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   Chapter 39 No.39

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 8080

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"O God I have to push this pricking head outside" she muttered and she did what she has said and locked the door from inside. "Now he won't be able to come inside, " she said with assurance.

Poor she doesn't know he has keys to my room.

I just sheepishly smiled at her. Turning back at me she looked at me with narrowed eyes and closed lips. I just gave her sheepishly smile and soon her expression changed to wicked one.

I know this expression. She is going to do the most favorite thing about her life. She is going to tease me with the devil's name which pisses me off most.

"Stop giving me that silly look, " I said with a straight voice.

"Why? Is love missing her baby's lovely look and sweet kisses, " she said it with a wide grin.

God, why do even I told her that Zanvil called me to love?

"Ewe, Nina stop talking like that it doesn't suit you, " I said in disapproval.

"Yeah, why will you like me talking to you like that. Now, you have your baby to talk with you like that after all now your getting married and leaving your best friend alone to face this cruel world, " she said dramatically with fake sadness in her voice.

"Are you done with your drama?" I asked her with a bored smile.

"What's this?" she's asked me ignoring my question.

She took my new forcefully handed cellphone box. "Zanvil gave it to me, " I said it without any emotion in my voice.

"What your baby gifted your new cell phone but was it not the last piece which you bought" she teased me but then her tone changed to a confused one.

"He imported it and if you again called him my baby you're going to regret it. I won't let you do my hair or makeup on my wedding day" I said to her in a threatening tone.

Jane, it's not even a threat. It will backfire on you and will lead you to become a clown at your own wedding.

I scolded myself.

"What he imported it, " she said in shock. Ignoring the last part of what I said.

Thank god she ignored last part.

I sigh in relief. "Yes, have you bought pastries for me, " I said while opening box there were two chocolate pastries.

I don't want her to ask me any further questions.

"Yes, I thought they will lift your mode but when I came back your baby was already lifting your mood, " she said it mischievously.

"Stop calling him my baby and he was not lifting my mood but making it worse. Forget it I don't want to talk about it come let'

the person who never failed to mention that I was the most unwanted person in his life.

"Your body is the only mine to touch, your soul is the only mine to possess" he stated the harsh reality of my life. Tears were forming in corner of my eyes. "And I claim what's mine with or without there will" tears unlisted from my eyes.

"Stop crying love, " he said with concern tone while wiping tears from my cheeks.

For a second I thought he cared for me he was joking what he said to me earlier but his next words made me realize that he will never care for me and he means his each and every word what he said to me.

"Save them for tomorrow when we will consume our marriage with or without your will at that time I would like to hear your cries, " he said with a devilish smile plastered on his face.

I started sobbing. Saying that he left me in my pity state. I slid down the wall and sat on the floor hugging my knees. I started sobbing more.

He will never care for me. He will never love me. He will never respect me. For him, I'm just a thing which was given to him against his will and he wants to claim me not because he loves me or I'm going to be his lawful wife tomorrow.

He just wants to take me because he doesn't like to share his things with anyone else. To make me remind that I belong to him again his will.

He wants to put a tag on my soul that I belong to him with or without my will and I'm his till he discards me from his life completely for good.

His every word was repeating in my head like a siren was playing continuously.

My tears never stopped from flowing….

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