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   Chapter 38 No.38

Against His Will. By Bluedragon95 Characters: 12191

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I don't want to see his face. I never want to talk to him again.

My thoughts were interrupted by realization hitting me.

You have to see his face. You have to talk to him because he is the person with whom you are getting married after two days. He is the person with whom you are going to spend the rest of life.

I started sobbing louder. After sometime Nina came to talk to me. She told me that aunt is not angry with me or her. She was just worried about everything. After that we talked for some time she told me that she gave little peace of mind to the devil. I laughed when she told me that.

It would have been so funny to see her threatening devil.

And then she left to do some work and I took a little nap. I needed it so much to remove the devil from my mind. During dinner, I was not feeling like eating anything so I told the aunt that I'm not hungry. But she thought because of her I was not eating. I assured her it was not the matter. She can be angry with me, after all, she is like my mother.

I was going through my graduation stuff which is going to be an end of this month on my laptop. I'm happy that I'm finally getting graduate and going to be free from college. My thoughts were interrupted by knocking on my door and opening the door I saw Rose was standing with a tray in her hand. I gave her a confusing look and asked why she was here. "Miss I have brought your dinner, " she said with a smile.

"Rose I have told aunt that I'm not hungry. Why she has sent the food" I asked in confusion.

"Miss, ma'am has not sent this but sir, " she said.

"Are you serious aunt told uncle about this?" I asked her with wide eyes.

"No, Zanvil sir, " she said with a smile. Hearing his name my blood boiled.

After taking my appetite he sends me food.

"Take food back I'm not hungry, " I said to Rose in calm tone controlling my anger. She nodded in hesitation closing the door I laid on my bed.

Does he think I'm not eating food because of him? He is so wrong he doesn't have that much of importance in my life.

Is that true?

Just in five minutes, my room door burst open. I flinched at the suddenness and there was devil standing with a clenched jaw. I looked at him with narrowed eyes. Rose entered and kept the tray giving me sorry look while closing the door.

What can she do in front of the devil?

Averting my eyes I looked at the devil with anger.

What does he want? Why can't he leave me alone?

"Eat your food" he commanded me.

Like I'm going to obey him.

I eyed him with angry eyes. I just took my blanket covering myself from head to toe and tried to sleep ignoring his presence. I heard footsteps.

Good, he is taking my gesture as no and leave.

I was waiting to hear the door slamming sound but nothing came. In a second my covers were snatched away from my body. I gasped in shock. "What the hell are you doing. Get out of my room" I yelled in anger.

"I think you didn't hear what I said just now. Get up and eat your food" he said angrily.

I sat up "I think you didn't hear what I said just now. Get the hell out of my room now, " I said angrily and tried to snatch my blanket but he was not letting it go. "I said leave me alone" but he had no intention of letting it go. Suddenly he left it my body was about to slam on my bed. My eyes were closed tightly waiting to hit my body on the mattress but nothing happened. Opening one eye I saw blue sea colored eyes staring at my face in amusement only inch apart. My heart started beating fast.

When did he come so close?

He was holding the corner of my blanket making my body stay in sitting but little bit

ave eaten your food or accepted mobile without any stubbornness still I had no intention of letting you go that easily" he said with a wide smirk. I gulped at his words.

He is the definition of pure evil.

He made no effort of buttoning up his shirt. He just leaned down and captured my lips. Making me lay back on my bed. He hovered on me still kissing me he removed his shirt effortless and threw it some were. I tried to protest but he made no efforts to moving back.

I need to stop this. What if aunt comes and sees us but he is not moving from his place.

He took my protesting hands and pinned them on my head with a firm grip of his one hand. His other hand started moving inside my pajama top and I gasped at his touch. His lips were not ready to break contact with my skin. He started kissing on my neck and then on my shoulder. Protested which was in my head of not letting him touch me started fading away with his every contract of lips with my skin.

God how can someone control someone's else body like that. Is it even possible to lose your control over yourself in someone's touch?

Suddenly door bust opened "I'm back" we both heard a familiar voice.

I immediately kicked him away from my body and he felt down with loud noise. I immediately sat up. He muttered curse "Fuck I should have locked the door" under his breath which was loud enough for us to hear.

And I saw Nina was standing at the door with one hand holding doorknob and in another hand a pastry box with horror expression on her face. Saying WTF is going on behind my back. Her eyes were moving from me to the shirtless devil. She cleared her throat "You shameless prick can't you keep your hands away from her" she said in anger with wide eyes.

I kept quiet It was so awkward situation for me. "Shut up Rogers and don't teach me. I know where my hands belong" he said while eyeing me with a smirk. I gulped at his look and averted my eyes from him and his six packs.

He lazily stood up like he didn't care about anything he picked up his shirt which was lying on my either side. While taking it he looked at Nina with a smirk and again at me and he full. pecked my lips.

"O God I have to push this pricking head outside" she muttered and she did what she has said and locked the door "Now he won't come inside, " she said with assurance.

Poor she doesn't know he has keys to my room.

I just sheepishly smiled at her…

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