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   Chapter 48 No.48

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He won't take this rejection in a positive way from seeing how he is acting now. All possessive over me again. He can see me in pain, but I can't. My heart pains when I see him like that.

My fingers curled in a fist when his lips touched my skin where he has his marks. I was breathing heavily. I bite my lips to stop myself crying out loud. Tears rolled down from my cheeks.

I have no choice left. I can't see him harming himself anymore. His hand is bleeding very badly and if he punches the wall again with that hand he will for sure need stitches on it and if I refuse him he will go insane. I know how stubborn he is. He won't even get stitches on his hand done If, I refuse him.

Only one choice is left for me…

I have to let him do whatever he wants to do. But first I have to bandage his hand.

He has made me this weak towards him.

"Z..anvil let me bandage your hand first, " I said while trying to stop him in breaking voice. Tears were still flowing from my eyes.

"It's not needed what I need now is only you, " he said it in anger while taking my hands in his hands intertwined our fingers and then he pinned them above my head and again he crashing his lips to mine. He kissed me hard.

The way he was doing it. He was expecting a response. He growled when I didn't respond to him back and it was warning for me to kiss him back. I gave in. Tears slipped from the corner of my eyes. Closing my eyes more tightly I followed his movements. Freeing my hands he moved his hand to my waist when I started responding him back. He moved his body nearer to me pushing me against the wall. I could feel his hard muscles on my body's each and every part.

He was not sparing my lips for a second he slides my shirt completely of my shoulder and it slid from my arm and fell down on floor leaving me in only my shorts. My body shivered when cold breeze touches my bare skin with his lips and hands moving all over my body. He descended his lips to my neck and his wet kisses traveled to my chest.

"Z..Zan" he did not let me finish because his lips were again on mine. My hands were fisted on his hard chest. He broke the kiss and saw at me with demanding eyes. I was seeing at him with misted eyes.

"Tell me, love, " he said while resting his forehead on mine he breathed heavily. "Tell me that you are mine, " he said it in demanding voice while looking at me. His eyes were commanding me to say I'm his. His eyes were searching in my eyes to find if I'm going to back away.

I did not repeat his words. He clenched his jaw in anger and again fisted his hand. I saw him with worried eyes. He lifted his hand again to punch at the wall.

If I don't say it he will again harm himself.

I stopped him "I'm yours, please don't harm yourself, " I said in a pleading voice.

"I won't until you say that you won't go away from me. You won't leave me. You won't refuse me" he said it with a cleantech jaw in anger. I saw him in disbelieve.

Why he wants me to say all those things. When he doesn't want me in his life.

Tears were flowing from my eyes.

He knows if I say those things to him I won't back away. Why he is doing this with me.

Something heavy was put on my heart.

I can't say things which he will not consider when he comes to his right state of mind. I don't know why he wants me to say it. He himself told me that I don't matter to him in his life. Why he is making me say things which will mean nothing to him afterward.

I want to scream and ask him this question but I can't because his face is clearly telling me to don't question him. He was waiting for my answer and he was getting impatient with it. His eyes were telling me to repeat his words.

I can't do it.

Warm tears slipped from the corner of my eyes "Zanvil listen to m.." he did not let me complete my sentence because next thing I know was he punch the wall again with more force and it was written on his face that he will do it again if I refuse to say those words.

He again lifted his hand and my eyes widened in horror. "I'm yours. I won't go away from you. I won't refuse you. Please don't harm yourself" I said it in one breath while cupped his face with my small hands stopping him from doing anything else.

After listening to my words his eyes showed happiness in them. He was satisfied with my answer but he still wanted to make sure what I said to him "Repeat" he said in a commanding voice. His eyes were telling me that he was eagerly waiting to hear those words again. I was staring at him in disbelief.

It was hard for me to say it once and now he wants me to repeat my words again.

His grip became strong on my arms. His grip was telling me to say it. I saw at him with teary eyes. "I'm yours. I won't go away from you" I said these words with a heavy lump forming in my throat. His eyes were telling me to complete my sentence. "I..l ?w..wont refuse you, " I said in breaking voice. Tears sliding out of the corner of my eyes.

"Good because I won't let you back away now. You are only mine. No one can take you away from me. I won't let that happen ever" he said and claimed my lips with more force. His possessive kiss was saying to me that he wanted me to remember what I have said to him and now I can't back away whatsoever I do.

Why will someone try to take me away? What is going in his head?

