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   Chapter 44 No.44

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Now it's my turn to making him fall on his knees. I too see till when he doesn't get angry at me and how far he continuous with his evil plan.

I was thinking about what to do. "I need to do something that will piss him off. Which will break his not to get an angry plan." I sad while thinking out loud.

"What plan are you talking about, " Nina said while coming out of closet suddenly.

"O god Nina you scared me, " I said with shock expression with my hands on my heart which was beating fast.

Looking at my shocked face she said "Sorry."

"Come, girl, I need to tell you something important, " I said to her in a serious tone. I told her everything except the part that I kissed him back too.

"How these guys are so evil. I knew something was up with them. They were behaving differently." Nina said in anger.

I saw at her with wide eyes what happened to her. "Did Jack do something with you?" I asked her.

Her eyes turned red in anger "I can't even tell you. Forget it we need to plan something" she said with revenge tone. "So you heard that they are planning to not get angry right" I nodded my head.

"So let's think what makes them unhappy, " she said it to me.

"But Zanvil gets unhappy from everything I do, " I said in annoyance.

"True but we need something else, " she said while thinking. "So let's start with things which piss him off more, " she said to me.

"First he gets angry with me when I talk or laugh with any other men and when I ignore him too and it's a big list, " I said while exclaiming in frustration.

"Same with me too, " she said meeting my stare and our eyes widened at the same time big smirk was plastered on our face.

"Are you thinking the same thing what I'm thinking?" I asked her in excitement. She nodded with a big smirk. We hugged each other in happiness.

We planned everything "Hope our plan works. Just remember ignore him and don't let him near you" I said with crossed fingers and repeating it to myself.

"Yes, of course, it will work. They will be pissed beyond there limits and that time it will be our time to relax and enjoy seeing them in that state" she said with an evil smirk.

"And I'm surely going to enjoy it, " I said in revenge fire which was burning inside me. "But first I need something to eat. I need the energy to fight against the devil" I said while holding my growling stomach and sheepishly smiling at her.

I had still not eaten breakfast. When I went down in the living room everyone was there. My eyes meet with sea-colored eyes and he was staring at me. Smirked was plastered on his face enjoying his victory. I clenched my fist in anger. He gestured me to sit beside him with his eyes but I ignored and went to the kitchen to eat something. The frown was on his face in confusion with a little bit of anger.

He thinks I have given in. No, he is wrong and after hearing his evil plan I think it won't be possible ever.

I sigh in annoyance. Entering the kitchen I started my search mission to find something to eat. I opened the fridge and my eyes lighted up when I saw a big chocolate cake was there. Doing happy dance I took it out and grabbed chocolate sauce bottle too. Cutting large piece for myself I kept remaining cake inside. I poured extra, extra chocolate sauce on it and took a big bite. I moan as it melted in my mouth.

"Looks tasty" I flinched at my place hearing very familiar voice whispering in my ear. My heart was beating so fast. I immediately turned back still holding the spoon in my mouth to see devil standing very close to me. He removed the spoon from my mouth and I gulped the cake which was in my mouth.

God what is he doing here and when the hell he came in. I didn't even hear footsteps. Off course how will you hear if you were so lost in your chocolate cake?

My inner voice mocked at me. Grabbing my plate I tried to run.

I can't leave my chocolate cake alone with the devil.

But he kept his both hand on either side caging me in his arms between him and kitchen island. My eyes widened in fear when he moved his face near me and I moved back. He clenched his jaw in angry not liking what I did. It was the last thing on his list me refusing to his touch but his eyes turned dark when he looked at my lips and my gaze fell on his lips. He licked his lips and again I gulped remembering our early encounter.

Before I do something weird. I need to get out of here. O did it rhyme? Shut up Jane what rubbish are you thinking.

I mentally slapped myself. "Will you move?" I asked keeping my voice straight.

"No, " he said with evil smirk plaster on his face.

He is testing my patience. I need to avoid him. If he does things like this how am I supposed to ignore him? He is making everything hard for me and it is pissing me off.

I didn't let my emotions play this time. So keeping my voice straight I said, "What do you want?"

"Cake with lots of chocolate sauce on it, " he said with a big evil smirk.

I fake smiled at him "Cake is in the fridge and chocolate sauce is here" I said in straight voice gesturing him where things were.

Now at least he will leave me alone.

"But my cake is outside" he whispered in my ear with a dark voice. A shiver ran through my body when his lips touched my skin. My eyes frown in confusion looking at my face his smirk widened. He took the plate from my hand.

Was he talking a

oulder and going to lock you in his room. I think our plan is working" Nina whispered to me.

And I saw at devil he was eyeing me and Petros while stabbing his food. "I think so" I whispered to her.

I was feeling like any time soon he is going to flip the dining table and do what Nina whispered to me.

"God Jane your baby needs to control his jealousy or else he is going to get exposed too early" Nina whispered while looking at him.

"Nina just try to shift your gaze to another side of Zanvil see what your baby is doing, " I said to her while gesturing her to see at Jack. Her gaze shifted and her body went stiff. She cleared her throat and whispered, "Just ignore him and baby my foot. He doesn't even matter to me you know that." I just nodded.

Things between them are so complicated but I can't comment on it because I and Zanvil are stuck in a similar kind of situations. And again I unconsciously saw at the devil.

I don't understand why he doesn't want to admit that he is jealous. That he can't see me with someone else and whenever I try to make him accept that. He blames everything thing on me. He makes me feel like I'm a worthless, most unwanted thing in his life and it hurts so much. His harsh words felt like needles were stabbed in my heart, each time he made me feel worthless.

Today whatever happens our plan works or not but I'm going to make him confess that he gets jealous beyond his limits if he sees me with someone else. I can't let him walk on me every time. I can't let him make me dumbfound each and every time. It's like I'm the only one who thinks that he has something for me. I'm fed up of thinking that he has something for me in his heart. I need to make him confess that at least I owe a little inch in his heart.

I exclaimed thinking about everything. I was still feeling an intense gaze on me. We were almost done with eating our food "Let's go to watch the movie" I said while looking at Zanvil. He looked at me and stop in his track his spoon was still in the air with food. He was a little bit shocked but had a cool down expression on his face. He was about to say something when I turned my head at Petros and asked, "What do you think about it."

"Movie I'm in, " he said with a smile.

"Nina, Sky what do you think, " I asked while looking at them.

"Of course we are in, " they said in unison.

"OK done then, " I said while looking at Jack and Zanvil. Jack was looking at me in disbelief. That how I didn't ask him to join us I ignored him.

He can see a movie with his best friend.

"Are you guys coming too?" Sky asked two devils best friends. I saw Zanvil curling his fingers in a fist. He clenched it with so much of force that his knuckles were turning white. He eyed me with so much anger and I just smiled at him.

Jack cleared his throat "Off cause, we are coming" he said while looking at Nina in anger.

"Ok then get ready, " Sky said it to everyone. I looked at the devil with a smile. He shot me glare and smile disappeared from my face. His eyes were making promises that I'm going to regret everything and he is going to make sure about it. Giving me a hard look he slamming his cutlery on a plate and left the room. I let go of my breath which I didn't know I was holding.

I need to be strong. I need to be strong.

I tried to motivate myself but I failed miserably. I was able to mask my brave face in front of him but the image of him staring at me in anger was flashing in my brain continuously and each time it flashed my body shivered.

Playing against the devil is not an easy task.

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