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   Chapter 47 No.47

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"Don't go away, from me love, " he whispered it to himself while brushing his lips to mine.

Why he don't what me to go away If he doesn't care for me. I don't even matter to him in his life than why he wants me to stay. He always says this kind of things when I'm sleeping. He knows I'm a have sleeper and he thinks I don't deserve to hear what his heart says.

He doesn't want me to leave than what is stopping him from saying that. He cares for me, and he wants me in his life.

Sometimes he is so close to me, and in another second he is so far away from me. I need to find out why he is behaving like this.

It was the last thought which came in my mind before sleep had full control over me.

Next morning again I woke up in his arms, and him staring at my sleeping face.

God does he even sleeps. I never saw him sleeping, rather than his drunk state.

I have started to think that he is a vampire or something. That's why he doesn't sleep. That's why he doesn't want me in his life and he has some vampire girl. To whom he can't introduce to his parents, and that's why he wants me in his life to protect her.

That thought made my face go bitter. He was still staring at my face. I immediately separated my body away from him and stood up with a sour face. I picked up my clothes from the floor. All the time his eyes were on me. Studying my each and every moment. He has still not uttered a single word from his mouth, and it's good because I don't want to talk to him.

It's good he knows when to shut his mouth.

Taking my clothes I started going in the direction of the door but his cold voice stopped me "Where are you going, " he asked in a demanding voice. I rolled my eyes without sparing him glance.

I'm wrong, he doesn't know when to shut his mouth. How can he ask me this question, after what happened last night?

I sign in frustration. I didn't want to answer him. So I continued in my track "Jane I'm talking to you. Where the hell you are going, " he asked in anger with a more intimidating voice, and it sends chills to my spine.

I won't let his voice intimidated me. "To my room, " I said with strong voice without turning back.

"You can't go..., " he yelled in anger but I didn't let him complete because I left his room.

"So had fun last night, " Nina asked me as I entered our room. She was looking at me.

I was wearing Zanvil T-shirt, and whoever sees me like this for sure think I had fun last night. "Yes I had lots of fun last night, " I said it with lots of sarcasm.

She nodded her head in understanding, and she continued her packing. Today is the last day of our vacation. We are leaving after lunch, and it's almost lunchtime. I woke up so late. I don't know how I slept for so long.

Maybe you were feeling better in his arms. You find comfort and you forget all of your worries and slept comfortably without any worries.

I moved my head in denial at that thought and replace it with.

I need to pack too, or I'll be late.

I took my fresh clothes and went to take a shower. While showering my thoughts again run at the scenario of Zanvil having someone in his life.

What if it's true that he has someone in his life, and he loves her and cares for her. After all, he had relationships before our marriage. I have seen him, with so many girls and they all were so beautiful. Who won't fall in love with goddess-like them?

That thought made my heart pain like anything.

On the day, he came back he was talking about introducing his girlfriend to uncle and aunt. But that day he brought Hazel to dinner, and Zanvil is like a brother to her. Did he change his plan in the last movement? Instead of bringing his girlfriend, he brought his secretary. Was he searching for a good opportunity to introduce his girlfriend to his family, and before he could get that opportunity uncle wanted him to marry me. And because of uncle health issues, he said yes to this marriage against his will.

The warm water started flowing from my eyes. I didn't realize that I was crying in the shower.

Why am I cry? I should be happy. If he has someone in his life to whom he loves and cares, and after uncles health becomes stable he won't have to be stuck with me. He can be happy with his true love. Why I'm feeling like my heart is stabbed with a thousand needles. Why I'm not able to imagine him with someone else.

I need to stop feeling like this. It will become hard, for me to go away when everything comes to end. I need to stay away from him. As far as possible because I don't want to get attached to him, but I think it's too late for me. I'm already attached to him so it will be for best that I stay away from him as far as possible.

I came out of the shower fully dressed. When I saw my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were so red from crying.

"It is for the best" I whispered to myself and smiled at my reflection but more tears were forming in corner of my eyes. "Don't cry Jane be happy. After this all is over he can be happy with his love and you can be happy too. You can do what you have always plan to do, " I tried to say it in strong voice and console myself but my tears unlisted. I started sobbing.

"Jane, " I heard Nina's voice she was calling me.

I immediately wiped my tears "Coming, " I yelled on my way down.

"Are you OK?, " Sky asked me when I went down.

Are my eyes puffy?

I nodded my head and smiled at him he hugged me. I was feeling stares on me but I ignored it. I need to stay away from him. "I was worried when you didn't come down for breakfast. I thought you were not feeling good because of yesterday's incident" he said while continuing hugging me and his words brought me back to that memory.

