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   Chapter 51 No.51

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I gasped in shock and saw at him in horror. "Zanvil listen to me.." I tried to say while helping Scott to stand up. But he took hold of my elbow in a painfully tight grip and made me face him. My face showed pain because of his grip. I saw at him with teary eyes.

His face was showing no emotions in it. He was pissed beyond his limits. "Did I again ruin your sweet time?" he asked me in his cold voice with a bitter smirk plastered on his lips.

In a voice which was enough for me to run away from his hold and hide somewhere very far away from him and at the same time made my body go stiff.

I saw Scott was trying to get up from the floor. "Sir try.." he didn't let him finish because before he could speak anything else Zanvil punched on his face again. Blood started coming from his nose.

"O my God Scott you are bleeding, " I said in horror and tried to help him in stand up.

But Zanvil took a hold of my hand and made me see at him "So he is the Scott, " he said with clench jaw. "Because of these, you didn't want me to fire him, " he asked in anger while pointing out things between us.

"No, " I said in an angry voice. He gave me a death glare not believing my words.

"I will deal with you later. First, I need to take care of your Romeo" he said in anger with a clenched jaw. And he pushed me behind him so I won't come in between them. He took a hold of Scott by grasping his collar by his both hands and making him stand to face him. Scott stumbled a little bit on his feet to balance himself. Zanvil was seeing red "How dare you. Try to take what's mine, " he said with a clenched jaw.

"W..what yours?" Scott said in a small voice in confusion. He saw at me with the same stare he was hell confused about everything.

"Yes, what's mine and you're going to regret it throughout your life because of it, " he said in his cold voice which causes goosebumps all over my body.

He again lifted his hand to punch him and my eyes widened in horror. Before he could punch him again I stopped him by all my strength. If he punches him again he will faint. "Zanvil just stop it. Just stop don't harm him" I shouted in anger tears flowing from my eyes continuously. I stood in between them so he won't harm Scott anymore.

"So you can't stand seeing him getting hurt, " he said angrily with a clenched jaw. "So you were going to say yes to him if I would have not interrupted your sweet proposal, " he asked while breathing heavily. I just gave him a disbelief look.

Like always he misunderstood it and again he took my silence as yes. Seeing my face he bitterly smiled and then gave his death glare to both of us. And next thing I know he punched the wall beside him. A gasped left out of my mouth in fear. "Zanvil why are you doing this, " I said in anger while trying to take his hand in mine but he snatched it away from my hold.

"What do you want me to do after seeing my wife getting proposed by another man and she is defending him too, " he said while flaring his nostrils in anger.

"Wife" I heard Scoots shocked voice.

"Yes, she is my wife do you have a problem with it, " he said in anger trying to beat him again but I didn't let him do that. He saw at me with clench jaw "Of course you do. You are fired and get the fuck out of my property now unless you want to go out in an ambulance" he spits in anger with a clenched jaw. Listening to his threat Scott's face turned pale. He was not fighting type of guy he was a sweet kind of. Listening to his words my face turned pale too.

He can't do this with him. Scott needs this job so badly in this stage of his life. I won't let this happen. He can't bloody fire someone without giving them a chance to explain the situation. He can't take such a rash decision because he misunderstood the situation.

I was burning in anger. Scott tried to go out of the cabin but I took a hold of his hand to stop him. "Scott you don't need to go out of this hotel. Just, go to the kitchen. I will explain to you everything later" I said in a firm voice.

Devil-eyed our hands he was burning in fire. He was taking a deep breath to control his anger but he lost it. "If I find you in my premises you are for sure going out in an ambulance and not in one piece" he threatened him while seeing in my eyes.

He is indirectly threatening me. I won't back out now. He can't punish an innocent one. I stared at him back "I too see who stops you from staying in my hotel. Go and wait for me" I said in anger. Scott nodded at me and went out.

He clenched his jaw in anger "I'm going to kill him" he muttered in anger and tried to charge in Scott direction but I caught his hand. He saw me in anger.

"Stop it Zanvil just stop it. Have you lost your mind" I said in anger

He glared at me "Yes" he said this three letters in a voice which was enough to make my world shatter. I immediately let go of his hand he saw how I left his hand in fear. He went to the door and locked it. Turning around he smiled wickedly at me. "Guess what. I need to take care of you before him" he said it in his bone shivering voice.

I glued at his words and unconsciously took one step back. He started coming in my direction with slow steps like a lion. Who walk steadily before attacking his prey. "You have still not answered me where you're going to say yes to him, " he asked in demanding voice while removing his blazer and throwing it on the floor. Leaving himself in only his white shirt and trousers. I was just staring at him with shocked eyes. He was not breaking his eye contact with mine. His gaze was making my body shiver in fear. My brain has stopped working a while ago. My steps came to halt when my lower body touched to my working table. He smiled wickedly at me. He was standing only one hand distance away from me. "So you are not going to answer me, " he said while eyeing me. "So I have to get answers out of your mouth, " he said while eyeing me.

My eyes widened in more fear when he started unbuttoning his shirt. "Z..zanvil w..what are you doing, " I said in breaking voice fear was visible in my voice.

"I'm going to put some sense in your brain, " he said with wicked determination in his voice.

He won't listen if I try to explain to him the situation. I swallowed hard the invisible lump which was forming in my throat. "Z..zanvil what are you talking, " I said while trying to get a chance to run out of this cabin and when I was about to run in the direction of the door he caught me by my waist. My body when stiff when he caged me in his tight grip. My back clashed with his hard chest.

