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   Chapter 40 No.40

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His every word was repeating in my head like a siren was playing continuously. My tears never stopped from flowing.

"Jane what are you doing sitting on the floor" I heard Nina's panic voice. I did not lift my head to show her how pathetic my life is I just kept crying. "Jane what happened why are you crying" panic in her voice increased.

She came and sat on the floor. She hugged me tightly. "Did that prick head do something to you?" she asked in a concerned voice. I didn't utter a single word. Seeing me like that she just sat there with me hugging me tightly.

Tears filled in my eyes remembering everything from yesterday. "Jane don't cry you will ruin your makeup, " Nina said in a threatening but soft voice.

I looked at her with glassy eyes. Swallowing my tears I just nodded. She nodded in relief and smiled at me and went to bring my nosegay. I did not tell her what happened yesterday. I don't want her to take stress because of me. She was already in trouble once because of me and I don't want to see her in any other. I was sitting in front of my vanity dressed in a beautiful wedding gown for which girls will die to wear it. It is a shoulderless lace wedding gown.

Jane's wedding dress.

I was staring at the reflection of a girl who was staring back at me. She looks beautiful in her wedding dress. Her hair was neatly done. Her skin was glowing. Her lips were painted in maroon. Her eyes had makeup on them but they were shining not because she was happy but because her eyes were filled with tears. Looking at my sad reflection in the mirror I swallowed hard and tried to smile at my reflection but I felt miserable. The pain of being in someone's life when they don't even want you is so much and my heart pains so much.

Nina brought my nosegay it is so beautiful. She helped me to wear my white heels. I stood in front of her she smiled at me. She took my hands in her. "Jane I don't know what happened yesterday between you two. I don't know what he said to break your heart like that. The only thing I know is you. I know your strongest person whom I'm happy to meet in this life and I know you are a fighter. You always rise and shine in your bad times so never let him walk on you or on your feelings. Whatever happens in future remember I'm always with you" saying that she hugged me tightly. I hugged her too. My tears unlisted she was crying too. "So make his life hell show him he can't do whatever comes in his mind. Make him realize that you are my best friend. I'm always with you in your good or bad, " she said while breaking our hug which causes me to smile at her.

She is the only person in my life who knew everything about me. My bad my good everything.

Nina's words gave me the courage to face my reality. She smiled back at me. "Is Jane ready" came aunt's happy voice.

"Yes, she is, " Nina said while wiping my tears. Uncle and aunt both came inside.

"My God my daughter is looking so beautiful" uncle said while hugging me. I smiled at him.

"Yes, she is. I can't believe our stupid son got her. He is very lucky to have you" aunt said with happy eyes. "Come let's go everything is ready, " the aunt said in excitement. I nodded in response with thin line smile.

"Come sweety" uncle said while holding my hand giving me happiest smile I ever saw on his face. Seeing him smiling I forget my pain I smiled back.

"Let's go your groom is waiting restlessly for you from an hour, " the aunt said in excitement.

She won't say this if she knew the truth. He must be restless because his precious time is getting wasted.

I just smiled faintly at her. We went to our big lawn where the wedding was going to take place. It was decorated beautifully.

Everything is perfect. The only imperfect thing is me and Zanvil getting married.

Everyone was present only close family and friends were invited. Every once family was there except mine. How I miss mom and dad so much today. I was terrified of seeing everyone's eyes on me especially Zanvil. But uncle holds my hand with an assurance like saying me he was with me and always will be. He smiled at me wholeheartedly I smiled back. Uncle walked me to the aisle.

Nina is my maid of honor. Hazel, Zanvil secretary was one of my bridesmaid

come dim romantic song started playing. He pulled me so closed to him my front was touching his hard chest even air could not pass from between us.

My body always reacts to his touch like it was his first time touching me. He bends his head down and kissed me on my cheek and then on my exposed shoulder. My body was burning in his touch sending a shiver to my spine.

Why it always behave differently with him. Like it has its own mind.

"You seems to enjoy dancing with other men more than your husband" he whispered in my ear with an emotionless voice. My body went stiff. He was still kissing on my shoulder. "You have still not told me what Grayson Williams whispered to you which made you smile, " he asked me taking Gray's full name.

He won't leave me till he knows what he whispered to me.

Breathing deeply I said, "He asked me if I'm happy."

His body went stiff "And what did you told him" he asked with a serious voice. Song ended and Everyone clapped and lights were back to normal. Jack came and took Zanvil with him to talk with his friends. He gave me a look. We are not done with talking.

Aunt came to me "Aunt I want to rest can I go to my room" I asked her my feet were paining so much.

"Jane it's a mom now and of course let's go I will escort you it will be difficult to walk in your gown, " she said taking my hand. We went inside I thought she will stop at my room but she escorted me to Zanvil's room.

I should have come alone.

"Go have some rest you need it Zan will come in sometime after all it be a long night for you guys, " she said mischievously. Aunt too started teasing me. I just gave a fake smile to her and went inside I heard aunt closed door.

Freeing my feet from painful hell's "It feels good" I said sighing in relief while sitting on the bed. I need to sleep I was massaging my head when I remembered what Zanvil said yesterday.

"We will consume our marriage with or without you will."

I started panicking.

What should I do?

At the same time, I head food steps coming towards the room.

O god he is here. What should I do?

I heard doorknob twisting sound. I immediately laid my body on the end of the bed and pretend to be sleeping my heart was beating so fast.

He came inside I closed my eyes more tightly. My hands were fisted at my chest to control my breathing. Then I heard shuffling sound of clothes my fear increased more.

God, please don't let him know I'm just pretending to be in sleep.

I felt another side of my bed getting dipped.

Five minutes have passed.

Thank god he thinks I'm sleeping.

I was about the sigh in relief when I felt him opening buttons of my gown.

My toes curled my breath got hitched when his lips touched my back. I felt him smirking on my skin.

H.. He know...knows that I'm pretending to be in sleep.

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