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   Chapter 52 No.52

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It's the first time I ever saw Zanvil smiling like that. They seemed so happy together like the world around them doesn't matter. They didn't even sense my presence in the same room because they are so engrossed in each other. I swallowed the lump in my throat. My face turned to grime one and my eyes filled with tears.

Now I know with whom he is in love with.

I was still standing there like that swallowing my tears. They seem so happy while talking to each other.

I should not disturb them. I Should leave them alone because they don't need the third wheel between them and when that third wheel is her boyfriend's unwanted wife.

I turned back emotions were ready to spill from the corner of my eyes. When I was about to open the door. Her happy voice stopped me and my body froze hearing her "Jane, " she said in her cheerful voice.

Swallowing my tears and bring a small smile on my face I turned back to face her. "Hey, " I said in a small voice.

She started to approach in my direction "Where you were trying to leave without meeting me" she asked me in a suspicious voice.

"No" I lie in a small voice while moving my head in denial.

"Then why were you going back, " she asked me standing in front of me with a small frown on her beautiful face.

Now she was standing in front of me. I could see how beautiful time has made her and the reason why Zanvil is in madly in love with her. "No. The thing is I forgot the file which I was supposed to carry here" again I lied to her while trying to keep my voice straight. And all the time I was talking with her I was feeling his gaze on me.

"O, " she said in an understanding voice.

"Are you done with your question and answer section?" he asked her in a happy teasing voice. I saw him in disbelief. I never saw him talking to her with this tone.

Her love has changed him so much. It has even made him be polite to her.

She averted her gaze to him "O shut up. I was just asking her. The thing is I'm so happy to meet her again" she said in a happy tone and then she hugged me.

Her back was facing Zanvil and I could see the happy smile on his face. He looked at me with conforming eyes. His eyes were telling me that. See I told you she will be happy after meeting you. I averted my gaze to the floor.

She broke the hug and said "Jane I was thinking…" and at the same time, her pheon ringed she was not able to complete her sentence. "It is from home. I need to take it" she said and received the phone. While she was talking Zanvil was staring at me. I don't know why he is looking at me when he has such a beautiful girlfriend to stare at. Probably enjoying my discomfort. "I need to go, " she said in little-worried voice.

"Why what happened you just came, " Zanvil asked in a worried voice. He doesn't want to stay away from her.

"It's about Ace. I need to go" she said with known eyes. I saw how his expression changed.

"Is he okay. Should I come with you" he asked her in a worried voice.

Who is Ace? They sound so worried about him.

"No, James ?I will take care of it. You don't need to worry about it, " she said it with assurance and went to hug him. She still calls him with his middle name. He hugged her too and then her face moved more near to him.

Is she going to kiss him in front of me?

A heavyweight was put on my chest. I was about to avert my teary gaze away from them but I saw she kissed him on his cheeks. The relief was sent over my heart and then she came to me. "It was so nice to meet you again Jane. We should hang out sometimes. There is so much I want to tell you" she said while hugging me. I gave her a small smile and nodded at her. She replied with the same gesture and went out of the office.

Now I and her boyfriend were left alone in this big office. I'm feeling suffocated in his presence. I should get out of here. When I turned to follow Olivia out. A stronghold was placed on my forearm which pulled me back towards him with a force. My back clashed with his hard chest. He wrapped his arm around my waist.

I closed my eyes tightly when I felt his warm breath fanning on my neck. He kissed softly on my neck causing shiver run to my body and which let me bite my lip because of this unknown sensation in me. I don't want to feel like this. I don't want to give in. Why he is even doing this with me. His girlfriend just went out now.

He turned me around still his one hand was possessively gripping around my waist. I was not feeling like looking at his sea-colored eyes or his face. "Were you happy to meet Olivia after so long, " he asked me.

How can he ask me this? How much I hate him for this.

I just nodded at him without lifting my head up. "Zanvil I have some work to do, " I said while trying to remove his hand from my waist.

"Did you forget I called you in my office because of work too?" he said while lifting my head his thumb was making circles on my cheeks causing a tingling sensation all over my skin.

How I hate him to make me feel like this. He wanted me to meet his girlfriend. She meets me everything is over now. What else work is remaining to do? Does he want me to cry inform of him?

I looked at him with blank eyes. "Rose told me you left without eating breakfast why, " he asked me. Little anger was in his voice.

Why is he asking me that? I'm not a child I can take care of myself.

"So what? I didn't feel like eating anything. I will eat something afterward. I should leave. I have some work to do" I said in a strong voice with pure annoyance.

I won't cry in front of him.