"You are so eager to go and see your Romeo, " he whispered in my ear in his cold voice which made the small hair stand on my body. "You are not allowed to go. Not before I fuck you hard on this table and embed it in your brain that you only belong to me" he said in his dark voice which made my knees go weak in fear. And in a second he threw all the thing down which were on the table and made me lay flat on my back on it.

He removed my scarf and threw it on the ground. "Z..anv" he didn't let me complete and next voice which came out of my mouth was I wailing in pain. He bites on my collarbone. Tears were flowing continuously. He opened all the buttons of my blows. My body was shaking in fear. I tried to fight back but he pinned my one hand above my head and slammed his lips to mine.

I tried to push him with my free hand but he was not budging from his place. His hand moving on my bare skin of stomach spreading burning sensation all over my body. His hand slowly moving up from my stomach. My body went in the paralyzed state when he unhooked my bra from the front more tears started slipping out of the corner of my eyes. He grapes my left breast with his rough hand. A foreign sensation was shot throughout my body f

ng about it. It felt so real God, it was so embarrassing. I don't know why the hell I'm dreaming about that devil.

Because you are missing him.

Shut up inner voice it won't be possible in this life me missing the devil. Everything at work was good but the thing which was pissing me off so much was. He has not even called me once not to even ask how work is going.

See I told you your miss him.

My inner voice mocked at me. I just ignored it and sing in annoyance. It's late I should leave now. I went home where only I was living with some servants. "Ma'am would you like to eat your dinner, " Roses asked me.

"How many time I told you, Roses, to call me Jane and I'm not hungry, " I said while sitting on the couch.

"Ma'am please, " she said in pleading way. Whatever I do I have to eat it because that devil gave her strict orders to her to feed me every day like a baby. Sitting in London he is still controlling my life and it is annoying me so much. After I was done with eating I went directly to change the clothes and sleep. Even if it's hard these days it to come in my eyes. I need to get rid of this uneasiness feeling in me and only my sweet sleep can help me with it.

In the middle of the night, I felt fingers moving from my jaw to my lips. Opening my eyes a little bit I saw Zanvil face.

Am I seeing this dream again?

Seeing my eyes open he smiled at me still moving his thumb on my lower lip. For sure I'm seeing this dream again because he won't smile at me like that and he is not even here. He won't be back till Tuesday. Taking a deep breath I smiled back at him still with sleepy eyes because I'm happy to see his smiling face in my dream.

He kissed on my jaw and then on my cheeks spreading tingly sensation all over my skin and then it traveled to my lips. He was kissing me so softly. His lips traveled to my neck pressing soft kisses. Closing my eyes I let my hands travel in his hair and then on his bare back. His lips kept on moving down till my V neck of my big t-shirt which I was wearing with only my pants underneath. It was showing my little cleavage were he pressed a soft kiss. My body was burning in his touch like I have a fever.

His hand moved to my breast. I breathe heavily because the burning sensation I was feeling outside my body now I was feeling it inside too. His mouth slowly moved at the tip of my breast and I got stuck on my breath when he captured it. My hands fisted on sheets arching by back due to the foreign sensation which was shot inside in me.

He was sucking on it with the still thin fabric of my t-shirt separating his mouth from it. He slowly started lifting my t-shirt up and he removed it completely leaving me only in my panties. I was breathing heavily. His sea colored eyes were touching my naked body with his intense gaze. A shiver runs through all over my body and I unconsciously bit my lower lip.

I saw how his eyes darken seeing me and in a second dipping his head down he captured my lip before tucking it out of my teeth with his and then he kissed me hard. His hand moved to my breast and I gasped at his rough hand contact to my bare sensitive skin which leads him to take complete control of my mouth. His hand started slowly moving down very down spreading more burning sensation all over my bare skin.

I Immediately jerk my body up. My heart was beating so fast. Cold sweat was running all over my forehead. It was so real but thank God it was just a dream. I sign in relief. I need to get ready for office. When I tried to get up something was stopping me and when I sat down I was naked. Remove my sheets my eyes widened in horror Zanvil hand was wrapped around my waist and he was peacefully sleeping beside me.

I swallowed hard my face was burning in red. It was not a dream. When the realization hit me I immediately ran out of his possessive grip. Before he could wake up I got ready and ran to the office all the time my face was red. I'm going to avoid him as much as possible. To remove everything out of my brain I made myself busy in my work but my eyes were glued to the door. My heart was still beating wildly. What if he walks in and at the same time my door opened. I had a mini heart attack but my heart came down when I saw Hazel entering my cabin.

"Are you ok?" she asked me. I closed my open mouth and nodded at her with a faint smile. "Sir is calling you, " she said with a smile. My smile fades immediately when I heard her words.

From the past five minutes, I'm standing out of his door deciding if I should go in or not. Taking a deep breath I open the door. My eyes widened in shock when I saw who was inside. I never thought I would meet with her again. They were standing so close to each other and she was showing him something in her mobile and seeing something they both laughs at the same time.

It's the first time I ever saw Zanvil smiling like that. They seemed so happy together like the world around them doesn't matter. They didn't even sense my presence in the same room because they are so engrossed in each other. I swallowed the lump in my throat. My face turned to grime one and my eyes filled with tears.

Now I know with whom he is in love with...

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