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   Chapter 37 No.37

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He won't be able to come to my room whenever he wants.

I looked at the aunt with a happy gaze.

God, I'm so happy today and grateful to have her in my life.

I smirked at devil but I didn't know my happiness was short lived as he smirked back at me.

I think he took it as his challenge to meet me but I don't want to meet him. Am I celebrating it too early? What is cooking in his head?

I looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Jane give me your cell phone mine is not working, " Nina asked me.

"Huh" I looked at her cluelessly because I was busy in my thoughts.

"Give me your cell mine is not working" she repeated her words.

She wants my cell phone but I don't have it because the devil broke it.

"Hmm, Nina I don't have it" I replied while glancing at the devil. He was eating his breakfast without any concern. Like he was not listening to our conversation.

"Is it in your room?" she asked me.

"No actually it broke yesterday, " I said while angrily eyeing at the devil. He was not even feeling a little bit of guilt for breaking it.

"Then let's get you a new one. I will buy it for you" Sky said. I think Sky's words got his attention. He shorted me glare waiting for my reply.

So he wants to hear my reply. Like I'm going to refuse Sky.

"Yeah let's go and buy a new one for you and then we three can hang out together after that like the old time, " Nina said happily.

He is still waiting for my reply. In another scenario, I would have not accepted anything from Sky but today I have to show him that if he breaks my cell phone there are people who are willing to buy me a new one.

"Sounds fun" I replied smiling sweetly at the devil to annoy him.

I will buy it with my own money. Let him think Sky brought it for me. We will spend time together after so long.

"No" we herd devil saying in between our conversation. We all averted our gaze to him.

As I was expecting. Why he has to butt in my happiness all the time.

"Now what problem you have Adam's, " Nina asked him in annoyance.

"Jane's cell phone accidentally broke from my hands so I will go and buy a new cell with her. There is no need for you three to go and buy it, " he said looking straight in my eyes. With a hard voice without even feeling a little bit guilty about it. Like it was an accident not intentionally done. I gasped at his words.

I know he never feels guilty for whatever he does wrong to me. Yesterday's sorry and concern was masked of fake apology for his interruption in my and Sky's conversation.

"No it is not needed we will go and buy it, " I said with annoyance. He clenched his jaw in anger at my reply.

See he can change his mood, behavior and even personality towards me in a split of a second.

"What, " he asked me in his demanding tone daring me to repeat my words.

What does he think I won't repeat my words?

"We will go and buy it you don't have to stress yourself for it after making so much efforts to break my previous cell phone. After all, you're such a busy man, " I said in anger but in a sweet tone.

"Kids continue your argument I and your aunt need to discuss something important" uncle said.

"And Zanvil remember not meeting Jane alone till your wedding day. Nina, please take care of it" the aunt said in a commanding voice. Nina nodded after that they left.

"Jane is right we don't need negative people around us. We love the positivity in our life so go and spend your time with your negative companies" she said with a smirk plastered on her face. She is enjoying this. She is taunting him over Jack. He was still staring at me with a clenched jaw.

I'm not afraid of him. Now he can't even come in my room to punish me for not obeying him.

"Girls I will go and take out the car. I'll be waiting outside" Sky gave us a dismissing look and left.

"Let's go Jane and you, " Nina said pointing her finger to Zanvil with narrowed eyes."If I see you roaming around Jane you're gonna regret that moment of your life, " she said in a threatening tone to him and she started heading in outside direction.

It is so funny to see her threatening devil. He is so big compared to her size. She was never afraid of him.

He looked at her with the look you are going to regret for say me those words and then he shot the same gaze to me. I immediately lifted my body and started following Nina because I don't want to take chance with the devil. As soon as I started following her I heard chair sliding sound and footsteps coming towards me causing my heartbeat to increase.

God what if he catches me and where the hell Nina disappeared.

In a blink of seconds, I was pinned to the wall. My both hands were on either side of my head. He pressed his body with mine and I could feel his hard muscle on my body.

Before I could protest he bends his head down and kissing me hard. His kiss is so possessive. He did even give me a chance to breathe. Freeing my hand he took his hands to my waist pressing his lower body to mine more.

I could feel his erection on my stomach. I gasped at his action and it was an invitation for him to take control over my mouth. He was kissing me like it was my punishment for disobeying him.

God how can I lose control over my body when he touches me like it

aunt wants everything to go smoothly. After knowing your uncle's health issues I'm always afraid if something bad will happen. That's why I told you both to stay away from each other till your marriage day. I know you don't believe in such things but can you do it for me" she said in pleading way taking my hands in her. Hurt was in her eyes due to my false actions because I have always listened to her.

"What's happening. Why are you crying, Jane?" Nina asked me. I was still crying.

"Nina I want to have word with you. You know I trusted you that's why I told you not to let them meet but you let them meet. I'm so disappointed in you" the aunt said in a sad tone.

She is hurt after listening to it. Nina's eyes widened in shock. She looked at me and then at the devil. He was smirking after seeing us both in this dilemma. She understood the situation.

"No aunt" she tried to explain her but aunt stopped her in her sentence.

"I know you guys are grown up you don't believe in old rituals but for my sake try to follow them, " the aunt said in sad tone looking at me and Nina and then she left. I started sobbing.

"Don't worry Jane I will explain to her everything, " Nina said and eyed devil with pure hate and went after the aunt.

Aunt is said because of me but I did nothing to be in this kind of situation. The person who should be blamed for everything is standing and smirking at my condition.

"Why did you lie to her, " I asked in anger.

"To teach you I never give empty threats when someone disobeys me, " he said still smirking at me.

He hurt us because he wanted to teach me a lesson.

He took his step towards me to take my hand in his hold but I moved back. It made him angry.

I don't care.

"Why are you doing this to me. Are you not satisfied after breaking my new phone. Why the hell you took Nina in this, " I asked in anger.

With a range, he took my body in his possession. I tried to make myself free but he is strong. "No I'm not and your dear friend brought it on herself. I have warned her before, " he said angrily.

I looked at him in disbelief. "Zanvil let me go, " I said angrily while struggling to his grip. But he didn't lose his grip. "Zanvil let me go" I shouted but he was not letting me go. "Why can't you let me go? Why can't you just leave me alone?" I yelled while sobbing tears were continuously flowing from my orbs.

"I tried it, love. But you made my each and every attempt to go in the drain, " he said with a clenched jaw. I looked at him with glass eyes.

What does he mean by I ruined his attempt?

He was looking at me with God knows emotion. As soon as he realised me from his grip I pushed him. "I hate you. I hate you so much" I yelled in anger and ran to my room.

I hate him. I hate him so much.

Everything is fake about him. One second he behaves like I'm his possession. In these words, I'm only his and in the next second, he will blame me for everything and break my heart with his harsh words. Like I mean nothing to him in this world.

He made me look desperate one in the eyes of the aunt. For things, I never did in the first place. He is such a devil and biggest liar in this world. I don't want to see his face. I never want to talk to him again.

My thoughts were interrupted by realization hitting me.

You have to see his face. You have to talk to him because he is the person with whom you are getting married after two days.

He is the devil with whom you are going to spend your rest of life…

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