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   Chapter 36 No.36

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He half opened the door "What do you want" he growled at him.

"Zan uncle, " he said and stopped without completing his sentence. I immediately lifted my body up from bed putting my one hand on my chest to support my dress from completely falling it down.

What happened to him. Let him be ok.

Zanvil Immediately followed him to uncle's room as soon as he heard Sky talking about his dad without listening to his other words.

I immediately stood up from the bed and made my attire look decent and tried to follow them. When I reached the uncle's room the doctor was there. He was checking uncles plus. Aunt has tears in her eyes. I immediately went to her side.

"Aunt, what happened why the doctor is here?" I asked her in braking voice. I have tears too in my eyes.

"Jane why are you here. You should be rest darling, after all, it was a big day for you" she said to me in her concern voice not telling me actual matter.

"How can I rest aunt when a doctor is here to check on the uncle, " I said in my worried voice while looking at the uncle who was looking at me with the same concern as the aunt. They don't want me to worry about anything. I looked over Sky and Zanvil both were standing quietly. Zanvil with folded hands and sky with his hands in his pocket they both did not utter a word.

"Nothing is wrong with me sweetheart. I was just feeling little dizzy and your aunt here worried so much about me so she called the doctor, " he said while smiling at me. I averted my gaze to the aunt and she smiled conforming uncle's statement. From his words, I knew he is not just feeling dizzy.

"Why am I feel like your not telling me truth uncle. Is something wrong with your health" I asked. No one replied to me and it confirmed something is wrong.

If I ask Zanvil he won't tell me in return he will say something which will lead in breaking my heart. Only one person can tell me.

"Sky you tell me what's going on here, " I asked him in breaking voice. The sky looked at me with pleading eyes saying not to ask him this question.

"It's enough Jane go to your room listen to mom. Nothing is wrong here. The doctor is just doing a routine checkup on dad" he yelled at me tears started following from my eyes.

"Zanvil why are you shouting at her". "she is just worried" both uncle and aunt half yelled at the devil.

I tried to swallow my tears "I'm sorry uncle please don't stress yourself for me. Zanvil is right I should leave" I said it in my hurt voice while smile at uncle assuring him that I'm alright and I just left his room and headed to mine. Locking door I cried. I went to the bathroom and changed my clothes still sobbing.

If someone saw me like that they will die with a heart attack because I'm looking like zombies my mascara running all over my face.

I washed my face and went to my bed to make myself feel a little comfort in it by curling my body and lifting my blanket covering my whole body but I didn't feel it. I was still crying thinking about what is wrong with uncles health. Why they don't want to tell me and I remembering how Zanvil shouted at me.

I know he is worried about his dad but why he has to show his anger every time to me. I'm worried too. Why he has to shout at me like I'm a five-year-old child not mature enough to understand the situation.

Anger filled in me as soon as his face came in front of my eyes.

I hate him.

I fell asleep while crying. In the middle of the night, I felt hands wrap around my waist. Touch was so familiar to my body. In my sleep also I was angry with him. Without turning to look at his face which will make me angrier. I tried to remove his hands from my waist but he made his grip strong on me scoo

oking at me waiting for my answer. "He was just talking about teaching me office work, " I said while not making eye contact with anyone and when I looked at the devil he was just smirking at me.

"Good Zan you will help Jane in work. I'm happy to hear it, " the uncle said proudly.

"Yes of course dad you wanted me to teach her so I'm going to teach her everything, " he said while smirking at me. He was talking in double meaning. I ignored him.

"Sky yesterday I told you to call Zanvil why did you call Jane too, " the aunt asked him with furrowing her brows.

Sky looked at me and Zanvil. I averted my gaze back to my food in embarrassment. "They were together when I went there. That's why she came to know too" he said while clearing his throat. I didn't make any effort to lift my head.

"What, " the aunt said in her shock voice. Then she cleared her throat. "Zan didn't I told you not to meet Jane after the engagement, " she said in an angry tone. She believed it was not good for me and him to meet after engagement until marriage. So she told him not to meet me.

As if he will listen to her.

"Mom there is no need to do such thing it doesn't matter, " he said like it was not a big deal.

Yes for him it was not.

"Zan it matters to me. I need to do something about it" she said in anger.

"What are you going to do. Hire a bodyguard or something to make her protect from me, " he said in mocking tone.

"Yes, it's a good idea. Thanks, son for the idea" the aunt said happily.

"Mom are you serious, " he asked in disbelief. She was taking his accidental advice seriously.

"Yes, I'm. I need to save my daughter in law before marriage and I have perfected person for it. Nina can you do it for me" the aunt asked her.

Nina looked at the Zanvil and smiled devilishly at him. She was more than happy to do it. "Aunt I was just waiting in my life to save Jane from bloodthirsty wolf, " she said in mocking tone looking at the devil.

He cursed under his breath and her grin became wider. Sky laugh at his situation. Uncle remained quite as if he knows his son and I, on the other hand, was so happy.

Now he won't be able to come to my room whenever he wants.

I looked at aunt with happy eyes.

God, I'm so happy today and grateful to have her in my life.

I smirked at devil but I didn't know my happiness was short lived as he smirked back at me.

I think he took it as his challenge to meet me but I don't want to meet him.

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