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   Chapter 50 No.50

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"So I leave her in your guidance and you, " he said while looking at me. "If you break anything the cost of it will be deducted from your salary remember it, " saying it he walked out in his all glory.

I was standing there with an open mouth. But soon my jaw clenched in anger. How dare he talked to me like that. I'm going to break as many plates I can. Even if I don't get a single penny as a salary at the end of the month.

And I wanted to start it by breaking my first plate on his head.

I hate him. I hate him so much.

"What is your name miss" Chef Marco asked me. I was brought back to my reality by his voice.

"Jane, " I said while looking at him.

"So Jane thank you for your help actually the person who is assigned for it just called us today and said he won't be able to make it for some days because of his personal issue and here we all have already assigned works to do. We were facing such a big problem because of it but now it is solved. Sorry I didn't introduce myself I'm Chef Marco and I'm the in charge of this kitchen" he said while giving his hand for a handshake. I smile and took his hand. "You will need apron if you don't want to ruin your clothes, " he said with a happy face.

Does he smile that frequently? it's good he makes a happy environment around himself.

"Yes I think I'll need one, " I said while looking at my clothes.

He gave me the apron and introduced me to staff in the kitchen and then he showed me where I have to wash the plates. God so many plates to wash. I wore my gloves and started washing them. There was no end of it. Plates kept on coming and my hands were continuously kept on working.

I'm exhausted and my hands are starting to pain because of continuing working but I kept my cool on my face. But inside my head, I had broken a hundred plates on Zanvils head. Luckily until now, I had not broken any plate. I would have felt bad if any plate was broke from me after cleaning it with so much of efforts but the urge of breaking a plate on Zanvils head was still screaming in me.

"Hey, Jane right, " a male voice asked me. Looking at him I nodded my head. "Actually chef Marco told me to tell you that you can take a break and join us for lunch, " he said while smiling and showing his dimples. Yes, he is handsome.

Hearing his answer my eyes shined in happiness "Thanks for informing me but I don't have money here. Actually, I left my wallet in my cabin can you wait for a few minutes so I can go and grab my purse" I asked him while removing my apron and gloves.

He smiled at me and said, "You are cute."

"What, " I exclaimed my cheeks must have turned red in shade.

He laughs at my reaction "Nothing. You don't need to grab your wallet because of the chef Marco. He prepares a meal for us and he loves to feed his staff so come let's go" he said while taking my hand guiding me to that place.

Chef Marco is the best chef. His food was so good. He made me eat extra for my hard work he knows I'm not experienced in washing plates. Most of the staff in the kitchen are males and that man from earlier his name is Scott and he is the chef here too. He is an expert in chopping and all thing. They all were nice people and they made jokes while eating it was fun. After lunch, I again resume my work.

When it was time to leave Hazel came and informed me to leave. As she told me that I ran to my cabin and grabbed mine belongs to leave. I'm so tired but I had fun too and l met new people who know how to work in pressure without losing the spirit in them. The kitchen is the busiest place of the hotel. Orders kept on coming and they kept on making food without any delay and plates kept on coming. I passed by his office door.

I think he will work till late. Should I inform him that I'm leaving? Forget it I don't need to inform him anything. After how he behaved with me today. I will straight head to the home.

I will take a bus this time. I can't take a taxi all the time because I have very little savings left. As soon as I was out of the hotel. The car came in front of me and stopped. A man came out of it "Misses Adames I'm your assigned driver from today. Do you want me to take you home?" he asked me.

Hearing him I was in a little shock. I have a driver. "Who assigned you, " I asked him with a frown on my face in confusion.

"Mister Adames. Do we have a problem ma'am?" he asked me.

It must be a dad who must have assigned him. I should thank him later. "No, we don't. Just call me Jane. Now come on let's go, " I said with a smile.

Reaching home I was greeted with mom and dads happy smile. They asked me how was my first day. Exhausting but I kept my mouth shut and told them I had fun and I learn new things. Yeah, how to wash plates properly. It was not a lie which made them smile. Going to the room I changed my clothes and directly went to deep sleep. My body needs it so much. I don't want anything else now just my pillow and blanket.

I was disturbed by my sweet sleep by Zanvil. Who was caressing my cheeks with the back of his fingers but my eyes refuse to open? Why is he waking me up? Is it's already morning? I half opened my eyes and saw the time it's still midnight. Thank god I can sleep more. I closed my eyes again. "Love did you eat your dinner, " he asked me still caressing my cheeks. I don't want to eat anything. I want to sleep. I hummed in response.

