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   Chapter 49 No.49

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An unwanted tear slipped from my eyes.

Is this tear in happiness for his good life or towards the misery of my life.

If he loves her so much why he has to hold me so possessively. Why he has to kiss me as he is claiming me as his. How can someone kiss most hate person of his life if he loves his girlfriend so much?

Because this is your punishment of marrying him against his will because you gave him this right when you agreed to marry him against his will.

This is my fate until everything ends for good and I need to accept this harsh reality of my life. Maybe accepting it sooner will lessen the pain and misery which is causing me now.

Will, it lessens the pain if I accept it?

Was the question my heart was screaming and asking me so it can lessen its pain.

I wiped out my tears which were continuously flowing from my eyes and made myself look good. I don't want mom and dad to get worried after seeing my crying face. I inhaled deeply and went down. "Jane is here come fast. Today I have made your favorite breakfast, " mom said happily when she saw me coming down from stairs dad smiled at me too.

See this is the reason why I'm baring everything. To see smiling faces of mom and dad.

Coming down I smiled at her and dad and said good morning.

Why he is not here did he left for work without me. I thought we were going together. Why will he want to go with you to the office together did you forget he doesn't want anyone to know that we are married.

I swallowed my tears and replace it with a bitter smile not showing mom and dad that I'm sad. I was about to sit when he came out of his study with a file in his hand. He lifted his eyes from a file and saw at me. His eyes were locked with mine with a satisfied smirk plaster on his face. I averted my eyes away from him. Why he is giving me that smirk. To show you that you lost in front of him yesterday night. I don't want to look at him. I don't want to be near him.

"Zan is also here sit so you can have your breakfast and leave for your first day of work together, " mom said happily. I just smile at her and nodded.

I wanted to sit away from the devil but he caught my hand before I go out of his radar. He made me sit beside him. I exhaled in frustration. I have no choice but to sit beside him. He was still holding my hand in a tight grip. I freed my hand from his possessive grip. As mom served us my favorite breakfast I smiled in happiness and said, "Thank you, mom, for it." At least because of food, I can smile a little bit.

She smiled sweetly at me. As I was about to eat my food a firm hand was placed on my tight I stopped in my track and my body went stiff. His hand was going upward. I saw at a devil with wide eyes he was not looking at me but eating his breakfast peacefully like his hand was not doing anything under the table but the smirk was plastered on his face. It just added fuel to my anger. I tried to remove it but he made it his grip strong on my tight. I was struggling with his hand. "Jane why are you not eating. Is it not made as per your taste do you want something else" mom asked me with the little-worried face.

"No mom I'm good I was just about to eat it, " I said while taking a mouthful. I tried hard to remove his hand but he was not losing his grip on it. The whole time I was trying to remove it but I could not budge his finger. He can't even let me eat my breakfast in peace. Now it was time for us to leave for work. I took my small shoulder bag which goes with my clothes.

"Jane I hope you learn everything properly. I know you will because you are so smart and Zanvil you are going to teach her everything properly" dad said last part seeing at Zanvil in a serious tone.

He nodded at him and said, "of course dad you wish is my command" with a big evil smirk.

Hearing his word shiver ran to my spine. He has used these words before also and that day he was chasing me like a mad dog. That day I saved myself by going to the Rose room. I don't know today what will I do.

"Jane I'm so happy you are going for work best of luck, " mom said while hugging me.

"Mom and dad you both are behaving like she is going to her kindergartens first day, " he said with a bored and amused expression on his face.

"Shut up Zan don't ruin the moment, " mom said while scolding him.

I just avoided his presence in my life. I was about to go out without him but he caught my hand and intertwined our hands. Mom smiled seeing how her son is faking everything. I saw at him with suspicious eyes anger was still visible on my face but soon my anger was turned into mud puddle which can be easily destroyed because the smile he gave me when I saw at him was a smile which reached to his eyes. He was happy. For what? My heart skipped its beat seeing his happy face. I don't know why seeing him happy. Corner of my lips too got curved.

We headed outside with intertwined hands. He opened the door for me of his car I saw at him with shock-wide eyes. Why he is behaving differently. From when he started to behave like a gentleman towards me. "After you, " he said and pecked my lips and smiled at me. My body went stiff when he did that.

What is going on in his head? Why is he being nice to me?

