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   Chapter 43 No.43

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 10455

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"Now I know you are angry because I asked him for breakfast are you jealous, " I asked in disbelief.

"What me jealous over sixteen years old and for what you, " he said in mocking tone. "Don't higher your standards. I can't believe you were able to trap a sixteen-year-old too. What do you want from him? I don't think he has that much money. So what do you want his body? Yes, this what you want. Like always you enjoy other man's touch. What matters if he is twenty-five or sixteen" he said in mocking tone. Making his own theory of my character.

I started at him in disbelief. I was burning in anger.

How can he accuse me of such things? I want to slap him hard.

But I had coffee in my hand in my reflex I throw coffee on him. I aimed for his face but it landed on his chest. He hissed in pain when hot coffee spread burning sensation on his chest. At that time I realized what have I done.

I threw hot coffee on him.

Mug felt down on the floor from my hand with loud noise breaking in pieces. My hands covering my mouth in surprise with my own actions. He was burning in anger. His white shirt was stained with coffee

O god I'm doomed from the look he is giving me.

He took his steps in my direction and I gulped in fear.

Maybe this is the last day I breathe.

Hearing noise people came in and he stopped in his track. "What happened why is coffee on your T-shirt" the aunt asked with a shocked expression. He was so angry and looking at me with anger.

If aunt comes to know I threw hot coffee on him. She with be upset with me or worst she will be so angry with me and by his look I know he is going to tell her.

I was prepared for the worst. He eyed me with anger "I spilled coffee while drinking. Mom you don't need to worry" he said in annoyance while removing his T-shirt. His chest was so red and guilt stabbed me.

I did this to him but he didn't take my name.

My eyes become glossy. "What are you talking Zan see your skin is so red. I will go and search for ointment for it and some cold water to wipe it, " the aunt said in a worried voice.

"No mom I don't need anything just leave me alone for some time, " he said in annoyance while heading to his room. The aunt was sad because of his behavior.

"Leave him alone for some time he will be OK and then he will come to you on his own asking for ointment, " dad said to console aunt.

"Have you seen his skin. It was so red" mom said in a small voice.

Swallowing my tears I said "Don't worry mom I will go and see" I said to mom with a small voice. She nodded her head.

"Here Jane. I have brought cold water and ointment, " Mr.Kavensky said while handing it to me. I followed him to his room he didn't notice me.

He was trying to wipe his chest with his T-shirt but he hissed in pain. "Let me do it, " I said while taking his T-shirt from his hand.

"What are you doing here get out now, " he said in anger. Ignoring his command. I took his T-shirt from his hand which he snatched away from me. "Don't you hear me? Get out now" he said it with a clenched jaw.

"I will. Once I'm done with applying ointment on it,

eaching my room I slammed the door and slid down sitting on the floor. "What have I done, " I said touching my lips.

I kissed him back. I let him touch me. I let myself touch him. But I'm not regarding what I have done but to things which I heard before running to my room.

My legs didn't cooperate with me when I tried to run away. So I shifted my body to the side wall so they can't see me. "Dude you should have controlled yourself a little bit more. Maybe you could have hit the jackpot" I heard Jack's voice.

What are they talking about?

"I would have if you have not entered your nose in this room, " he said in annoyance.

What exactly they are talking.

"It's a good way of saying thank you. You should be thankful to me for a lifetime because of my advice she came to your room on her own. With your all-time behavior, she would have not let you touch or extreme let you roam around her. My plans always work just stab them with a little bit of guilt and they come to you" he said in pride.

"Yeah, whatever I did my best not to get angry or brag in her room but still I need to do something of that love letter boy, " Zanvil said it in anger.

"Do anything but just try to control and not to get angry. Dude do you have energy bars that you ate last night" Jack asked him.

"Yes, they are in the cupboard but save some of them for me too. If I skip my meal I will need them" he said to Jack.

I ran from there because I was not willing to hear their further conversation because I would have bragged in and slapped both of them.

It was all their plane from starting to make me go in his room on my own. To make me feel guilty that he is not eating his food because of me. That's why he was behaving differently.

I was burning in anger.

God, what should I do? I was caught in his trap and I let him touch me. I let myself kiss him back. I pushed myself in deep shit and for it, I'm not forgiving him. Now it's my turn to making him fall on his knees.

I too see till when he doesn't get angry at me. Till when he continuous with his evil plan.

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