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   Chapter 54 No.54

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Still lost in my thought I took the call without seeing the name. The person on another side said "Hello" and my eyes widened in recognizing the voice from another side.

It is the same voice that I heard in my dream.

I immediately looked at the caller Id and my eyes widen in shock.

I never knew the owner of this voice was there on the accident scene when my family had an accident.

Why no one ever told me about it. I was semi-unconscious at that time and my brain erased that painful memory from my brain.

But why this person never talked to me about it.

Hundreds of questions were coming in my mind. Why they kept this away from me.

"Hello Jane are you there, " asked the person from another line and I came out of my thoughts.

"Y..yes, " I said it in a bit lost voice.

"Good, it's just I called you to remind that like every year we host a charity gala to our foundation and this time you are going to attend it with Zanvil. The official invitation is already sent" the owner of voice said in a happy tone. I was still bit lost while listening to that voice.

I don't know why this person never talked to me about that day.

"Hello are you listening did I disturbed you. If you want I will call you afterward" the person from another line said.

"No no, I'm listing. it was just I was a bit lost. Yes, I received the invitations" I said.

"I'm so excited this is going to be your first public appearance but I'm going to miss Jennifer this time" the person replied in a sad voice.

"Me too Samantha" yes she is the person whom I'm talking with. I'm still in shock why she never talked with me about it. I cleared my throat and continued the conversation. "Actually, I miss her a lot" I replied to her.

"Yeah me too. You know when I called her she told me not to miss her and to make sure that her daughter looks best and hot during the gala" she said in a cheerful voice.

"Hot, " I said in a small confused voice.

Why I need to look hot for a charity ball.

"Yes hot. You have to look hot so we can raise more money for our foundation" she said in don't you know tone.

"What how, " I asked her in confusion.

"What you don't know. See this is the reason why you should have attended our previous charity gala but you always refused me" I could imagine her rolling her eyes.

"Sorry, " I said in a small voice.

"Nevermind sweety listen. Every year we collect charity by endorsing new fashion designers and their new clothing line and some special guest are given their clothes to wear and if any reputed company find their design unique and new that designer is given a job by auction of that dress and auction money comes to our charity. So by this charity gala, new talent gets a good platform and we get funds for our foundation" Sam explained to me everything.

"Wow, it's something new for me. But I liked the concept of this charity gala so much" I said in admiration.

"Thanks to me I was the founder. So you have to come for dress trial today so you can wear it thereafter tomorrow, " she informed me.

"Sam do you think I'm the right choice to wear one of there dress. I mean their career depended on it. I think I won't be the right person for this work" I said in a small voice. I don't want to ruin anyone career.

"What are you talking have you see your body it's the best for this kind of work. I don't want to hear any ifs and buts you are coming for the trial. I'll message you the address" she said in her commanding tone leaving no space for me to say no.

I puffed air out of my mouth "Ok let's give a try" I agreed but I was still not sure with it.

"Good if you had refused me I would have dragged you to trial and then to the gala, " she said in her cheerful but I will do that tone.

"Yes, ma'am, I will be there. You don't need to take that many efforts" I said in obeying tone. I heard her laughing and then we said our byes.

I too need to meet her and ask her about that day. I need to know why she never talked to me about it. Maybe mom knows about it should I talk to her. Yeah, I should ask her.

I called her and she received it "Hello, Jane I was waiting for your call, " mom said in her all-time happy voice. Usually, l call her at this time to ask her about her and dad's health.

"Mom, how is dad doing? Is everything ok did you had your lunch?" I asked her.

"Yes, Jane, everything is ok. Stop worrying about us and your uncle is doing great in recovering, " she said in not to worry tone.

"Mom I think I should come and see it with my own eyes, " I said to her in a still worried voice.

"No need to do that everything is fine. You know your dad and I want you to concentrate on your work don't stress yourself by thinking about your dad's health. He is fine and the doctor even told that if he kept on recovering at this rate he will be soon discharged" she informed me.

"What really it's a such a great news I'm dying to meet you guys, " I said in a happy voice.

"Yes, we too want to see you guys. How is work going on and how are Zan and you doing" mom asked me.

"Everything is fine, " I said in small voice remembering what happened yesterday. He is still mad at me.

