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   Chapter 42 No.42

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I smiled back at her and then give my sweetest smile to devil destroying his plan of seeing me naked. He just smirked back at me.

Why the hell he is smirking back at me. Now, what is going on in his head?

I thought with a furrowed brow. Looking at my face his smirks deepened. I just ignored him.

We all packed our clothes for three days. It was three hours drive for our farmhouse. Most of the ride I slept and the devil has still not scolded or busted out at me. Whenever our eyes met he gave me a death glare and I always turn my head on another side. I don't know what is going on in his head.

When we reach day was already fell down. Boys started unloading our luggage. I was the first one to go inside and I met with caretaker Mr.Kavinsky. He is grandpa figure it was fun to hang out with him. Whenever I use to come here for vacation with uncle and aunt. Most of the time I use to spend on learning gardening or horse riding. Not every time Zanvil use to accompany us. "Hello, Mr.Kavensky how are you, " I said with a happy smile.

"I'm good Jane how are you and by the way congratulation, you got married. Where is master Zanvil? I was waiting for you two to arrive" he said happily.

"Thank you. He is coming in with luggage, " I said with a small smile. Behind me, everyone entered the house.

Mr. Kavensky had a frown on his face. "Mr. and Mrs. Adam's you were coming with family, " he asked in confusion.

"Yes, " mom replied.

"But I remembered you told me only master Zanvil and Jane was coming. So I have cleaned only one room but for time being there are more two rooms are available for use, " he said in an apologetic way.

"I completely forgot to inform you that we all were coming, " mom said in an apologetic way.

"But we are seven people and only three rooms are available, " Nina said while counting us.

Wow god is with me today everything is going in my way.

"We can share the rooms for time being, " I said happily. Ever once gaze shifted to me. "Mom and dad can take one room and I and Nina will share one room. Boys can share one room, " I said trying to sort out sharing thing. Devil glared at me hearing my suggestion.

"Yes, we can do this" Nina said agreeing with me. Mom and dad gave a thought too and then agreed with my suggestion. Where boys didn't have any choices. Sky and Jack were ok with it. But Zanvil didn't spare me a glance taking his bag he went to his room.

What? Now he is angry with me.

Jack helped us with our luggage to our room. As soon as he left I rewarded my body by slamming it with a soft mattress and it caused my body to bounce a little bit. It feels so good. "Your baby seems so angry with you" Nina broke my peace movement.

She can see it too.

"What are you trying to say, " I said lifting my head little bit up to look at her.

"He is not happy with your decision, " she said while looking at me. While taking her clothes out to change.

"Tell me something new, " I said while exclaiming. "But I'm happy with my decision. You know I don't want to be left alone with him. This was the best option I ever had. I want to stay away from him as much as I can" I said while explaining her.

"I totally understand you. I know how it feels when you are completely left alone with peak head. And they don't even let go one single chance of getting in your pants" she said while exclaiming and remembering something. She was in deep thoughts.

"Forget it. He will be good in some time. He was always like this but something seems different this time" I said while thinking.

"Of course it will be. Before he was not your husband but now he is" she said while looking at me.

Husband, it's a very big word in my life. Yes, now he is my husband, not a boy in whose house I use to live anymore.

Are you afraid that he will do something to you when you are alone with him or you are afraid that you will let him do whatever he wants to do with you? It is true that you lose your sense when he touches you. You get completely lost in his touch are you afraid of losing command over your own body or to feel the things which his touch does to you. That racing of heart, the urge of touching him back and to do the most fearful thing which you have restrained yourself till now kissing him back.

I was in my deep thoughts "Come on Jane get changed. So we can go and eat our dinner" she said while going in the washroom.

Yes, I need to change my clothes and remove devils thought from my brain. I want to stay away from him. I don't want to think about him. That's why I chose to share a room with Nina but his thoughts are not leaving my brain. I need to get him out

ou, " I said with a small voice and smiled at him.

I think I broke a sixteen-year-old heart.

I thought by the look he was giving me. "Jane darling please make him drink this coffee at least. He didn't even eat his dinner last night" aunt said in pleading voice. I nodded and took a coffee mug from her hand and went behind him.

He was walking fast. "Zanvil" I called his name but he didn't stop in his track. I caught his hand to stop him.

He turned back to look at me. He was burning with anger. "What do you want, " he asked in anger.

"Aunt told me to give you this coffee, " I said while showing mug to him. He eyed mug with a clenched jaw.

"You came running behind me because mom told you to give me this, " he asked me in conformation. I nodded at that instant. He snatched his hand away from mine which I didn't know I was still holding. His expression turned to sour one. "I don't want it. Go and give it to your love letter boy. At least that will you do it happily without someone telling you to do, " he said in anger.

"Zanvil what are you mad about exactly and why will I give it to him. I brought it for you, " I said in annoyance.

"What I'm mad about?" he laughed humorlessly. "I'm mad about, " he said and stopped without completing. "Nothing forget it and for this coffee tell mom. She doesn't need to worry about me. Though I know she is only one who cares for me, " he said and turned to leave but his eyes were telling a different story. I was seeing emotion which I never saw in his eyes. And again he was taunting me.

"Zanvil stop being stubborn. And drinks this coffee, " I said while stopping him.

I know when he doesn't eat properly he gets sick very soon.

"I don't want to. Didn't I told you to go and give this to your love letter boy" he said in anger.

"Now I know you are angry because I asked him for breakfast are you jealous, " I asked in disbelief.

"What me jealous over sixteen years old and for what you, " he said in mocking tone. "Don't higher your standards. I can't believe you were able to trap a sixteen-year-old too. What do you want from him? I don't think he has that much money. So what do you want his body? Yes, this is what you want. Like always you enjoy other man's touch. What matters if he is twenty-five or sixteen" he said in mocking tone. Making his own theory of my character.

I started at him in disbelief. I was burning in anger.

How can he accuse me of such things?

I want to slap him hard but I had coffee in my hand. In my reflex, I throw coffee on him. I aimed for his face but it landed on his chest. He hissed in pain when hot coffee spread burning sensation on his chest. At the time I realized what I have done.

I threw hot coffee on him.

Mug felt down on the floor from my hand with loud noise breaking in pieces. My hand covering my mouth getting surprised with my own actions. He was burning in anger. His white shirt was stained with coffee.

O god I'm doomed from the look he is giving me.

He took his steps in my direction and I gulped in fear.

Maybe today is the last day I breathe.

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