I was breathless when he spared my lips. He was not ready to break contact with my body. My body was shivering in his touch. His wet kisses moved down from my neck to shoulder spreading burning sensation all over my body. He bitted on my previous marks and I wailed in pain and foreign sensation but the pain was soon gone when he sucked on my skin. His touch is making me weak in my knees. His lips moved down. He kissed my cleavage and I got stuck on my breath. His hands moved up from my waist to my breast. The bolt of pleasure ran throughout my body. I arch my body a little back. Breathing was becoming harder for me.

"I want you so bad, " he said while moving his hands upward. An involuntary gasp left out of my mouth. His hand moved to unhook my bra. My body went stiffer if it was even possible after listening to his words. My body was trembling in fear and his hand was still bleeding badly.

"Z.Zanvil please l..let me badge your hand first, " I said it in pleading way in breaking voice. His touch was making me insane. My voice came out so weak from my throat because of all sobbing.

He lifted his head and saw at me with undefined emotions in his eyes. He kissed at the corn

nd you have to obey me" he said in the warning spine-chilling voice. I saw him in disbelief.

Why I have to be married women and him free man. Why I have to be in hell and him in heaven after him being the devil.

I didn't respond to him back.

Why he doesn't want anyone to know that I'm married to him. Is he ashamed of telling the people that he is married to a homeless orphan or the person he is in love with him also works there? That's why he doesn't want her to know the truth that he is married to me? He doesn't want to cause her the pain because of this but why he has to cause all pain to me. Was it not enough for him to see that how much pain he has caused me till now and now he wants me to suffer more.

"Am I clear?" he asked when I was still staring at him in disbelief, pain and weak emotions in my eyes.

I did not answer him instead I asked him a question in return. " love someone, " I said in low voice controlling my emotion spilling out of the corner of my eyes.

My question caught him off guard. He saw at me with a piercing gaze. He was speechless for some time. But soon he composed himself. I don't know what answer I'm expecting from him. I don't know why did even I ask him this question before thinking twice.

To make your life more miserable than before.

My inner voice mocked at me. I was waiting for his answer. He looked straight in my eyes and opened his mouth to say it. My heart was beating wildly I think he could hear it too.

Am I ready to listen to his answer? No, but I need to know.

"Yes, " he said in straight voice cut and clear. Hearing his answer my heart dropped to my stomach. My emotions were ready to flow from the corner of my eyes. But I composed myself.

I need to ask him one more most important question. A swallowing lump which was forming in my throat I asked "D..does s..she works at the same place."

He saw at me and nodded his head and my heart was stabbed with thousands of knife. I lowered my eyes not ready to show him the pool which was formed in my eyes. He ducked his face in my neck and did not make any efforts of preventing his lips touching my skin. "Don't worry you will meet her soon she will be so happy to meet you?" he said it like he was stating the fact while inhaling my sent. The ground was slipped beneath me. I was feeling weak in my knees.

Yes, of course, she will be happy to see the unwanted wife of her boyfriend.

He pressed his lips to my neck and said "Come down fast you don't want me to punish you for coming late to the office on your first day" he said in a warning voice. My eyes were still low. He picked my lips for last time and left the room. I was not able to hold any longer because my tears slipped from my left eye.

How can he say that his girlfriend will be happy to meet me? How can some girlfriend be happy after seeing her boyfriend with someone else? Is she happy after seeing her boyfriend cheating on her?

Why I'm asking this question when my whole marriage is cheating.

How someone can be happy in such kind of relationship.

Because she loves him more than anything else.

My heart stated the fact. Maybe she knows that whole thing is fake. Of course, she knows everything is fake that's why she is taking everything in a positive way. After all, everything was against his will. And seeing how Zanvil doesn't want to cause her pain he must truly love her. I should be happy for him that he has such a good person as the love of his life. Unlike a person like me, he is ashamed of telling the people that I'm his wife. An unwanted tear slipped from my eyes.

Is this tear in happiness for his good life or towards the misery of my life.

If he loves her so much why he has to hold me so possessively. Why he has to kiss me as he is claiming me as his. How can someone kiss most hate person of his life if he loves his girlfriend so much?

Because this is your punishment of marrying him against his will because you gave him this right when you agreed to marry him against his will.

These if my fate until everything ends for good and I need to accept this harsh reality of my life. Maybe accepting it sooner will lessen the pain and misery which is causing me now.

Will, it lessens the pain if I accept it?

Was the question my heart was screaming and asking me so it can lessen its pain.

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