"Jane what happened is everything ok, " mom asked in her worried voice.

"Yes, mom. Actually, I forgot why I called you I wanted you to ask about Sam.." I said it but mom didn't let me complete it.

"I too forget about it yes Sam called me. You and Zan are attending that event. I'm so excited about it. I wanted to see your guy's first public appearance with my own eyes but not to worry if I'm not there Sam is going to be. I have told her to dress you in the best dress I want everyone's eyes on you and she too has agreed with me. Jane, I think your dad is calling me. I will talk to you later don't forget to send me pictures bye" mom said in excited but hurry tone.

"Yes bye, " I said in a small voice. I sigh in the discomfort I was not able to ask her today I should try to ask her some other day.

I saw at my watch it was lunchtime. I went to the cafeteria and I saw Scott was sitting on a corner table.

Why is he sitting there?

"Hey, " I said after going near him.

"Hi, " he said in low but shock and a little-pained voice like it was painful for him to talk.

"What happens, " I asked him while taking sit in front of him.

He saw at me "Thanks to you devil husband" he said while holding his jaw.

"What happens, " I asked in a concerned voice.

"Don't you know yesterday when I tried to give him a little piece of reality he punched my jaw. It was like he almost broke it" he said while holding his jaw.

I saw at him with sorry eyes and said, "I'm sorry this all happened because of me."

"You don't need to feel sorry for your husband's deeds forget about this. I thought you won't come back to the office. Where did you disappear yesterday? You know he was searching for you like mad" he asked me in his questions voice.

I took a deep breath and opened my mouth "I was at Nina's place and yesterday whatever Olivia told us it was all misunderstanding. She was talking about some other James, not about my James and when he came to know about this he was so mad and he is still mad at me. I don't know what should I do" I sigh in annoyance while resting my chin on my both hands on the table.

He studied my face "Finally you accept that he is your James" he said with a mischievous smirk.

My cheeks burned red did I said that. I wanted to argue but his gaze was saying me not to do it because his jaw is hurting like hell.

"Can we concentrate on a more serious matter? He is still so mad at me" I said while rolling my eyes.

"So what's the problem go and talk with him and sort out everything, " he said while touching his jaw to support it.

"Thanks for great advice but he is not talking with me actually he is behaving differently from yesterday night. Do you know what he said to me? Do whatever you want to do I won't stop you" I sad while trying to mimic his voice. "I don't know what to do, " I said while resting my head on the table like tons of weight was kept on my head still looking at his face.

"So he told you to do whatever you want to do, " he asked me in confirming tone. I nodded my head he moved his head in understanding and open his mouth "just to let you know you are in such a big problem and for you, only one solution is there to make him listen and he won't even avoid you, " he said while looking at me.

"And what is that, " I asked him with shining eyes while lifting my head up.

"The art of seduction, " he said with a mischievous smile.

"What, " I said in a shocked voice. I blinked my eyes after listing him and then started laughing. "I thought you were going to give me serious advice but you are making fun of me. Go ahead enjoy yourself" I said in dry tone again resting my head on the table.

"Women I'm giving you serious advice here and believe me never ever this solution has failed. There is no man in history who was able to resist this temptation" he said in a serious tone.

I stared at him with blank eyes. "Then history is going to change because Zanvil will be the first man to resisted it and he will die while laughing at me, " I said in

th him he let go of my hand.

"See who is here, " Matt said in his happy voice after seeing at me.

"My God you are looking so good" Nina and Hazel both complimented me. I smiled at them.

"Tell me when a hottie is coming to kiss my hand, " he asked happily.

I felt sad for him and me too. I looked at him with a little teary gaze "He didn't like it actually nothing went in my way. I did what you said but he was not affected by anything instead he became more angry at me" I said in crying voice.

"What, " Matt said in a shocked and sad voice.

"Come here, " Nina said while engulfing me in hugging. "Don't mind that dick head forgets him and let's enjoy the party?" she said while handing me some fruit punch.

I took a sip wow it tastes good. I drank that and asked for another one. Sitting on our table we were laughing at Matts jock. "So you are the designer, " Jack asked.

We turned towards him Zanvil and Sky were also standing with him. Matt blushed and answered yes. "I must say you have a talent you have made ugly duckling look like a swan, " he said while looking at Nina and smirked at her. She stared at him with clench jaw.