A thousand questions where coming in my head but I still sat inside the car. He too came inside and started driving. I was still busy with my thoughts when the car stopped. "We are here, " he said with a cheerful voice.

I took in my surrounding. "But we are just a few blocks away from our house. The office is still away from here, " I said while looking at him in confusion.

He smiled at me "Yes I know. We have reached your destination" he said with a smirk.

"What do you mean?, " I asked him with a frown.

"See out of the window" I saw out.

"Do you see that bus stop?" he asked.

"Yes, " I said.

"Good you will get a bus from here to the office, " he said with an evil smirk plaster on his face and that time one bus came.

"What you want me to take the bus but we are going to the same place, " I said in anger while looking at him.

"Yes, " he said with an evil smirk.

I glared at him. How I was so wrong thinking he is started to behave nicely with me. How did I even think that he wants us to go together? When he doesn't want anyone to know that we are married. I don't want to breathe the same air as his. I stepped out of his car and slammed the door. He roll

follow his command. He took a hold of my jaw with his one hand his fingers on my checks he made my mouth open forcefully and explore my mouth with his tongue.

Fisteing my small hands, I beat on his hard chest to release me but he was not budging from his place. My hands started to pain because of it. Why he always has his ways with me? Why can't he leave me alone? He was not giving me a chance to breathe. Why he always love to kiss the life out of me. There was a knock on the door. Hearing it I tried to push him but he was not ready to leave me. Does he want me to faint? Because I'm started to lose my consciousness and that time he let go my lips and let me breathe.

I was breathing heavily trying to get as much as oxygen in my lungs. He was breathing too but not like me he smirked seeing my state. He was still holding me so near to his hard chest. Seeing his smirk I separated my body away from his. There was another knock. "Come in, " he said in cold voice while still seeing at me.

Hazel came in "Sir you called me" she said in her professional voice.

"Yes show her what she is going to do today, " he said it with a big evil smirk. It made me angrier.

"Yes sir, " she said and she turned to me and said, "Jane please come with me" her tone became more polite towards me. I nodded and followed her out without sparing a glance to the devil. "Are you ok?" she asked me as soon as we were out of his office.

No, I want to scream but I kept that thought to myself. I nodded because I'm not in a state of reply to her. She gave me a warm smile "Come I will show you your cabin then I will tell you what he wants you to do next." Inhaling deeply I nodded at her.

She showed me my cabin it was not as big as Zanvil and luxuries but small with the limited furnisher and computer. It was just as I wanted it to be small and cozy. "Do you like it?" she asked. Again I nodded in response "I'm happy you liked it so let's proceed with the next thing he wants you to do, " she said with a small sad smile.

Why she is giving me this kind of expression this question was coming in my mind but I still followed her. Taking the lift we went to the fifteenth floor where the hotel's kitchen was. She took me to the kitchen. Why we are here does he wants me to inspect food or something like that. Getting curious to know I asked Hazel "What are we doing here" she gave me a small sad smile.

"You will be working here for now" she replied to me.

"But I don't know how to cook what kind of help I will be here, " I said while looking at her in disbelief.

If I cook no one will come here to eat. What kind of punishment he is trying to give me does he want to close his own hotel?

Soon my question was answered by the devil himself "You don't know how to cook but you know how to wash plates right or you're not capable of doing small things like this" he said it in his harsh boss tone.

People noticed him and stopped their works but he nodded them to continue there work and they resumed it. "What, " I said in disbelief. He wants me to wash plates.

"I don't repeat my words. I know you heard them in the first time so stop wasting our precious time and start with your work we are so busy people" he said it like he was talking to a teenager who doesn't value their time. I glared at him in anger. "Chef Marco" he called someone still holding my gaze.

"Sir you called me, " said a cheerful voice. I looked at him to see a man in his early fifties with a smiling face. He gave me a small smile. I smiled at him back.

"Meet your new intern. She is willing to help you with washing the plates as there is no one to do it" he said in a boss tone nothing as he uses on me.

"Really. Thank god" he said with a happy tone.

"So I leave her in your guidance and you, " he said while looking at me. "If you break anything the cost of it will be deducted from your salary remember it, " saying it he walked out in his all glory.

I was standing there with an open mouth. But soon my jaw clenched in anger.

How dare he talked to me like that. I'm going to break as many plates I can. Even if I don't get a single penny as a salary at the end of the month.

And I wanted to start it by breaking my first plate on his head.

I hate him. I hate him so much.

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