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   Chapter 41 No.41

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I felt another side of my bed getting dipped.

Five minutes have passed thank god he thinks I'm sleeping.

I was about to sign in relief when I felt him opening buttons of my gown. My toes curled my breath got hitched when his lips touched my back. I felt him smirking on my skin.

H.. He knew...knows that I'm pretending to be in sleep.

My heart started beating very fast.

I'm gonna die due to a heart attack. Don't panic Jane he must be conforming if you are really sleeping or he is taking advantage of your sleeping state.

Shut up.

I yelled in my mind. My inner voice was making me more frightened. My eyes were still closed with force.

Stay still don't move.

I ordered myself. But the contact of his lips with my exposed skin was make everything hard for me. My breath caught in my lungs when I felt him opening the remaining buttons of my gown.

Jane if you don't do anything now. He is going to eat you like a piece of meat and won't even burp.

That thought made me immediately to lifted my body upholding my gown from the front. Not letting it completely fall down from my body and I ran. It was like my body has its own mind. Everything happened so fast. In a second I was in front of door twisting knob. I tried to open it but it was locked. My eyes widened in horror.

He knew I will do this. He knew I was pretending to be in sleep. God, what should I do?

Then I heard the devil laughing on my state. My whole body was frozen for a second. "Come back on bed love you have nowhere to go, " he said in amusement. Telling me to do the last thing which was on my mind.

I curled my fingers in anger. His every word was screaming victory. Trying one more time to open the door but it won't open. Sighing in defeat I turned back with the disappointment to look at him.

His blazer was lying on the floor. His hands were on the back of his head. He was in bed in a relaxed position enjoy my little show of escape from his dent. I didn't make any attempt to move from my place. "Come here fast. We have a lot to do or you want me to carry you to bed in bridal style in my arms, " he asked evilly. I gulped at his words. I didn't dare to utter a word. "As you wish, " he said it and stood up from his relaxing state and started walking in my direction.

My eyes widened in fear. With his every step my heart was beating like crazy. My finger became tighter on the front of my gown in fear. He just smirked at me evilly seeing me in this state. I moved my head in the room to find an escape from his dent. On that time my eyes landed on another door. My feet moved in speed like having their own mind. Opening the door I entered the room. Entering it I? slammed it on his face and locked it. He was trying to catch me but I just closed it in time. He cursed loudly totally pissed with my actions.

He was furiously trying to open the door but it was not opening. Getting tired he banged on the door. "Jane come out now!" he yelled in anger. I was still breathing heavily and my heart was still beating like crazy.

His fingers brushed on my arm when I entered the room. What if he had caught me.

"Jane come out!" he again said with a clenched jaw.

"No" I shouted back.

"Are you planning to sleep in my gym for the entire night?" he asked in disbelief voice.

Then I took in my surrounding. I was in his gym. I knew he works out but I never knew he had a gym in his own room. I was still hearing the banging sound in anger. "Yes, go and sleep on your bed. I won't disturb you, " I said in victory.

"Don't think that I can't break this door. Tonight I'm let you do whatever you want but remember one thing. When this door opens you are going to lay under me asking for my mercy" he said in anger getting totally annoyed by my words. My body went stiff hearing his threat. "And I'm surely going to enjoy it, " he said with determination.

"Things like that won't happen because once aunt and uncle leave for uncles treatment. I will stay in my own room" I stated the fact.

"Be happy in your dreamland. Like I'm gonna let that happen ever" he said with anger in mocking tone.

I felt he was not standing there anymore I sigh in relief. l wanted to reply him back but I was too tired to argue with him. My feet are paining so much because of running. Like I was trying to break Usain Bolt record. I was sitting in his gym surrounded by all equipment. There were heavyweights.

I never knew he lifts heavy weights but his six packs tell everything.

I muttered to myself remembering seeing his exposed chiseled chest. I immediately discarded that thought from my brain.

Today I have to sleep here.

I tried to button up the buttons of my gown. I was not able to button up all the buttons. Resting my back on the wall I tried to relax and get a little bit of sleep. I'm so tired. No energy is left in my body to do anything. I just want to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes

y mom, " I said while smiling. After some time he came down looking sexy as ever.

Again, Jane, he is devil not sexy.

I scolded myself. He greeted them good morning and took sit beside me. My body when stiff when he suddenly kept his hand on my thigh. It caused shiver run through my spine. Swallowing hard I removed his hand from my thigh.

Nina, Jack, and Sky too were present because aunt wanted to thank them for helping her so much at the wedding. They are part of our family. "Jane, Zanvil me and your mom both know that because of me stepping down from CEO position has left Zanvil with tones of work and your soon joining too and you both will get busier than before, " the uncle said looking at me and devil.

"So we want you both to go on three days of holiday to our farmhouse. So you both can spend little time together at least for the weekend. Before getting busy in your life and we left for your dad's surgery, " the aunt said looking at us my body went stiff.

What three days with Zanvil. Completely alone with the devil himself for three freaking days of my precious life.

I looked at them with wide eyes to avoid there pleading eyes who were expecting yes from us and will not take no as an answer. I pretend to drink juice but at same time devil keep his hand on my thigh and whispered In my ear "Maybe there you can stare more at me when I work out and I'm definitely going to see you without clothes. So I'm going to say yes" he said it with a smirk and his hand moved up to my inner thigh.

My breath got hitched. I got choked on my juice. I started coughing.

Why the hell he has to speak rubbish every time.

"Jane are you ok, " the aunt asked with consent voice.

"Yes, I'm ok. I drank to fast, " I said in a small voice while making myself little stable. Hearing my answer he smirked at me.

"You guys have to leave today what do you guys say, " the uncle asked.

Before devil could speak I said "Why don't we go for a family picnic. For the weekend instead of only two of us going there" I said it very fast giving Zanvil sweet smile.

He looked at me with anger. Not happy with my suggestion he opened his mouth said "What" in anger.

"What are you saying family picnic but" uncle repeated my words but I didn't let him finish.

"Yes, so we can all spend time together for the first time as a family after our marriage. I really want to do it before you go for surgery" I said with pleading eyes. "We all can have little time with each other, " I said while looking at everyone who was present there.

Nina was looking at me with known eyes. Sky and Jack gave pity look to Zanvil. "Ok, I'm in" Nina was the first one to say yes and to be at my side.

"Picnic I'm ok if Zanvil is ok with it, " Jack said. "Me too, " Sky said. He was about to say something with a clenched jaw.

"Of course he is ok, " I said giving him sweet smile he gave me a death glare and I ignored him.

"OK as you guys say. So we need to pack" mom said to us with a smile. I smiled back at her and then give my sweetest smile to devil destroy his plan of seeing me naked. He just smirked back at me.

Why the hell he is smirking back at me now what is going on in his head.

I thought with a furrowed brow and seeing my face his smirks deepened.

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