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   Chapter 53 No.53

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Swallowing my tears I asked, "Will you able to go along." it is an innocent child he has done nothing wrong to me.

"Yes don't worry his dad is also coming with me, " she said while going in direction of lift and my teary eyes traveled with her and when lift open I saw Zanvil standing inside it and she went inside too.

"Jane are you ok" I heard Scott's worried voice but I didn't respond him back.

My body has lost it all power. I was still staring in closed lifts direction. My brain has stopped working.

They had a son together all this time. Zanvil already has a family with Olivia and I'm the one who is coming in between them.

My tears unleashed. Everything around me started spinning and darkens started consuming me and then the world around me stopped moving.

"Jane Jane are you ok can you hear me" I heard Scott's panic voice.

I was feeling numb my brain has stopped working. Everything was a blackout for some time. He was shaking my shoulder to bring me back to my present.

A pain of a hundred knives stabbed to my heart was so unbearable but my body is feeling nothing. It has become numb after listening to Olivia words. Scott was still shaking my shoulder to get my attention. I looked at him with teary eyes.

"God Jane say something, " he said while cupping my face in his hands. I stared at his worried face for a second.

Swallowing lump in my throat I open my mouth "I'..m o..ok Scott. I j..just want to be a..alone for some time" I said in breaking voice. A single tear slipped from my left eye.

"Come I will take you to your cabin, " he said in a worried voice while taking hold of my hand.

I moved my head in denial "No I will go on my own" I said while still moving my head in denial.

"Jane" he tried to convenience me.

But I stopped him "Please Scott, " I said in pleading way with a small bitter smile on my lips. I stood up on my weak legs. Scott still tried to support my body with his strong hold on my hand but I removed his hand from mine and started waking.

I keep walking until I was out of the building. Thousands of questions were coming in my head. To which I had no answers.

He has a family with Olivia and I'm the reason why he is away from his family. Suddenly Olivia happy face flashed in front of my eyes. She was so happy while she was telling me about it. Oliva, Ace, and Zanvil a happy family face flashed in front of my eyes.

And I'm the evil person in between them who is breaking there happy family and that thought made my heart pain like anything my stomach clenched and I felt something rising up in my throat my legs started giving up. I sat on the nearby bench to support my shaking legs everything around me seemed so lifeless.

Why Zanvil kept me in dark. He not only kept me in dark but mom and dad too. Why didn't he told them?

Maybe he will tell them went dad recovers completely. How will mom and dad take this?

I can't tell them about this. Dad has just been through surgery and he has started healing. Telling them this won't be a good thing. I don't want to burden them with my worries. I don't want to be a burden on them anymore.

They were kind enough to get a person like me a homeless orphan married to their only son. Against his will, because they cared for me so much. And he married me to make his parents happy even if he had his own family to care for. I'm just being a burden to everyone. Thinking about this scenario my heart pained.

I closed my eyes tightly warm tears fell down from it rolling down through my cheeks. I don't want to go home. Is it even home for me now? I have nowhere to go. Sitting there I kept thinking about everything.

Swallowing hard I called to the person. The only person who will take me in without any question. She picked up after two rings "Hello" I heard her cheerful voice.

I bit my trembling lower lip from stopping myself on choking on my own voice. "He..hello, " I said in a sobbing voice.

"Jane are you crying" I heard her worried voice from another side.

"Can you pick me up?" I said in a crying voice.

"Yes where are you, " she said it in the same worried voice I heard her grabbing keys sound and shuffling of her jacket.

Swallowing hard I gave her address. I sat in silence on that beach watching cars passing by me. The weather has become so cold. I looked up in the sky and saw black clouds were covering it. It is going to rain any time soon. I closed my eyes and felt how cold breeze was touching my skin causing goose bumps over my body.

I was in my own thoughts when she arrived. She arrived after ten minutes. "Jane what happen why are you sitting here in cold. Come let's go" she said while putting her coat over me.

I sat silently in the car without answering her questions. She understood that I don't want to talk about it and she never asked me again. We reached her mansion after some time. We went to the guest room. "Wanna talk about it, " Nina asked me in a concerned voice.

I moved my head in the denial. I don't want to make her worried too. The fear of being burdened to her too was in me. "I will wait till you are ready to tell me when I need to kick the ass of that Adams. Till then I need to build up my mussel little more and you rest for some time I will wake you up when dinner is ready, " she said with a small smile and hugged me.

I hugged her too with a small smile on the corner of my lips. I know she will do that for me. I nodded my head in approval. Then she handed me my clothes which I left here last time I came for night out. After changing in my cotton shorts and my big loose t-shirt I got in bed and tried to forget everything. I closed my eyes for sleep to take me in.

I just want to forget everything and go back to the days which I spend with my mom and dad in our house. I wanted to go back to those happy days of my life.