"No. First, you are going to eat breakfast then do whatever you want to do" he said in anger while dragging me to the sofa in his office and made me sit there he sat beside me. Very very close to me invading my private space. When I moved away he again came more near to me and it went on till I was cage by him to the corner. I sigh in annoyance and which caused him to smirk at me.

I averted my gaze away from him to food. When I saw the food in front of me my stomach growled. I saw how the devil smirked at me. Why my stomach has to betray me like this. In embracement, I averted my gaze back to food in front of me. It was so much for one person to eat.

I'm sure it was for him and Olivia and she left that's why he is making me eat it. I was about to protest when he served lots of food on a plate and gave it to me. I looked at him with are you serious gaze but his eyes told me to shut up and eat. It's better to eat fast and leave from here as fast as possible rather than arguing with him. When I was eating he was just staring at me.

I think he is hungry too. Then why he is not eating it. "Are you not going to eat it?" I asked while gesturing to food.

"Of course I'm going to eat it, " he said while still looking at my face. I swallowed my food and I saw how his eyes moved to my throat.

Is he talking about something else?

Looking my face he shook his head in amusement. Taking a fork he started eating from my plate. I looked at him with anger. Why he is stealing my food when there is so much to eat. Yes, I'm possessive about my food. He smirked to my reaction and again eat from my plate. "Get your own plate, " I said while taking my plate out of his reach.

"No, we are eating from the same plate, " he said and took it from my hold. When I opened my mouth for a protest he stuffed my mouth with a large piece of pancake. And when I closed my mouth he pecked my lips. "Shut up and eat love, " he said while still smirking at me. I chewed my food fast still looking at him with a narrowed gaze and again when I opened my mouth for a protest he again put a big bite in my mouth.

Now we were not only eating from the same plate but from the same spoon too. He made me eat everything and when I was drinking the juice he suddenly asked me "Did you slept well last night" I got choked on my juice. Memories of last night flashed in front of my eyes. I looked at him with shock-wide eyes.

Who asked such a question to the person who is drinking something and that too from nowhere.

He smirked at me seeing my reaction and took the glass from my hand to drink from it. He took a sip from it still looking at my face. Probably waiting for my answer. "I should go I have some work to do, " I said it and trying to escape from his presence but he caught my hand.

"You are not going anywhere, " he said with a mischievous smirk plastered on his face. My face was red because of his sudden stupid question.

"Are you blushing because of it?" he asked with a wide known smirk plastered on his face. How much he is enjoying this it was visible on his face.

I won't give him this satisfaction. "W..What are you talking about I don't remember anything. I'm done with eating my breakfast let me go" I said it in a nervous voice still trying to make myself free from his grip.

He pulled me down and made me lie under him on the sofa and captured me in his arms. "So you don't remember anything, " he asked while looking at my red face.

"No" I refuse to accept it.

"Hmm you don't remember this, " he said while moving his thumb on my lower lips like yesterday. I swallow hard and moved my head in denial. "You don't remember this, " he said while tugging on my lower lips like last night. My heart was beating wildly but I still refuse to accept it. I won't let him win. Seeing my stubbornness he smirked at me with clench jaw and said "Then I need to make you remember everything" and he claimed my lips in posses kiss. His lips were moving in force on mine. My hands fisted on his shirt with tight gripped.

His hands started moving on my body making my body shiver with his touch. He spared my lips and I gasped for air. His lips started to descending to my neck and I felt his hand moving on my back to unzip my dress against my protest. My breath got hitched when he unzipping it and started pulling it down and he started placing a kiss on my bare chest an inch by inch as he was pulling it down making my body weaker.

I placed my trembling hands on his hands which were pulling my dress

moving in his hair and other was gripping on my pillow for my dear life. I was moaning mess when his tongue started to do its things down there.

My all anger my all complains were thrown in the drain and only think which were left in this world was me and him. My body was ache for more contact with our skin. "Say it love you are mine, " he said still placing kisses on my heater core. It was all new pleasure for me.

I was not myself anymore. Now he was the one who has a complete controller of my body. "Y..yes I'm yours, " I said breathing heavily.

My brain stopped working and I gasped for more air when his fingers replaced his tough. "Say it love that I'm the only one who will ever make you feel like this. Say it love I'm the only one who will ever see you like this" he said in demanding way.

The pleasure was building in me with his every movement he fastens his moment. I tried to take my hips away from his mouth because of these unknown pleasure building in me but he pinned me down with his strong arm. My body was burning in the fire like any time I will turn into ashes. But he didn't stop and it caused me to moan his name loudly. " you are the only, " I said when the pleasure inside me explode he licked me all.