"I agree too, " said the sky while looking at Hazel.

Am I missing something here?

Zanville just gave his angry look at me and then to poor Matt and then they left. "Next time I see that Jack I'm going to punch him, " Nina said with clench jaw.

"Can you teach me some moves too" Hazel too said in anger.

"God I felt like your husband was going to cut my hands for making this dress. Thank God he left, " he said while signing in relief. His comment caught us off guard causing us to laugh.

Soon there was an amusement for auction to started. We all went backstage I was feeling little loose and stress-free. I don't know how but I felt good.

At backstage, I caught Sam and tried to ask her about that day but she told she has some work and she left. Soon auction started lots of bidding took place and my dress was the highest bid followed by Nina and Hazel and Matt got that designing project he was in seventh heaven.

"Girls it's time for celebration and thanks for being my models you are the best models I ever had, " Matt said in happiness we cheered for him.

I was drinking my fruit punch when something caught my attention. I saw Zanvil was talking to a girl and laughing with her. Why I'm feeling like I have seen her before. I put little pressure on my memory and I remembered it. She was the model with who Zanvil often attended the party.

She is good looking. What he is talking to her and that too with a smile. Maybe refreshing past memory. I made my grip strong on my glass and took a sip while looking at them in anger.

Why is she laughing like that? He must have complimented her. She was wearing so revealing gown. He likes when other girls wear it but when I wear it he thinks I want to gain people's attention.

I don't know how long I was staring at them and drinking my fruit punch because it made me feel good.

"May I have a pleasure to dance with you, " asked the manly voice. I lifted my head up and saw at him. He is a handsome man with a warm smile on his face.

Say no Jane if the devil saw you dancing with him he will be made.

My inner voice warned me.

Screw him when he can talk to his ex why I can't with this man. He told me to do whatever I want to do. So I will do like me, please.

I smile back at him "sure" I said while taking his hand.

I stumbled a little bit while standing up but he caught me by his arm wrapped to the waist. He smiled at me and we headed to the dance floor. We started moving our body with the flow of music. I was feeling good and light like I was in the air. "You know when I saw you on the stage I was mesmerized by your beauty" he complimented me in his deep voice.

Biting my lower lip I smile at him and said, "Thank you." my cheeks must be burning red.

"I never got a chance to know your name. What is this beautiful lady's name?" he asked me before I could answer someone else did it for me.

"For you, it's Mrs. Zanvil Addams keep your hands away from her, " he said while taking me away from his hold. I saw at him with a clouded gaze.

"Sorry man I didn't know she was married, " he said while lifting his hand in his defense. Zanvil glared at him.

Zanvil started dragging me away from the dancing floor and then he made me stand still away from the crowd. I don't know what is happening. "Have you been drinking Jane?" he asked me.

I saw at him still with clouded gaze and smiled at him "No my devil husband" I said while gripping his cheeks in my fingers.

"How much you have drunk to losses your senses, " he asked me in anger.

"I drank one.., " I said while counting on my fingers and I lost the count. I smile sheepishly at him and said "I don't remember how many glasses of fruit punch I drank" He saw at me with a clenched jaw and then rubbed his face with his palm.

He took hold of my hand and dragged me where everyone was sitting. "Wait here I'll come in a minute, " he said while making me sit on a chair.

"No, you sit with me, " I said and made him sit beside me. He sighs in annoyance and took a seat beside me. Everyone was looking at us curiously.

Matt was sitting beside me I smiled at him and gesture him to come near me with my hand. He came to me. I went near his ear and kept my hand on my mouth so no one could read my lips.

"You know what Matt you should try to seduce him, " I said while gesturing at Zanvil and continued my low whispering "because I have started to think he is gay, " I said with a smile.

Matt saw at me with wide eyes and at the same time I heard a gasp and everyone started laughing. I saw at them in confusion.

Why are they laughing?

Zanvil pulled me up with him and bring his face near to my ear he whispered in his spine-chilling voice "let's go home and I will show you how much of gay I'm." My body shivered when he said that with alarm ringing in my brain like a warning.

Did I say it that loud?

He started dragging me out of the party. Alcohol was kicking in me and I was unaware of what was coming next.

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