As I remembered those days a tear slipped from the corner of my eyes. How much I miss them.

"Jane I'm giving this map back to you but don't shout like that again. It almost gave me a heart attack" mom said in defeat voice to my puppy eyes while handing me back my map. I just gave her a bright smile and nodded while taking my map from her hand.

I again got lost in the map. Dad was still driving in silence. I don't know when I drifted to sleep and with the sudden jerk to our car, I was out of my sleep. Mom's panicked voice was filled in the car. She was calling my name constantly to confirm if I was safe. But I could answer her because of this unconsciousness taking over me.

After a few seconds, I tried to open my eyes and call her but she didn't reply me back. When I tried to look for them a sudden light was flashed and our car flipped. Causing my body to move in force to the roof of the car.

My head was pounding with so much pain in it. My body started giving up its consciousness I could hear a siren. People were calling each other name to do things fast.

And in all those voices I heard one very familiar voice It was so full of worries. "She is breathing get the

t to. Go away from me do whatever you want to do. I won't stop you" he said while leaving my wrist from his grip.

I stared at his face in disbelief and then he went out of the room. Without sparing me a glance closing the door with a loud thud. I slide down on the wall and sat on the floor.

Why he is doing this with me. Why he thinks it is easy for me to forget everything.

I cried my heart out thinking about it. After some time I stood up and changed my clothes still sobbing.

Why I'm the one who always faces the blame in end. I always wanted his happiness. Why can't he see how difficult it was for me to take this decision.

I was still lying on my side of the bed and crying. When he came back. After some time he came out of the bathroom and lied on his side. I turned around to see him but his back was facing me he never slept like that.

I know he is mad at me but why he is behaving like this. He never stopped holding me and it made my heart pain more. I can't sleep like this I scooted near him and wrapped my arms over his waist. His body stiffens when I did that. Resting my head on his back I sobbed. He moved his hands on my encircled one.

He is going to remove them. I made my grip strong but he was still able to take them away from his body.

He doesn't want me to be near him. I removed my hands away from him. I don't know when I sleep while crying. Again at night, I saw the same dream but the more worst and painful part of that night.

My body trembled in fear and pain see it again. I saw people carrying my parent's lifeless body away from me. The pain of them leaving me was so unbearable.

In the end, everyone leaves me alone. In end, they abandoned me in pain and misery to face it all alone and that pain made me scream and cry in my sleep. When I woke up I was laying on Zanvil chest. He to woke up listing to my scream.

"What happens, Jane, " he said in worried voice while cupping my face with his one hand. I saw at him still crying he is too going to leave me one day. That pain in my heart increased a hundred times more.

Why is he holding me now when he refused to my touch?

Why only to leave me alone in end.

Tears slipped from the corner of my eyes. I tried to push him away from me. He made his grip tight on my waist and pulled me to him. I was still sobbing "Jane calm down it was just a nightmare, " he said to calm me down.

"No, it is the truth. You will too leave me alone in end." I said in my hurt voice.

"Calm down, love. I won't leave you" he said while kissing my forehead.

"E..everyone does my p..parents left me alone you will too, " I said in breaking voice.

"No, love I won't. I won't go away from you" he said like he was promising me. He wiped out my tears from his thumb and then pecked my lips.

"Sleep I'm here, " he said while moving his hand on my back in a soothing manner and kissing my head.

"P..promise, " I asked in crying voice.

"Yes promise, " he said. His words gave my heart unknown relief.

I snuggled in his neck and wrapped my arms around him. Breathing in his scent made my nerves calm down and I drifted back to sleep in his arms.

In the morning he didn't talk to me. He was still giving me his cold shoulder.

What happened to his last night promise.

I was still facing his cold wrath. He is still angry with me.

I tried to make things light between us by pecking his lips while going to work but that pecking turned to the heated make-out session by him pinning my body to the wall but it didn't help me. As soon as it ended he left as nothing happened between us a second ago. Like he never kissed me hungry against the wall and that made my blood boiled in anger.

I was sitting in my cabin and doing my work but my mind was somewhere else. Why I'm not liking the ideas of him being away from me. I was waiting for this day to come when he will leave me alone in my life but today when that day has come why I'm hating it, so much. Why I have a sudden change of heart.

That time my cell phone ranged. Still lost in my thought I took the call without seeing the name. The person on another side said "Hello" and my eyes widened in recognizing the voice from another side.

It is the same voice which I heard in my dream.

I immediately looked at the caller Id and my eyes widen in shock. I never knew the owner of this voice was there on the accident scene when my family had an accident.

Why no one ever told me about it. I was semi-unconscious at that time and my brain erased that painful memory from my brain.

But why this person never talked to me about it.

Hundreds of questions were coming in my mind. Why they kept this away from me...

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