My body was trembling because of bold of pleasure run from my hair root to my tip of the toe. I felt my eyelids become heavy. I felt drained out of my energy. Zanvil came up and kissed me so possessively. He made my head lying on his bare chest and brought the sheets up to cover my nakedness.

He kissed my forehead and moved his fingers in my hair making me fall in more deep sweetest sleep of my life. "I won't give you to anyone, not in this life" I heard him mumbling to himself and then again he kissed my forehead like sealing his promises.

In the morning I felt kisses on my cheeks. "Wake up love, " he said while kissing on my neck. I protested by moving face on another side. I heard him laughing and I felt his hands moving on down on my body cause me to short open my eyes. He smirked seeing me awake happy that his plan worked.

Last night's scenes came in front of my eyes making me blush. Seeing me like that he smiled at me. My heart skips a bit when I saw his smile which reached to his eyes. He looked so handsome when he smiles like that.

He kissed my lips and then whispered in my ear "Get ready for work fast or I won't mind spending my rest of day in bed making you scream my name" My cheeks burned red hearing his words. "You look so cute when you blush like that, " he said it and pecked my lips. Making my heart beat fast. "Maybe we should stay in bed, " he said it and tried to take my sheets away from my body.

I immediately wrapped it around my body and went to the bathroom and locked it before he catches me. I heard him laughing. He surely enjoys to tease me. I let sheets fall down from my body. When I saw myself in the mirror. I blushed so much and even my skin was flushing red. His marks were all over my body. I took one deep breath and stopped myself from smiling like an idiot and took a bath.

We eat our breakfast like yesterday him feeding me. And then we went together to the office and this time I was glad he didn't stop his car in the middle. He kissed me before leaving me out of the door of my cabin. I was still feeling his lips on my body. Causing sudden shiver run to my spine.

When it was lunchtime I went to meet Scott. "Seems like someone is happy, " Scott said while looking at my face. "So you guys had sex, " he said while teasing me.

I gasped at his words and looked at other people and sign in relief. No one heard it and then I saw at him with my piercing gaze he is blunter that Nina "No" I said while smacking him on his arm still blushing from what he said.

"Ouch, it hurts, lies as much as you want to lie. I knew it. It will happen when I saw how he was stalking us yesterday and was burning in jealousy. When we were together at the mall, " he said it while still teasing me.

"Shut up Scott I'm not lying and you saw him yesterday. Why didn't you tell me?, " I asked him.

"I didn't want to ruin your happy mood after knowing that your crazy husband is stalking us and I was having my fun watching him burning in jealousy. It was my payment for his beating" he said with a smirk. I just nodded my head in understanding.

He was about to tease me again when I heard someone calling my name. "Jane, if you don't mind, can I join you guys, " she asked while smiling at us. I nodded my head. For a while, I forgot that my husband has a girlfriend. She sat in front of me. "Hey my name is Olivia, " she said while offering her hand to Scott.

He took her hand and said "Scott." "So you are the chef here, " she asked him. He nodded his head.

She started making small talks with us but I was not listing to them my mind was somewhere else on her ring finger. She was wearing a heavy diamond ring. "Do you liked it?" she asked me.

"Huh, " I said.

"My ring, " she said while showing it.

"Yes it is very beautiful, " I said with a small smile.

"James gave me when he proposed me two years ago, " she said while smiling at me.

I saw how Scott's body stiffens after listening to her. "It is the happiest day of my life. He went on his knee in front of all his friend and proposed me. I never thought he would do that but it all happens because of Ace."

I saw at her with a hurt face and said "A..Ace" in breaking voice.

"Yes, when I told him that I'm pregnant with Ace our son. He was so happy and the next day he proposed me remembering that day still makes me so happy" she said while looking at me with a happy face.

I stopped breathing when she said that. Th..they have a son together. My eyes were filled with tears.

And again her phone ranged. She received it "Yes I'm coming, " she said in a worried way.

"Jane I need to go Ace is again not feeling well. I need to go" she was so worried about her son.

Swallowing my tears I asked, "Will you able to go along." it is an innocent child he has done nothing wrong to me.

"Yes don't worry his dad is also coming with me, " she said while going in direction of lift and my teary eyes traveled with her and when lift open I saw Zanvil standing inside it and she went inside too.

"Jane are you ok" I heard Scott's worried voice but I didn't respond him back.

My body has lost it all power. I was still starting in closed lifts direction. My brain has stopped working.

They have a son together. Zanvil already has a family with Olivia and I'm the one who is coming in between them.

My tears unleashed. Everything around me started spinning and darkens stated consuming me and then the world around me stopped moving…

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