"Dude get away now it's my turn" I heard Jack's impatient voice. My lips curled at the corner. I'm still mad at him but he is my friend, and I know he cares for me.

He came to hug me as soon as Sky's body separated from mine. But I stopped him holding my hand in front of him. "I don't want to hug you, " I said trying to keep my face straight. I want to laugh at his reaction when I said that.

"O shut up you can't stop me from hugging my girl, " he said and engulfed me in his arms. I smiled when he did that. "I'm sorry" he whispered and I know he realized his mistakes. I hummed in response still trying to act mad. "Jane, what you want me to do. To make up to you" he asked while breaking our hug and seeing at me with a serious face.

I thought for a second "How about my favorite chocolate chip ice cream" I said with a smile.

He laughs at me "Still same. I thought you will ask something big this time but don't worry. I will supply your favorite ice cream for a year to you" he w

om were again engrossed in there talking.

"Jane" I heard a deep intimating voice calling me. I saw that person. He was standing there with a clenched jaw. Anger was all over his face. My face lost its color. "Didn't Rose told you that I was calling you" he yelled in anger.

Nina and aunt saw at him and me with shock face because of his sudden outburst. He held my wrist in a tight grip and started taking me to his room. My body was moving like a robot with stiffness in my each and every muscle. "Zan.." I tried to stop him but he was beyond pissed.

He shoved me in his room and locked it. My body stumbled to get its balance. We had some distance between us "Why the hell you were not replying me" he asked in dangers bone shivering voice and he started moving in my direction. I gulped and took one step back. In a second he was in front of me. I tried to take one more step away from him but it ended. My back crashed with the wall.

He is so angry. I was not able to speak because lump forming in my throat was making hard for me to speak. "I'm. Asking. You. Something. Answer. Me" he said dangerously taking a pause in between each word. "You don't want to reply back. You don't want to fucking talk to me. You don't fucking want to stay with me in the same room" he yelled and next thing I know he punches the wall beside my face.

I flinch at his sudden outburst. I was seeing at him with fear all overwritten on my face. My eyes were big because of sudden shock. His face was showing anger and I could see the tiredness in his eyes he was exhausted. "Let things be as you want, " he said with a clenched jaw and in the blink of seconds, he again punched the wall. His hand started bleeding. He is taking out his anger by punching the wall. Seeing his bleeding hand my heart drop to my stomach. Seeing my face he smirked "Happy" he said without any emotion in his voice and again he punched the wall.

He thinks after seeing him like this I will be happy. "Z..anvil s..topped it, " I said while taking hold of his arm.

"No, you can't stop me until it is permanently fitted in your brain that. You can't avoid me. You can't ignore me. You can't make me deprive of you. You can't refuse me" he said it in anger and he snatches his hand from my hold and punched the wall again. The pain was written on his face. But as stubborn he is he won't stop till I won't give in.

He knows I can't see him in pain. My tears started flowing. I hugged him tightly to stop harming himself more. " it Zanvil. it. I won't do that again" I said in breaking and sobbing voice to convince him that. My tears were continuously flowing from my eyes.

He pulled my body away from him. Seeing in my eyes he said "Prove it then" his dark see colored eyes were boring in me to find it if I'm going to back away. My eyes widened in fear. Without wasting a second he pinned my one hand to the wall and his other hand encircled my waist bringing my body nearer to him. And then he kissed me without giving me a single chance to breathe. He bites my lip asking for my submission and I gave in.

If I refuse him he will again harm himself.

After kissing me hungrily he moved his lips to my neck and he couldn't go any further because of my shirt. Growling in annoyance he ripped my shirt making the buttons ripping sound echo in the room. Making my eyes widened in more fear, and I went weak in my knees. I would have fallen that instead. If, he was not holding my body. He slides my shirt off from my shoulder. His lips descended down my neck. Leaving wet kisses all over my neck and shoulder. He wants me to prove to him that I won't refuse him. My body started trembling in fear.

If I back out now there are chances that he will harm himself more. He won't take this rejection in a positive way from seeing how he is acting now. All possessive over me again. He can see me in pain, but I can't. My heart pain when I see him like that.

My fingers curled in a fist when his lips touched my skin where he has his marks. I was breathing heavily. I bite my lips to stopping myself crying loud. Tears rolled down from my cheeks. I have no choice left.

I can't see him harming himself anymore. His hand is bleeding very badly and if he punches wall again with that hand he will for sure need stitches on it and if I refuse him he will go insane. I know how stubborn he is. He won't even get stitches on his hand done. If, I refuse him.

Only one choice is left for me…

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