"Love, wake up and eat your dinner" he again said it while his fingers moving on my cheeks with a soft touch. It was making me fall in a more deep sleep. Again I hummed in response because my eyes refuse to open again. "Jane, wake up and eat your dinner, " he said in a commanding tone which made me groan in protest.

He won't stop until I eat my food. Why do even he cares if I eat my food or not? I'm still angry with him for how he treated me today. Still groaning I sat on the bed with half open eyes. I saw at him he was still wearing his work clothes did he came now. That thought didn't last long in my mind because as I lean my head back on the headboard and l again drifted to sleep. "Open your mouth, " he said I followed his directions without any protest. After feeding me he made me drink water. After he was done with everything. I immediately slipped back in my blanket to sleep. I heard his laughter when I did that.

What is making him so amused?

After some time I felt him getting inside the blanket. He scooted me near to him. My front was touched his bare chest. I want to protest but my body is not supporting me. This effect he has on me. My b

the floor. "What the hell are you doing, " I said in anger while standing and picket all pillows and keeping them on there place.

He again took them and threw them on the floor and this time he pulled me to him. Caging me in his steel grip. I landed on his hard bare chest. Why the hell he doesn't wear a t-shirt or something while sleeping. I glared at him "let me go Zanvil" I said while struggling to his grip.

He made his grip strong and shifted me on either side of him. "If you want to build a wall in between us next time try to build a wall as big as the great wall of China. Maybe you will succeed. Pillow wall will not save you from me and if you enter kitchen tomorrow everyone is going to lose their job" he said in don't you try to argue with me tone and closed his eyes.

"I hate you, " I said in anger.

He smirked at me with closed eyes and said, "Me too." it just made my jaw clench in more anger.

Thank God he won't fire him. He can't stop me from entering the kitchen. I won't let him know that I'm still working in the kitchen. I have to fight for my rights. I have to make a proper plane so he won't know it. I don't know when I drifted to sleep that day.

I was out of my thoughts with a knock on my cabin door. "Come in, " I said while taking all the papers which were scattered on my table while I was studying them. Scott came inside. "O what made Scott the great to come and see me, " I said while playfully taunting him.

"I should have the privilege to ask these same question to you but you never come to see me" he replied me in the same playful taunting tone.

A smile spread on my lips. See this is the reason why I like him. He never gets offended instead he will throw the same thing on you. "You don't get that privilege because you always come before I could come to see you, " I said with a smirk.

"Yes because I am always one step ahead of you, " he said with a cheeky grin. I nodded my head in a positive manner. "So miss if you are done with playing with me can we leave for lunch, " he said with a smile.

"It's already lunchtime, " I said while seeing at my watch.

"Yes, it is. Don't tell me you were so engrossed in your work that you forget today is chef Marco special meal day, " he said while giving me fake disbelieve expression.

"I remember just wait for a second, " I said and kept the papers in the file properly. "Let's go, " I said while coming near him. When I was done with everything.

I was about to open the door when he stopped me. "Wait Jane first I need to show you something, " he said while removing the small box from his pocket.

I gasped in surprise. "Don't tell me you are doing it?" I asked him with the same surprised eyes.

"Yes I'm doing it and we are going to do it now, " he said with a smile and took out the shining diamond ring out of it. I must say it's so beautiful.

He bent done on his one knee with a ring in his hand and at the exact same time door bust open without any knock on it. I averted my gaze from the Scott to the door to see who is the rude person who came inside without permission. And I meet with the very pissed face of my dear husband slash my devil boss.

His jaw was clenched in anger. "What the hell is happening here, " he said in a bone shivering voice while looking at both of us.

Scott stood up seeing his boss in front of him. And I was standing there with a pale face. I swallowed hard when he started to come in our direction. "Z...Zanvil listens to me.." he made me stop in my sentence with his death glare. His jaw was clenched in anger. Which caused my knees to go weak.

"Boss we wh.." he did not let Scott complete his sentence because next thing I knew. He punched Scott on his face and it made him stumble on his steps. Yes, Zanvil is stronger and has more build up body than him.

I gasped in shock and saw at him in horror. "Zanvil listen to me.." I tried to say while helping Scott standing up. But he took hold of my elbow with a painfully tight grip and made me face him. My face showed pain because of his grip. I saw at him with teary eyes.

His face was showing no emotions in it. He was pissed beyond his limits. "Did I again ruin your sweet time?" he asked me in his cold voice with a bitter smirk on his lips.

The voice which was enough for me to run away from his hold and hide somewhere very far away from him...

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