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   Chapter 45 No.45

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I need to be strong. I need to be strong.

I tried to motivate myself but I failed miserably. I was able to mask my brave face in front of him but the image of him staring at me in anger was flashing in my brain continuously and each time it flashed my body shivered.

Playing against the devil is not an easy task.

We were in our room getting ready. I wore high waist denim shorts with white colored T-shirt and jacket. I let My hair down as it was my good hair day and I finish my look with brown lipstick. Nina was also done with getting ready. We were going down to watch a movie. "Let's go, Nina, they must be waiting for us, " I said to Nina while looking at her.

"Yes let's go by the way you are looking hot in that brown lipstick, " she said while winking at me.

"You are looking hot too, " I said while winking back at her.

"Come let's go, " I said while taking her hand. We went down boys were waiting for us.

Zanvil saw at me with a piercing gaze. His eyes lingered at my bare legs. He clenched his jaw in anger and my body shivered in his gaze "let's leave guys" Sky said to us.

Petros came on his bike and his bike was so sexy. "Petros you have a bike, " I asked while looking at his bike with admiration. I love bikes. One day I want to learn how to ride this beautiful invention. "Yes I do, " he said while removing his helmet and smiling at me.

"Jane gets in a car" I heard Zanvil angry voice.

"No. I'm going with Petros on his bike, " I said while looking at him. Before he could charge in my direction. I sat on his bike taking his spare helmet. "Let's go Petros let's see who reaches first, " I said in excitement and Petros fired the engine.

"Shit" I heard Zanvil cursing loudly. We were the first to reach so we went and bought the tickets. After some time they reached too.

"You guys were so fast. I too want to ride a bike" Nina said to me while pouting.

"You should try it. It was so much of fun" I said in happiness. Zanvil was staring at my face with a clenched jaw.

"Let's go movie is about to start, " Petros said to us.

"O, I completely forgot. This is your tickets" I said while handing tickets to Zanvil. He saw at me in confusion "Come on Petros let's go" I said while holding his arm.

We were sitting on our seats and Zanvil and Jack was sitting behind our seats in a back row. I and Nina were sitting in between Petros and Sky. I turned back to look at the pissed faces of Zanvil and Jack. "Why the hell we are sitting back" I heard Zanvil pissed voice.

"I don't know dude ask your wife, " Jack said in anger. They were cursing so loudly we could hear everything. I and Nina just controlled our laughter.

I and Petros were talking and laughing because still commercials were going on and Nina was also talking something with Sky. I was feeling intense gaze on me and any time soon it is going to pass through my seat and pierce throw me. "What are they talking about and why is she laughing" again I heard Jack's impatient voice.

"Shut up dude. I'm at my limit to tear them apart. Fuck with your stupid plan" I heard Zanvil angry voice.

Is he regretting now after doing his evil deeds?

After some time they stopped there cursing and I started hearing mumbling sounds and then I heard girls soft laughter.

What is happening?

And I immediately turned my head back to see Zanvil talking to a blond girl and she was beautiful. Again Zanvil said something that made her laugh. I couldn't hear what they were saying because they were talking in a low tone.

Wow, he is making her smile but to me he always makes me cry.

Then Zanvil looked at me and smirked. I clenched my jaw in anger and I felt weird in my stomach. I turned my head back to the screen. Throughout the movie, I was not able to concentrate on the movie. When we came out of the theatre I saw them with two blond girls they came out before us. They were laughing and that blond from earlier was touching Zanvil so much. "What happened?" I heard Petros asking me.

"Nothing, " I said with the same face.

"God Jane you look scary. Like you want to murder someone" he said in amusement.

"I'm fine" I shot his glare.

"OK, " he said in defeat lifting his hands in surrender.

"They are here, " Jack said looking at us. He was talking with another blond and I saw at Nina she was eyeing that girl from head to toe.

"Come I will introduce you to them, " Zanvil said to the blond girl and she smiled at him. "This is Sky, Nina, Petros and Jane" Zanvil introduced us his eyes lingered on me. His face has a small smirked. I shot his death glare.

Who will say, my wife!

Seeing my glare his smirked widened. "This is Kayla and Kenzie, " he told us their name.

She fake smiled at us and said "Nice to meet you guys" followed by her friend. "Are you guys leaving now

did not know what to do so I just hugged him tightly. First, he did not hug me but then he wrapped his hands tightly and I started crying and then he kissed on top of my head.

From today's incident, I know that he cares for me. I owe a little inch in his heart.

And that thought made me smile. After breaking the hug he said nothing to me. He was just eyeing the bandage on my knee.

He is so mad at me. It's better if I leave.

I started heading in direction of the door but he caught my wrist "Where the fuck you think you're going" he said while pulling me to him in anger.

"To my room, " I said without lifting my head in a small voice.

"Who told you to do that? You are not going anywhere you are going to sleep with me here in this room" he said it like I did not have any choice.

"And where will Sky and Jack sleep, " I asked with wide eyes while looking at him with a fear of being alone in his room.

"I don't fucking care where they will sleep, " he said it with anger and I was staring at him in disbelief then I lowered my eyes. Hold my chin he made me look at his cold sea colored eyes "I'm not letting you go near any bike from now onwards" he was making a promise and l know Zanvil is a man of his words.

"But I love them. I want to learn how to ride it" I said in pleading way.

"Yeah, I saw how you were learning. I even let you try it because you seemed happy while doing it but what happened today it made my decision final" he said with a serious face in mocking tone his decision was final.

"You can't do this with me. I'm going to learn if you let me or not" I said in anger.

"I will make sure no one teaches you and I will even make sure that no one will sell it to you, " he said with a smirk plastered on his face.

"This is not fair I really want to learn it. You can't do this with me, " I said while staring at him in disbelief with a pout.

It is my childhood dream to ride a bike and I won't give up on it that easily.

His eyes darken seeing my lips and my body shivered in his gaze. He shifted his gaze back to my eyes. "You really want to learn it, " he asked me in conformation and I nodded my head. "Ok I will let you learn it but you have to do something and if you refuse. Forget about seeing bikes for a lifetime, " he said it with an evil smirk.

"No, I want to learn it. You promise that you will not stop me if I do what you say" I asked him with confirming eyes.

"Yes I promise, " he said with a big evil smirk.

And his answer made me jump in happiness ?"Ok what you want me to do" I asked him in excitement but I couldn't jump because my knee hurts.

"Strip, " he said with an evil smirk.

"What I heard something wrong. What did you say?" I asked while nervously laughing.

"You heard it, right love, " he said with an evil smirk

"Strip" he whispered in my ear and then he moved little back while looking at my body and his gaze send a shiver to throw my spin. Colour from my face got drain. His fingers played with the hem of my T-shirt touching my skin on my waist giving tickling sensation where he touches. My breath got hitched and my brain stopped working.

What I'm going to do now? I made a wrong deal with the devil.

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