her till she came twice in pleasure calling my name loudly. Satisfied I stood up and removed my pants her gaze followed my each and every movement with hooded eyes. When I removed my briefs she bit her lip hard seeing my hard member. I loved her reaction without wasting time I hovered on her. I so fucking badly want to be inside her.

I rubbed my hard member on her wet core and she moaned so fucking good closing her eyes and gripping the sheets tightly. I was mesmerized by every moment of it. I love her reaction. I want to make her scream till it hurts the next day. I slowly entered her. She got stuck on the breath.

God, she is so fucking tight.

"Zanvil it's paining, " she said while crying in pain. Her tears slipping the corner of her eyes.

"Shhh, love don't cry it will fade away" I sad while wiping her tears and kissing her softly.

I removed it till the tip and again entered her deep taking her virginity.

"Zanvil" she screamed in pain and pleasure both.

"It will go away love, " I said and kissed her whole face and wiped her tears from the corner of her eyes. It feels so good being inside her she is all mine and I'm the one who will be her first and last. I started moving making her scream my name more.

At first, I started slow and steady making her comfortable till her pain is gone. When she stopped crying and started moaning I increased my pace making her scream my name loudly. She bit on my shoulder and neck to controls her pain and pleasure until it started stinging in pain.

I loved the idea of having her marks. I pounded in her till I was deep inside her. Her hands were moving all over my body her nails digging in my back and he toes curled when her orgasm was about to shoot. I increased my pace to make her reach her peak. "Zan...Zanvil" She came screaming my name in her hoarse voice causing me to come over my release blowing hard thrice I had my earth shattering orgasm.

"Jane love" I emptied myself inside her calling her name. She moaned too feeling my orgasm. I never experienced this kind of organism. I so fucking loved it because it was because of my love.

I let my body settle on her. I liked the position we were in. Her hands and legs wrapped around me and I was still inside her. Our chest connected where our heart was beating wildly. Lifting my head up I saw at her beautiful face. Her eyelids were heavier because of tiredness. I tugged her loose lock of hair behind her ear. She smiled lazily at me stopping my heartbeat. It's the first time I ever saw her smiling at me like that and it melted my heart into a puddle if soil. I kissed her lips softly feeling each other's emotions through it. I removed myself out if her and took her in my embrace. She placed her head on my bare chest and drifted to her sweet sleep listening to my heartbeat. I kissed her forehead and let my finger trace a line whole over her body.

It was early in the morning and sun has just started to come up spreading its beam all over earth increasing its beauty. I saw at my sleeping beauty. She looked more breathtaking in sunlight and making me hard once again. I can't disturb her because she just slept two hours ago. I woke her up In the middle of the night for three-time. I was not able to keep my hands away from her when I had tested and felt her she was mine. I let her sleep when she was so exhausted because of me tiring her. I was still lost in her when my phone started ringing.

Who the hell is calling me so early in the morning and disturbing?

I ignore it and it stopped ringing but it again stated ring I saw Jane moving. I have to take this I don't want to wake her by the noise. I kissed on her cheeks and she snuggled in blanket causing smile form on the corner of my lips.

I took the cell phone and looked at caller Id it was an unknown number.

Whoever it is if they disturbed me for no reason I'm going to kill them.

"Hello, " I said still looking at the sleeping frame of jane.

"How is my Jane are you taking good care of her, " said the person from another side. Making my body go stiff and my blood boil like anything I instantly recognized the voice.

I clenched my jaw in anger "She only belongs to me. Why the fuck are you calling me" I spat in anger.

I heard him laughing "Start counting your days because she will soon leave you and come to me, " he said while laughing.

"In your dreams, it will never happen, " I said it with the clenched jaw in confidence.

She will never leave me.

"Yeah still after knowing the truth. She has started to remember everything. Now she remembers Sam Jack's mother was there on her accident day soon she will remember everything. Let's see when she remembers everything what will she do" ?he said like he was stating the fact.

"In the end, she will have the only choice to come to me and when that happens I won't let her go, " he said in anger.

"Try your best. I won't let her go ever, " I said in anger, cutting the call I threw my cell phone on the floor breaking it in pieces. I won't hear his nonsense anymore. I moved my hand in my hair to calm myself down but I failed.

I won't let her go but she will soon remember everything and what will you do then. It was playing in my brain continuously.

My mind was asking me this question continuously. That she has started to remember everything causing to Increasing my uneasiness...

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